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Forgot TikTok Screen Time or Restricted Mode Password, How to Fix It

I forgot my TikTok screen time management password, what should I do?

Forgot the TikTok screen time management or restricted mode password and have no idea about what to do? In the article, we will show you a way to troubleshoot the problem.

Before starting, we will explain to you that the Tiktok Screen Time Management password and the Restricted Mode password are the same.

TikTok is a magic social media app that was enjoyed by many people all over the world, where you can create, augment, remix, and share short videos. To help people keep a good habit of managing their screen time on TikTok, they develop the feature Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode for good digital habits or parental control. Many parents use the TikTok Screen Time Management to avoid teen TikTok addicts or protect their kids from inappropriate content. When setting up the screen time management or restricted mode, you’ll set up a passcode for TikTok. Next time, when you reach the limit, you’ll need to input the passcode to ask for more time or change the time limit.

Whether you are using an Android or iOS system handset, you can directly set time limits for TikTok from its official app.

Among all the solutions in this article, the newly updated solution, the Part 5 method is the most efficient and time-saving way to remove the forgotten screen time or restricted mode passcode. Go for it. Part 5. Remove forgotten TikTok restricted passcode. Our expert has proven the method useful. After using the way, all the restrictions including the screen time management, restricted mode, and the password should be disabled. The annoying problem is solved, and you can view the TikTok freely.

Updated Video Tutorial 2023:

Part 1. Create a new Tiktok account as a “Parent” account to disable the restrictions of the current account.[Works Great]

If you didn’t set up a screen time management passcode or restricted mode password, there may be some glitches when you run into the problem of lockout with restrictions. Don’t waste your time finding out why this occurs. Just try to set up a new TikTok account as a parent to link the current account as a teen. Later, you have the privilege of the new parent account to disable the passcode and restrictions on your forgotten screen time passcode Tiktok account.

When you set up another TikTok account as “Parent” and link the forgotten restricted passcode account as a “Teen” account, all of the restrictions will be turned off including the password. Our expert has proven and tested this method. It’s amazing and great.

Whether you forgot your passcode or the passcode you never set appears automatically, you can use the solution to disable it.

How to Set up a Parent TikTok account and link the teen account(the forgotten restricted mode account), please refer to our tutorial:

How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone as a Parent.

Part 2: Forgot TikTok screen time management password (or restricted mode password)what do you do?

In the following part, we will describe that step by step.

Step 1: Open TikTok, and Navigate to Profile Page.

Step 2: Tap the three-dots icon to go to the Settings & Privacy Screen.

Step 3: Tap Report a problem under Support.

frogot Tiktok screen time password- Report a problem

Step 4: Choose Suggestion under Select a Topic.

Forgot TikTok Screen Time management password- Go to TikTok suggestionStep 5: On the Feedback and help page, tap “Still have a problem”.

Step 6: Describe that you forgot your TikTok screen time management password and ask for a reset or remove it under “Tell us your feedback”.

Sample sentences as the following.

I forgot my screen time management passcode, please remove it for me. Thanks.

I forgot my password for screen time on TikTok, please delete the password for me. Urgent help.

forgot tiktok screen time password, please help turn off screen time management. Thanks.

Forgot TikTok screen Time passcode fix -Tell us your feedbackStep 7: Tap Report to send your support tickets.

Step 8: Wait for the feedback of the support.

This is the whole process to unlock your TikTok screen time management passcode. If you want to remove the screen time passcode (Apple) on iPhone or iPad, please refer to Forgot screen time passcode.

Part 3: How to turn on screen time management or Restricted Mode on TikTok.

  1. Tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner of the Me Page.
  2. On the Settings & Privacy page, choose Digital Wellbeing.
  3. Tap Screen Time Management.
  4. Choose from the Time limits of 40m, 60m, 90m, or 120m. Tap Turn on Screen Time management.
  5. Set a password for TikTok screen time management and confirm it.
  6. Tap Restricted Mode.
  7. Tap Turn on Restricted Mode. Then enter the passcode. Note that the Restricted Mode Passcode is the same as screen time management.

Part 4: How to turn on parental control on TikTok?

To apply parental control on TikTok, you should activate Family Pairing on TikTok.

  1. Tap “Profile” in the bottom-right corner.
  2. Tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the app to open the Settings & Privacy menu.
  3. Tap Digital Wellbeing > Family Pairing.
  4. Tap continue and choose “who is using this TikTok account”. Choose Parent or Teen.
  5. Choose next. If you have chosen Parent, Follow these steps on your Teen account.
  • Log into TikTok.
  • Go to Settings & Privacy > Family Pairing and select Teen.
  • Scan the QR code on the paired parent’s account.

If you choose Teen (in step 4), and Next, you’ll need to scan the QR code from your parent’s account.

TikTok parental control
TikTok parental control

Family Pairing is the only way you can prevent your kids from easily changing these TikTok screen time settings with a password. Also, you can restrict the direct message settings via parental controls on TikTok.

Part 5. Guess the Passcode with a random 4-digit passcode to bypass it.

some people can bypass the forgotten TikTok screen time by guessing it with 4-digit random passcode. You can try it. Guess with the pin code maybe 3344,1234, 6666, 5588, 6987, etc. Maybe you can also try the number of any possible birth dates, wedding dates, memorial data, or lucky numbers combination you may use before.

Video Tutorial:

Forgot TikTok Screen Time Passcode How to Fix [Finally Got Answered by TikTok]

With the prevalence of numerous attractive games, short video platforms, social media apps, etc., and fast-paced modern life, people tend to be easily addicted to smartphones. Especially since 2020, because of COVID-19, people had watched digital products more than ever at home. I use screen time to limit my usage of TikTok, which is an app that gives me laughter and happiness in life. Thanks to the app limits, I can control the video-watching time. If you want to set the screen time management passcode on TikTok. Refer to the above guide. If you forgot the Apple screen time passcode, refer to How to Reset Screen Time Passcode.

About How to Set up Parental Control on TikTok. You Have More Ways.

If you feel frustrated to use the TikTok app for parental control, you can also use other ways to manage your kid’s screen time on TikTok.

How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone.

Daily Tiktok Screen Time Passcode.

Daily Screen Time Passcode on TikTok

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    1. Hi, we’ve suggested TikTok team to add the resetting screen time management passcode function in many ways. And no good news until now. We’ll update it once it can reset.

  1. Hi neither of my parents put a restricted mode on my phone and nobody knows the passcode so what do i do because i don’t want to delete the app and lose all my information

    1. We have the same problem, we tried messaging on tt and Insta , Twitter abs fb and no help, did you maneb to fix it?

  2. I I never remember setting a pass code for my TickTock account now it’s had me stuck on restricted mode for quite a while it went back where I could see the for you in life pages for one day but then it went back to restricted mode what can I do to fix this I’ve emailed them and done everything I can think of please help if you have any answers please email me at my email

    1. Hi Kristan,
      Are you in parental control with the TikTok app? In that case, you should ask the organizer to help you remove the restricted mode.

    1. Hi Olivia,
      You can use the method in Part 1 to get rid of the forgotten screen time management password in Tiktok.

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