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iPhone/iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes Unlock without Computer [Bypass 2021]

My iPhone is disabled, showing the message “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. Big trouble for me. I can’t access my phone now. How to unlock without computer or with it? I need help to open disabled iPhone. by Alex commented online in July 2021.

There are many cases that when “iPhone or iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”, people have no idea how to unlock it without a computer. Some people may wonder how to connect to iTunes when the iPhone or iPad is disabled and iTunes doesn’t recognize the disabled iPhone. A fact is that even though there are lots of people owning laptops or desktop computers, a number of people who have iPhones or iPads have no computer on hand(mostly use iPhone as a pocket computer that replaces the computer). In this article, we will show you how to easily unlock a disabled iPhone/iPad without or with a computer.

To unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad without a computer, you’ll need to fix it with the webpage or with the Find My iPhone/iPad app on the devices. If the former two methods fail for you, we also offer other effective methods to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad with a computer.

Supporting iPhone Models: iPhone 11/12/13 (mini), iPhone 11/12/13 Pro, iPhone 11/12/13 Pro(Max), iPhone X/XR/XS Max, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6s or earlier. All models of iPhone. Devices running iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 unlock supported!

iPhone/iPad is Disabled Connect to iTunes fix without computer
iPhone or iPad is disabled connect to iTunes Unlock without computer

Firstly, what does it mean when “iPhone/iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes”?

If you enter many wrong passwords, escalating safety measures will be aroused. If you enter 5,7,8,9, times in a row, the message will be “iPhone/iPad is disabled, try again in 1 minute/5/15/60 minutes(1 hour).” If you enter the wrong passwords 10 times in a row, the message will be iPhone/iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes.

Thankfully, when you see the message of the iPhone/iPad is disabled, try again messages pattern, you still have a chance to enter your correct password if you know it. If you can’t remember your password here, just slow down and be calm. Recall your password by asking your family or friends, and check if you write down it on your note or paper anywhere else. Try to find the lost password and enter it after waiting the minutes, you will get into it soon.

Quick Tutorial

Part 1. Unlock your disabled iPhone/iPad without a computer using iCloud.

  • Before start, check if you have these conditions on your devices.
  • Find My iPhone or iPad is enabled on the disabled device.
  • Your device is connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network before it’s disabled.
  • You own another Apple device to receive an authentication code if you have two-factor authentication on it.

If you have the Find My app installed on your other iPhone or iPad, it’s simple and straight to erase your disabled one via the app. Read the alternate way to unlock your disabled iPhone or iPad without a computer. Part 6 – How to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad without iTunes or iCloud or computer.

Steps of how to Unlock a Disabled iPhone or iPad without a Computer via iCloud.

  1. Open in a browser on your computer.
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password, and authenticate on your other Apple devices by Trust It. Or enter the authentication pin on your computer.
  3. When logged in, choose Find My iPhone or Find My iPad.
  4. Click All Device at the top of the screen and choose your disabled iPhone/iPad.
  5. Click Erase iPhone or Erase iPad.
  6. When prompted, confirm Erase.
  7. Enter your Apple ID password to proceed. Then your iPhone or iPad will start wiping all data to the factory settings.
  8. When the iPhone opens with power, go through the setup process. You should either set it up as new or restore your device with the most recent backup via iTunes or iCloud.
Unlock disabled iPhone iPad without computer via
unlock disabled iPhone iPad without computer via

If you didn’t have a computer and with no these conditions either, borrow a computer to reset it with either the Part 3, Part 4 or Part 5 methods.

Part 2: Unlock a Disabled iPhone/iPad without Computer via Find My App.

Bypass a disabled iPhone/iPad without iTunes or iCloud or computer via Find My app (iOS 15/14, iOS 13, or later).

There are lots of Apple fans who own multiple iOS devices(at least two devices), iPhone or iPad or iPad. The latest iOS versions pre-installed the Find My app. Under these conditions above, you can erase one of your disabled iPhone or iPad on the other devices via Find My. Remember that you should do this when these two or multiple devices are signed in the same Apple ID account.

  1. Open Find My app on iOS 13 or 14 on your active iPad or iPhone.
  2. Click Devices tap at the bottom and middle of the screen.
  3. Choose your device via tapping it. Scroll down to the bottom and Tap Erase This Device.
  4. Do as the onscreen directions show. Tap Continue and Next. You can skip the steps to enter your phone number or text messages. These steps are designed to be used when your iPhone is lost and the message will show your iPhone or iPad when someone recovers it.
  5. Tap Erase This Device.
Unlock disabled iPhone iPad without computer via Find My app
Unlock disabled iPhone iPad without computer via Find My app
Also, don’t forget to undisable your disabled iPhone/iPad without Computer or iTunes or iCloud via your friend’s mobile devices or computer.

Part 3. Reset with Computer (without iTunes).

iPhone/iPad is disabled and recovery mode not working with connecting to iTunes?

Luckily, you are able to bypass the iPad is disabled, connect to iTunes state with the third-party software. We have tested and proved the SD iPhone Unlocker is effective to fix a disabled iPad. SD iPhone Unlocker is a piece of software to remove Apple ID, Screen Passcode, and Screen Time Passcode. It can troubleshoot the problem by factory resetting your iPhone/iPad without a passcode, erasing all data. To be confident to proceed, check your iCloud backup, iTunes backup, or other backups on your computer or cloud services first.

Wondering how to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad without restoring it?

Clearly speaking, there is no way to save data from a disabled iPhone/iPad device except to indirectly save the data from restoring backups. If there are no backups, you will lose your photos, contacts, emails, voice memos, instant chat messages, and Safari history and bookmarks, App media, settings, etc. all on your iPhone. iPhone/iPad is disabled what to do? Factory reset it to enable your device and then restore it from any of your most recent backups.

Before start, free download SD iPhone Unlocker on your computer PC or Mac. Install the app and launch it. This is free to try app, but you need to pay for it to unlock your disabled iPhone or iPad.

Let’s walk through the steps to unlock a disabled iPhone or iPad with the app.

Step 1: Open the app and Choose Unlock Screen Passcode.

Unlock Screen Passcode - StartStep 2: Plug your iPhone into the PC or Mac computer with the lightning to USB cable. Click Start.

Step 3: To let the app detect your disabled iPhone or iPad, put your iPhone or iPad into recovery mode. Follow the onscreen directions. Choose from the menu of your different models to check how to put your device into recovery mode.

put your device into DFU recovery modeStep 4: Start to Download the firmware.

download firmwareWhen the app screen shows your iPhone information, check the automatically detected result matched with your device. Then click Download. erase warning

The program will then download the firmware package for you. Wait for it and the app shows the progress bar about the downloading process. The faster your internet speed, the less time it will take. Usually, the download process will take one or two minutes.

Step 5: When the package extraction is completed, click Start to unlock. Then confirm by entering 000000.

Extraction-completeWhen you click the unlock button, the software will wipe all the data on your device including your locked screen passcode. Enter 000000 to confirm to proceed.

Video Tutorial to Enable Disabled iPhone or iPad without Computer.

Part 4.  Solve the Disabled iPhone or iPad with SD iOS System Recovery Software.

When your iPhone or iPad is disabled, you still have more options. we pick this SD iOS system Recovery software to recover a disabled iPhone or iPad. Through our tests, the software works smoothly. The app can fix the disabled iPhone or iPad by resetting it to the factory settings, along with wiping all data. You can then restore from backups or reset-up your device to use. Besides, this great app is able to fix various problems of your iDevices, such as those problems: the iPhone can’t turn on, the iPhone screen stuck in black screen/white screen/updating screen, bricked iPhone, can’t charge, stuck in DFU or Recovery Mode, and stuck in iTunes errors etc. SD iOS system recovery is a perfect daily comprehensive troubleshooting tool for iPhone or iPad.

To get started, free download and install this reputable app on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch the app and head to More tools > iOS System Recovery.

Unlock disabled iPhone or iPad via ios system recovery - startStep 2: Click Start on the next screen and Plug your iPhone or iPad into the computer with a USB cable. Choose Advanced Mode and Confirm.

Because your iPhone or iPad is disabled, the software also requires you to put it into Recovery Mode to recognize the device as the screen guides you.

put into recovery mode guide-system recovery

Step 3: Download firmware and start to fix it. Note that your iPhone or iPad will be erased and reset to factory settings.

When you put your iPhone or iPad into Recovery Mode, the app will show your device information, confirm it and choose the iOS version. Start Download. Wait for a few minutes.

ios system recovery- downloading firmware

Step 4: Fix it successfully and set up your iPhone or iPad.

You’re done. The disabled iPhone/iPad is undisabled now and will restart automatically.  Set it up as New or recover it from one of the recent backups.

disabled iPhone repaired successfully

Part 5: Things to Do After – Restoring from iTunes or iCloud Backups.

Restoring your device from iCloud Backups is easy when you set up your device after bypass the password. When on the App & Data Screen, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. And finish the set-up process.

Restoring from iTunes backup is also very convenient. After locating your iPhone or iPad, choose Restore backup on iTunes or Finder, and later choose the most recent backup.

Restore from backup to set up

In this way, you won’t lose all data after reset the disabled iPad. The data before the backup date is all saved, and you will probably lose some data between the last backup date and the disabled day. It is a pity that there is no perfect way. Cheer up if you still have some backup. Unfortunately, for those who never back up their iPhone or iPad, you can’t fix your disabled iPhone or iPad without data loss. The disabled iPhone or iPad process may force you to build a good backup habit now, refer to the tutorial here:

It’s never too late to build a backup habit now.

How to Back Up Your iPhone/iPad with iTunes or iCloud in 2021?
How to Restore Disabled iPhone without Losing Data[2021]

Restore your disabled iPad iPhone with no computer? Borrow one whether it is a computer or mobile device. And Refer to the above content as your tutorial.

Wrap It Up

As stated if you have learned a hard lesson today when your iPhone or iPad is disabled without backup, you should back up on a regular basis, not in the time of crisis. There are many ways to ret a disabled iPhone or iPad when forgot the passcode or locked it without knowing what happened. Choose the most convenient way for you.

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    What can I do without computer connection. Quantum physics, etc….

    1. Can you erase it with a cellular or wifi connection on iCloud? If you have no computer connection, do reset it with Find My or iCloud.

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