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iPhone Unavailable Try again in 1 Minute Fixed

Are you seeing the message “iPhone unavailable, try again in 1 minute” on your iPhone? We’re going to help you out.

iPhone unavailable try again in 1 minute, how to fix it.

If you enter the wrong passcode 5 times, The apple iPhone will stop you from entering the passcode again for 1 minute. The more wrong passcode attempts You try each time, The longer you need to wait later. When you reach the 10-time limit for wrong passcode tries, Your iPhone should be permanently locked as a disabled device.

In this article, we are going to show you how to fix iPhone Unavailable try again in 1 minute issue.

How to Bypass iPhone unavailable try again in 1 minute.

As long as you remember your correct passcode to unlock your iPhone within 10 times in a group, Your iPhone will be instantly unlocked. When you completely forget your passcode, You should factory reset your disabled iPhone to enable it. What? Erase your all data and content. Yes, you are not alone here. Many people have complained about data loss in iPhones in this condition. However, there are no new ways to reenable your unavailable iPhone right now except for a reset. Although you delete the current data to enable it, you can recover your data by restoring backups.

Option 1. Use SD iPhone Unlocker.

Our experts choose the SD iPhone Unlocker as one of the best tools to unlock the iPhone unavailable screen issue. It lets you regain your access to your iPhone after factory resetting it, no matter If you forgot your passcode or if your FaceID won’t work. If you have any backups, you can restore the backups after resetting your device with the 3rd-party software.

Download and install the app on your computer.

Steps to Unlock iPhone unavailable try again in one minute via SD iPhone Unlocker.

Step 1. Launch SD iPhone Unlocker.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable. And Move to Wipe Passcode. Hit it.

If your iPhone is in the unavailable security lockout screen, put your unavailable iPhone in recovery mode. In this procedure, you need to use your USB cable.

Check the snapshots guide to put your unavailable iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 3. Confirm your iPhone device information. Download the firmware. Click the Start option.

That should detect your iPhone model automatically and guide you to download the proper firmware package. Make sure your internet speed is good. If your iPhone exits the recovery mode after 15 minutes, let the download finish, then put it in recovery mode again.

Step 4. Unlock your iPhone with an Unavailable Lockout screen. Click Unlock option on the screen.

Once the download process is finished, the software extracts the firmware automatically. Enter 0000 to confirm the unlocking start. Once you’re done, your iPhone should be unlocked in a few minutes successfully.

As long as you see the unlock complete screen, you can disconnect your iPhone from your computer.

Video Tutorial:

Option 2. Use Finder or iTunes.

If you have a PC with iTunes or a Mac with Finder, you can unlock the “try again in 1 minute” screen on your computer.

Likewise, you should put your iPhone in recovery mode.

If you both have Finder or iTunes, We’d suggest you use Finder first, which has a bigger possibility of successful iPhone unlocking.

Step 1. Install and update your iTunes. Or update your macOS with Finder.

Step 2. Put your iPhone in recovery mode.

step 3. When the window prompts, choose Restore.

Confirm Restore and proceed.

Then Finder or iTunes should download the latest iOS software for you. Similarly, If your iPhone exits recovery mode during the download, Let the download finish first. Later, put your iPhone in recovery mode again.

Option 3. Use the Erase option on iOS 15.2 or later.

To use the erase iPhone option, you need to activate the Erase option on your screen.

Firstly, If you meet the three prerequisites, It’s likely that you should see the various option.

Your Find My iPhone is on. Your device is online. You have the Apple ID password.

When Your iPhone is running iOS 16 or later, you should have the Erase iPhone option when you see the “iPhone unavailable. Try again in 1 hour” screen. That is to say, it’s possible to appear after the 6th failed passcode attempt.

when on iOS 15.2 to iOS 16, the Erase iPhone option may appear with iPhone unavailable try again in 15 minutes after 8 failed passcode attempts.

Tap Erase iPhone. Tap Erase iPhone again.

Once you see the screen asking you to enter your Apple ID password, do it.

Erase iPhone option

Wait for a while, your iPhone should get erased. Later, you need to set it up when the screen is awake.

People Also Ask:

1. How long does the iPhone unavailable try again message last?

As long as you wait for the time as the screen try again message shows, you should get your next chance to guess the password. Once you try 10 times in total, Your iPhone should be permanently locked if it’s not fixed.

2. The iPhone says “iPhone unavailable try again in 1 minute”, but I know the passcode.

Before the 10 times lockout, you can still enter the correct passcode after the timer is up. When 1 minute is up, enter your passcode, and your iPhone should be enabled immediately.

The bottom Line

When your iPhone should show you “iPhone unavailable try again in 1 minute”, don’t panic. You still have 9 chances to enter the passcodes in a group. When you forget the passcode, you can unlock it with the above solutions.

Make sure to keep a good habit of regular iPhone backing up, even if you forget your passcode and reset it, you can recover your data from the backups.

On a final note, tuck away your iPhone with important data. Keep your iPhone out of reach of toddlers.

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