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iPhone Data Recovery

The industry leading iPhone Data Recovery, Recover your lost data safely with high recovery rate.


iPhone Data Recovery

Lost data on your Mobile Phone? Need to transfer your old mobile phone data to your new phone? Even with a broken phone and urgently need a helping hand for data rescue or backup? Here we supply Top leading software of industry.

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iPhone iPad models

SD iPhone Passode Unlocker & Remover

Forgot your screen lock passcode or screen time password on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t fret out. This iOS passcode Unlocker will help you remove screen time Password without data loss and remove screen unlocking passcode. Unlock your Apple ID etc. Try it Now!

How-tos and Tips

We dive into the Mobile and PC related daily use software solutions. Refer to the how-tos and News.

Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode Easily

How to Remove Forgotten Screen Time Passcode[iOS 16/17 Supported]

Summary for How to remove forgotten screen time passcode tutorial. We pick two quick and easy ways to remove your…

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forget passcode iPhone security lockout

iPhone Unavailable Because of Forgetting Passcode. You Can Fix it![iOS 17 Supported]

Are you worrying about what you should do with a forgotten passcode and the iPhone is Unavailable on the screen?…

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How to Convert WMV to MOV For Free on Windows Mac or Online

If you want to convert WMV (Windows Media Video) files to MOV (QuickTime Movie) format, you're in the right place.…

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Change GPS location for iPhone on Mac

How to Change the GPS Location for iPhone on a Mac

There are many geolocation-based apps installed on our phones in today’s digital age. The app should ask you for the…

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What is Daily Screen Time Passcode on TikTok and How to Reset It

What is the daily screen time passcode on TikTok? Daily screen time passcode is the passcode feature that is used…

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How to Put iPhone 6/6S in Recovery Mode without Home Button

Are you looking for how to put iPhone 6 in recovery mode without the home button? Or if you have…

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can't sign out of apple id mac

Can’t Sign Out of Apple ID on Mac -Why and How to Sign Out.

Summary: Can't Sign out of Apple ID on Mac? Maybe you've seen the Apple "sign out is not available due…

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Forgot Screen Time Passcode How to Fix it

Forgot Screen Time Passcode on iPhone or iPad? Fix It Even on iOS 16/17

Forgot your screen time passcode on your iPhone or iPad, and are you looking for how to fix it? The…

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How to Fake the Actual GPS Location on Your iPhone

Summary: The article helps you solve the problem of how to fake the actual GPS Location on your iPhone, guiding…

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How to Erase Unavailable iPhone with the Erase iPhone Option

How to Erase Unavailable iPhone with the Erase iPhone Option [Video]

How to erase on the unavailable iPhone with the Erase option on the device? We assembled a step-by-step video guide.…

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How to Put iPhone 6/6S or 6s Plus in Recovery Mode

Are you looking for ways to put your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 other models, like iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s…

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Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions on iPhone Meaning and 2023 Solutions

Have you ever seen the message "sign out is not available due to restrictions"? If you plan to sign out…

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iPad Unavailable Try again in 15 minutes – Solve It Now

Your iPad keeps saying the message "iPad unavailable, try again in 15 minutes"? It’s annoying to be stopped from accessing…

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iPhone 12 is disabled connect to itunes not working

[Solved] iPhone 12 is Disabled Connect to iTunes Not Working

Your iPhone 12 says iPhone is disabled connect to iTunes, or iPhone Unavailable, but when you connect it to iTunes,…

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How to Factory Reset an iPad with Buttons

Whether you’re fixing your iPad issues, preparing to sell it, planning to transfer it to other people, or just to…

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How to put iPhone in recovery mode when disabled

How to Put Unavailable iPhone in Recovery Mode

It's very important to know how to put an unavailable iPhone in recovery mode. We advise that you should know…

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what does iPhone unavailable mean

How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode When Disabled [Unlocking Steps Included]

It's always important to know how to put your iPhone in recovery mode when disabled. When an iPhone is disabled,…

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factory reset iphone 14 without passcode when forgot

How to Factory Reset iPhone 14 without Passcode If Forgot It

Are you want to figure out how to factory reset iPhone 14 without a passcode? We've dived into the problem.…

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iPhone Getting Disabled for No Reason? Here’s the Solution

Why is my iPhone disabled for no reason? - Lidya. Your iPhone suddenly gets disabled for no reason and you’re…

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How to Put an iPad into Recovery Mode When Disabled

Go to your iPad disabled or unavailable? Learn how to put your unavailable or disabled iPad in recovery mode so…

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How to Download Your Photos and Videos from iCloud Efficiently

How to Download Your Photos and Videos from iCloud Efficiently

Are you looking for how to download your photos and videos from iCloud smoothly and efficiently? Once we were in…

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ipad unavailable no erase option

How to Fix iPad Unavailable No Erase Option

Have you ever got the iPad Unavailable message and there was no Erase iPad option to reset it? And when…

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iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 5 Minutes Solved

Are you feeling a bit anxious because your iPhone is currently unavailable and displaying the message "iPhone unavailable try again…

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Apple ID Sign Out & Trusted Devices list Are Greyed Out on a New iPhone/iPad Solved

Summary: The problem that Apple ID Sign out Option & Trusted Devices list are greyed out on a new iPhone/iPad…

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iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes how to fix

iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes – Here’s the Fix

When “iPhone is disabled Connect to iTunes” how to unlock or fix it? It’s important for you to access your…

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How to unlock disabled iPhone iPad without iTunes

How to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without iTunes (2023 Bypass)

I am locked out of my iPhone. How do I unlock the disabled iPhone without iTunes? It’s frustrated to have…

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