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iPhone Data Recovery

The industry leading iPhone Data Recovery, Recover your lost data safely with high recovery rate.


iPhone Data Recovery

Lost data on your Mobile Phone? Need to transfer your old mobile phone data to your new phone? Even with a broken phone and urgently need a helping hand for data rescue or backup? Here we supply Top leading software of industry.

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iPhone iPad models

SD iPhone Passode Unlocker & Remover

Forgot your screen lock passcode or screen time password on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t fret out. This iOS passcode Unlocker will help you remove screen time Password without data loss and remove screen unlocking passcode. Unlock your Apple ID etc. Try it Now!

How many failed passcode attempts on iPhone

How-tos and Tips

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Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode Easily

How to Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode[Works Great iOS 15]

Summary for How to remove forgotten screen time passcode tutorial. You may have familiarized yourself with the screen time passcode…

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unlock disabled iphone without losing data

How to Restore Disabled or Unavailable iPhone without Losing Data [2022]

I saw the message "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" because I forgot my passcode on my iPhone and after…

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ipad security lockout

iPad Security Lockout Bypass – Solutions [Work Great and Easily]

iPad says security lockout on the screen, then how to bypass security lockout iPad? Many people are asking how to…

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Bricked iPhone

iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus Bricked – How to Unbrick it?

Dear Editor, I decided to restore my iPhone 8 Plus and it didn’t go well. My iPhone 8 plus is…

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iPhone locked after update Unlock

iPhone Locked After Update How to Unlock It

Are you want to fix the problem of "iPhone locked after update"? It’s always appealing to enjoy the newly updated…

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forgot your child's screen time passcode

How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode 2022

How to bypass screen time passcode? I forgot my screen time passcode and I’m locked out from using frequently-used apps.…

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how to fix sign out is not available due to restrictions

Two Ways to Fix Apple ID Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions on iPhone/iPad

Can't you sign out of your Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad due to Restrictions? Sometimes, you may want…

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Forgot Tiktok Screen Time management password-go to TikTok Me page.

Forgot TikTok Screen Time or Restricted Mode Password How to Fix [2022 Updated]

I forgot my TikTok screen time management password, what should I do? Forgot the TikTok screen time management or restricted…

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Recover deleted messages on iPad

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on an iPad

Text messages play an important part in people's daily communication. Imagine when you accidentally deleted text messages such as iMessages,…

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put iPhone or iPad into recovery mode without computer or buttons

How to Put iPhone/iPad in Recovery Mode without a Computer or Home Button

How to put iPhone/iPad in recovery mode without a computer when disabled or with how to do that withou home…

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turn off passcode

How to Turn Off Passcode on Your iPhone or iPad – Effective Solutions

Do you want to turn off passcode on your iPhone/iPad? Feeling tired of entering passcode on your iPhone 6/7/8/X/XR/11/12/13 or…

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iPhone X XR XS Max Unavailable or Security lockout

iPhone Unavailable, How to Fix Lock Screen – 4 Solutions

Are you looking for how to fix the iPhone Unavailable problem, including the Security Lockout screen issue? The “iPhone Unavailable”…

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iPad Unavailable How to Fix

 iPad Unavailable Security Lockout? How to Fix It – 4 Ways

Are you seeing the "iPad unavailable" security lockout screen or message, and want to know how to fix it? Even…

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How many failed passcode attempts on iPhone

How Many Failed Passcode Attempts on iPhone/iPad

How many failed passcode attempts on iPhone/iPad? The answer is 10. Before the iPhone or iPad get completely lockout, there…

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When there is no option to change screen time passcode how to fix it

No Option to Change Screen Time Passcode – 3 Fixes(iOS 15 Supported)

Are you finding that there is no option to change your screen time Passcode? How to fix it? In this…

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no forgot passcode option for screen time what to do

No Option for “Forgot Screen Time Passcode” What to Do – Fixed

Wonder to know what to do if there is no option for "forgot screen time passcode"? How to fix it…

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Screen Time Passcode Won’t Change or Reset How to Fix It

Q: My son learned his screen time passcode. I've reset my Screen Time passcode, but the old passcode still works…

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Security Lockout on iPhone or iPad – 11 Things You Need to Know

Does your iPhone say Security lockout or does it say iPhone Unavailable or Security lockout try again messages? Don’t freak…

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factory reset iPhone 12(mini) 12 Pro (Max) without Passcode

5 Ways to Factory Reset iPhone 12 without Passcode

Are you looking for how to factory reset your iPhone 12 without a passcode? You come exactly to the right…

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iphone went from disabled to unavailable

iPhone Went from Disabled to Unavailable How to Fix It

Are you looking for the solutions for “iPhone went from Disabled to Unavailable, how to fix it?” iPhone says “iPhone…

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iPhone disabled bypass

iPhone Disabled Bypass – 3 Ways

Are you finding the methods to bypass the disabled iPhone? No worries, we’ve prepared our best to help you with…

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turn off screen time with family sharing

How to Turn Off Screen Time with Family Sharing for iPhone

Do you want to turn off the screen time with family sharing?  Screen Time is used a lot in family…

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iphone security lockout without erasing

iPhone Security Lockout Without Erasing Data, How to Do It.

Got your iPhone security lockout and want to cope with it without erasing data? When you remember your passcode, you…

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How to Factory Reset iPhone iPad without passcode and Computer

How to Factory Reset iPad without Passcode or Computer

How do I reset my iPad to factory settings without the password or computer? Are you looking for how to…

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what is a screen time passcode

What is Screen Time Passcode and How to Set It Up

What is Screen Time Passcode and how set it up? Are you looking for "what is screen time passcode"? The…

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iPhone Security Lockout How to Unlock

iPhone Security Lockout How to Unlock It

Do you want to unlock a security lockout iPhone? iPhone security lockout is a status that your iPhone gets a…

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How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone/iPad(including Time Limit)

How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone? TikTok, one of the most popular short video social networking apps…

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How to Reset Screen Time Passcode without Apple ID

How to Reset Screen time Passcode without Apple ID? Maybe you reached the time limit on your iPhone or iPad…

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iPhone 13 is Disabled Connect to iTunes? Solve It the Right Way

Are you looking for the right solution to fix the problem of the "iPhone 13 is disabled connect to iTunes".…

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How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 with Buttons 2022

Are you trying to find how to factory reset iPhone 13 with buttons? Most of the time, it’s easy to…

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How to Take Off Screen Time or Limits without Password for Free

Do you want to find free ways to take off screen time without passcode? You can do it if you…

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