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How to Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode[iOS 16/17 Supported]

Summary for How to remove forgotten screen time passcode tutorial.

We pick two quick and easy ways to remove your forgotten screen time passcode.

  • The first way is to reset it via “Forgot Passcode” in the screen time section and Apple’s screen time passcode recovery page.
  • The second way is to use the SD Screen Time Remover. Should you forget your screen time passcode, it can help you remove the pin code without losing data.
  • It’s also worth pointing out that you’d better write down and put away your screen time passcode in a safe place when you set a new one next time.

You may have familiarized yourself with the screen time passcode on Apple iOS devices.  Once you find that you’ve forgotten the screen time passcode for that muscle memory won’t work, how to remove the forgotten screen time passcode?

Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode Easily
How to Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode in two ways: Tap Forgot Passcode and Use SD Screen Time Remover software.

It’s very important to know how to remove the forgotten screen time passcode, even before you set it up. Once you forgot the screen time passcode, you will select and apply your solutions effortlessly. It shouldn’t affect your normal use that much. It’s not too late yet when you find this article, which can help you out in no data loss and smart ways.

Apple screen time feature is very great for users to set limits for iOS devices’ screen time. SoftwareDive team has always tested and used this feature and posted a group of useful tutorials in the last three years, which is trusted and liked by many audiences.  Without any further ado, let’s check the solutions to remove forgotten screen time passcode on iOS devices, iPhones, or iPads.

Solution 1: Tap “Forgot Passcode” in the Screen Time section for a reset.

Where to tap the “Forgot Passcode” for screen time?

Tap Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode

On the Change Passcode screen, tap the “Forgot Passcode” button, under the Enter Old Screen Time Passcode.

On the prompted Screen Time Passcode Recovery screen, Enter both your Apple ID and Password and click OK.

Enter your new screen time passcode

Re-enter your screen time passcode.


remove forgotten screen time passcode via Forgot passcodeScreen Time is somewhat complex and has many settings and features tucked away in various menus. Some people have difficulty in finding the “Forgot passcode” for the screen time section. Refer to the article if you find no Forgot Passcode option.

Still, every user may meet with different glitches in resetting the screen time password with the screen time passcode recovery. If you are frustrated and fail to use solution 1, please turn to solution 2, take your time to have a full check of the steps first. We will explain the procedures carefully.

Moreover, screen time for children is a little more complex and tucked away in the menus, however through long-time use and experiences, we’ve concluded how to reset the forgotten screen time passcode for children safely and correctly.

Should you run into the same issue and need to remove the forgotten screen time password for a child, please refer to solutions Forgot Screen Time Passcode for Child.

Solution 2. Use SD Screen Time Passcode Remover software to remove the forgotten screen time passcode.

Requirements & Preparations:

  • You either own a PC or Mac to install the app on your computer.
  • You have a lighting cable to USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.
  • Download the SD screen Time Passcode Remover from the below buttons.

Brief introductions of SD Screen Time Passcode Remover software. The app can do the following things:

Remove the screen time passcode without any data loss. Wipe the screen unlocking passcode if you forgot it. Unlock your Apple ID if you can’t sign out of your iCloud account. You can take it as your iPhone unlocker software for passcodes and accounts, which is very helpful in daily life.

Step 1. Install and launch the app. Head to Screen Time.

Reset iPhone forgotten Screen Time Passcode via app- Start

Step 2. Plug your iOS devices, iPhone iPad, or iPod in your computer with a USB cable.

Start to remove Screen Time Passcode

Read the onscreen descriptions to be aware of two important things.

The program will remove the screen time passcode without losing data.

Before starting, the program requires you to turn off Find My iPhone/iPad first.

If your Find My is on, follow the path to turn it off.

Tap Settings > Tap your Apple ID > Tap Find My > Tap Find My iPhone/iPad, toggle the switch to off, Enter your Apple ID password. Done.

iPhone Unlocker-Turn off Find MyThen click start on the screen.

Step 3. Wait for your iPhone to get restarted, and set it up without data loss.

Screen Time Passcode unlocked successfully

It’s worth mentioning that when you come to the Make This Your New iPhone page on iOS15(iPadOS 15) or later during the set-up process, just check the Apps & Data option carefully.  Stop Continue here.

Click Customize Settings. And you will get to the Apps & Data screen, Choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. (This step is such important that make sure your data are all kept.)

set up - Apps & Data iOS 15

It will require you to enter the Apple ID password later. Then the screen will show you the Make This Your New iPhone again.

Make sure the Apps & Data shows your option” Don’t transfer Apps & Data” Make This Your New iPhone page, then you tap Continue. This is safe for your data.

Don't transfer apps and data continue
Make sure check Don’t transfer apps & Data is selected, Then tap Continue on the page. All data will be saved.

If your devices are running iOS 14/iPadOS 14 or prior iOS software, on the Apps & Data, do choose “Don’t transfer Apps & Data”.

apps & dataWhen on Screen Time in the setting up, choose “Set Up Later in Settings”.

Hooray. When your iPhone bursts into the start page, tap Settings > Screen Time, and check that there is no screen time passcode set. The screen time should be disabled and the forgotten screen time passcode should be removed. You will see the “Turn on Screen Time” there.

Video Tutorial:

If you follow our correct way to remove the forgotten passcode and set up your iPhone meticulously with the above steps, you can do it without data loss. we also post a video tutorial for a live shot of the whole process. You may also want to read our tutorial on Will Factory Reset Remove Screen Time Passcode?Screen Time Passcode Won’t Change or ResetiPhone is disabled try again.

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