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How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone/iPad(including Time Limit)

How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone?

How to Put Parental Controls on TikTok on iPhone/iPad
How to Put Parental Controls or TIme limit on TikTok on iPhone/iPad

TikTok, one of the most popular short video social networking apps in the world, is appealing to many people, including teenagers and adults. It’s easy to be addicted to TikTok. More than ever, parents are turning to parental control services or apps to regulate the TikTok screen time. TikTok also introduced the parental control function in 2020, Family Paring, which allows parents and teens to customize their safety settings based on individual needs. Thinking of safety for teens, parents would rather customize the safety settings immediately.

  • You can use the TikTok app to put parental controls via Family Paring and Digital Wellbeing on iPhone.
  • In addition, on an iOS device, iPhone, or iPad, it’s easy to set parental control via Apple’s Screen Time.

In this article, we will give you those two main solutions on how to put parental controls on TikTok on iPhone.

Option 1. Customize Parental Controls via TikTok App on iPhone or iPad.

If you’d like to put parental control over your teen’s TikTok account. There are at least two TikTok accounts there, one for your account as a parent, the other is your children’s account.

You need firstly to link your account with your children’s account via Family Paring.

Step 1. Link The account.

Open the TikTok app. Tap Profile in the bottom right.

Tap the 3-line icon in the top right. Tap Setting and Privacy.

Go to Family Pairing.

tiktok settings and privacy-family paringTap Parent or Teen. Here on the parent’s TikTok account, choose Parent. Take a snapshot of the parent account’s code and save it in your photos.

scan code to link accounts

Switch to your teen’s account. Go to Settings & privacy > Family Pairing, tap Continue, and choose Teen.

Or on the children’s device, choose Teen.

When you choose Teen on your children’s account(device), scan the code by selecting the snapshot from photos, or scan the code on the parent’s TikTok account on that device. Tap Link account after scanning the code. Tap Link to confirm.

On the Parent’s TikTok account on iPhone, go to Family Pairing. Tap your child’s name under the linked account.

You will see the page listing four menus.

  • Screen time management
  • Restricted Mode
  • Search
  • Privacy and safety

set up tiktok restrictions for teenStep 2. Set the Screen Time management.

Turn on screen time management for your teen. Tap the Screen Time Management menu.

screen time managementRead the instructions carefully.

Here you can do the following things for the parental control setting.

Set a time limit on watch time for your teen.

Once your teen reaches the time limit, they can’t use TikTok unless you give them a passcode.

If Screen Time Management is on, your teen can’t log out or switch to another account.”

Tap Set a time limit, choose 60 minutes for example. Tap turn on for your child’s TikTok account.

The show passcode will show you 4-digit random passcode when you tap the option. If the time limit is reached on your teen’s iPhone or iPad, they can’t use TikTok anymore unless you give them the 4-digit random passcode. You won’t need to remember the passcode, as it will change each time you tap “show passcode”.

Step 3. Set the Restricted Mode.

On the parent’s device, open TikTok, tap Profile > Settings and privacy >Family Paring > Tap the child’s account.

Tap the Restricted Mode menu.

The page describes like this Restricted Mode limits content that may not be appropriate for some viewers. If you find an inappropriate video in Restricted Mode, help us improve by reporting it.

If Restricted Mode is on, the linked account won’t be able to log out or log into a different account.

Step 4. Limit Search.

On the child’s account page on your iPhone. That is the path, Family Paring>Tap the child’s account.

Tap Search. Choose on.

Step 5. Customize Privacy and safety.

Still back to the page on a parent’s TikTok account. Family Paring>Tap the child’s account.

Tap Privacy and safety.

On this page, there are two parts. One is Discoverability, the other is Safety.

  • Under Discoverability.

You can set a Private account or not.  You can set suggest your teen’s account to others or not.

  • Under Safety.

You can choose the following three privacy settings.

  • Who can send direct messages to your teen. Choose from Everyone, Friends, or No one.
  • Who can view your teen’s liked videos. Choose from Everyone or Only your Teen.
  • Who can comment on your teen’s videos. Choose from Everyone, Friends, or No one.

Note that your teen can choose more restrictive settings than what you’ve chosen for them in Family Pairing.

If you want to stop putting restrictions on your child’s account, just Go to Settings & Privacy > Family Pairing, tap your child’s account name, and Tap Unlink at the bottom.

Then your account won’t be related to your child’s account and have no restrictions. They become two separate TikTok accounts.

For a personal account. How to turn on screen time management or Restricted Mode on TikTok. It’s easy. However, many people tend to forget the screen time management password. Before setting up the password, you should set it as a familiar password pattern or write It down. For those who forgot their screen time management password, please refer to Forgot TikTok Screen Time or Restricted Mode Password How to Fix.

Option 2. Put parental controls on the TikTok app via Apple’s Screen Time.

If you need to turn on Screen Time for the TikTok app on iPhone or iPad. It’s simple to turn it on. However, I strongly suggest you remember your screen time password before you set it up. Yes, you’ll add another important password to your iPhone if you want to turn on the restrictions for you or your children. Because people tend to forget passcodes if there are too many passcodes. Once you forgot your screen time passcode, it’s also a little troublesome. Refer to How to Reset Screen Time Passcode.

Step 1. Set up family sharing and set a screen time password on your device for your child.

Go to Settings > Tap [Your Name] >Tap Family Sharing > Add a Family Member. Here you can create a child account or invite your children to join your family by asking them to enter their Apple ID.

Navigate to Settings app > Screen Time, under Family, choose your child’s name, Tap Use Screen Time passcode. Enter the screen time Passcode for your child and confirm.

how to set up screen time passcode for children

Next time you want to turn off or Change screen time Passcode, Tap Change screen Time Passcode > Change Screen Time Passcode or Turn off Screen Time Passcode on this page. Authenticate with your Touch ID, passcode, or Face ID. If you need to turn off screen time, Tap Turn Off Screen Time at the bottom of the Page.

Step 2. Set a Time limit for TikTok.

Tap Settings > Screen Time > Tap Your Child’s Name> Tap App Limits.

Tap Add limit. Enter your screen time passcode. Scroll down to set TikTok or search for TikTok from the top.

Select it and tap Add on the top right.

Tap Next on the top right corner. Scroll the time to set a time limit for TikTok. If you want to change the TikTok app time limit. Tap App Limits, TikTok. You can change the time or delete limits on the screen.

App Limits

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We hope you learned how to put parental controls on TikTok on iPhone in the above two ways. Do try to write down your screen time password, if you forgot the screen time password for your child, you can refer to our tutorial Forgot Screen Time Passcode for Child How to Reset. You may also be interested in our tutorials as follows.

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