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How to Factory Reset an iPhone with Buttons

Do you want to factory reset your iPhone with buttons?

Factory resetting your iPhone with buttons on the devices is a speedy way to reset the iPhone. However, you may encounter different issues, like "you can’t factory reset your iPhone with buttons"', or "nothing happens when you hard reset your iPhone with buttons".

In this article, we'll show you how to easily factory reset your iPhone with buttons.

Factory Reset iPhone with Buttons
How to Factory Reset iPhone with Buttons

Why factory reset your iPhone with buttons?

  1. Fix the common issues that happen on your device by resetting it.
  2. Erase all data on it before selling, trading in, or transferring your iPhone.
  3. Factory reset your iPhone and then rearrange the contents on it or reinstall apps, or release the spaces.

If you are looking for how to hard force restart your iPhone with buttons(or hard reboot, which means force turn off and immediately turn on your iPhone with keeping everything), check our article: How to Force Restart or Hard Reset iPhone.

How to Save your Data When you Want to Factory Reset/Hard Reset Your iPhone with Buttons?

Backup, Backup, and Backup.

Do back up your iPhone in a comfortable way for you. Take back up your iPhone via iCloud for example.

Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup (toggle the switch to green). Tap Back Up Now.

Make sure you have enough space on your iCloud account, or else, you won’t back up all your data successfully.

How to Back Up Your iPhone 2022?

Factory reset your iPhone with buttons.

Option 1. Reset your iPhone with buttons from "Erase All Content and Settings".

Apple has designed the feature for factory resetting the iPhone on the devices with “Erase All Content and Settings”. Easy and useful.

Tap Settings > Tap General > Tap Reset.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings > Tap Erase Now.

Here it’ll require you to enter your passcode. Enter it.

It’s possible that it’ll require a screen time passcode. When you turn on screen time and screen time passcode on your iPhone, you need to enter the screen time passcode to reset it.

If you don’t use that screen time password, it won’t ask you for it.

Tap Erase Now.

factory reset your iPhone with buttons.
iOS 14 or prior, factory reset your iPhone via Erase all Content and Settings

For iPhone 13, and iPhone 14 factory reset with buttons(also for all iPhone models running on iOS 15 or later, including iOS 16):

Tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings. Tap Continue, then enter your passcode to proceed.

Forgetting your screen time passcode and can’t reset it? Read this: How to Reset an iPhone or iPad without Screen Time Passcode.

Option 2. Reset your iPhone with buttons via SD iOS System Recovery(Disabled iPhone supported).

SD iOS System Recovery is developed to resolve the iPhone issues for many various errors, disabled iPhone, screen issues, broken iPhones, a stuck iPhone, or the frozen or bricked, disabled iPhone, and more. For example, when someone has a broken screen on the iPhone, it’s possible that he can’t reset it with the device buttons. Option 2 is the ideal way.

For a disabled iPhone, the software will guide you to put it in recovery mode for a fix.

The SD iOS system Recovery can not only factory reset your iPhone but can upgrade or downgrade your iOS system versions. You can choose a proper system version to reset your iPhone with.

You need a computer, a PC or Mac to reset it with this advanced third-party app.

Free download it and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Run the app. Then head to iOS system Recovery.

iOS system recovery startStep 2. On the next page, click Start. Then connect your iPhone to the app with a USB cable. Click Start. On the next page, click Fix.

start repair iphone

If your iPhone is active(not disabled or bricked), the software will proceed and directly show you the iPhone information.

If your iPhone is disabled(or bricked, or stuck), the software will show you how to put your iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode to fix it.

iPhone connected infor

Step 3. Choose the Advanced Mode. By using the Advanced Mode, you will erase all data on it and reset it to factory settings.

advanced mode

Step 4. Download firmware. You can choose the firmware versions that are recommended for you. Then click Next to start the downloading process.

choose firmware versionsdownloading firmware

Step 6. Click Fix and wait for the successfully reset screen. You're done!

Fixed Successfully.

Video Tutorial on How to Factory Reset iPhone with Buttons.

Things to Do After Factory Resetting your iPhone.

Restore your iPhone to a previous backup or set it up as new.

When the iPhone boots up, swipe up the “Hello" screen.

Follow the instructions until you reach the Apps & Data Screen.

Select "Restore from iCloud" or "Restore from iTunes Backup" when you need to restore it from iCloud or computer; Select Don't transfer Apps & Data when you need to set it up as new.

What to Do If a Factory Reset with Buttons Brick your iPhone or Make Your iPhone Disabled, or Stuck on a Screen (updating, Apple Logo, etc.).

There are very few chances of a factory resetting your iPhone with buttons bricking your iPhone. However, with the comments in the online communities, some people say they get the iPhone errored or stuck when resetting the iPhone or the resetting get loops status or get iTunes errors.

For all the above problems, you’d better unbrick it with Option 2 SD iPhone System Recovery software. The powerful iOS system Recovery will fix all these problems around device issues, iTunes errors, stuck on screen issues and stuck in recovery mode issues.

If your iOS system is not the version you like, the SD iOS System Recovery can help you downgrade or upgrade your iOS system versions, then you can use your comfortable one.

Common Questions:

Does a hard reset of the iPhone with Volume/Home/Side buttons remove the “iPhone is disabled” message?

No, when the iPhone got disabled, you have to reset it. When you hard reboot your iPhone with volume buttons or home buttons, it will still be stuck the previous screen saying “iPhone is disabled, try again in X minutes” or “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”.

Is it safe to transfer iPhones to others after Erasing All Content and Settings?

Yes, when you factory reset your iPhone with the Erasing All Content and Settings buttons, you’ve formatted your iPhone and its memory and uninstall the iOS software and reinstall it. It’s safe to transfer your iPhone or sell it then.

Reset with Erase All Content and Settings buttons & Reset with iTunes/Finder Restore Comparison.

Both actions will reset and update the iPhone to the latest iOS versions. If it’s convenient for you to reset with iTunes or Finder Restore buttons, you can accomplish the same results with iTunes or Finder buttons on the computer.

We hope this article helped you learn how to factory reset your iPhone with buttons on the devices or on the computer. You may also want to see our guide on Factory Reset iPhone 12 without Passcode, and What Happens If I Sign Out of My Apple ID.

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