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iPhone Security Lockout Without Erasing Data, How to Do It.

Got your iPhone security lockout and want to cope with it without erasing data?

When you remember your passcode, you can cope with the iPhone security lockout without erasing it. You only need to enter the correct passcode to get your iPhone back to normal. All data is intact.

Let our expert tell you the truth about forgetting the iPhone passcode occasion. When you got a security lockout iPhone and if you forgot the passcode, till now there is no way to enable this security lockout iPhone without erasing data. You can’t disable the security lockout screen without erasing the existing data on the device. However, there are at least two ways that make you almost cope with iPhone security lockout without erasing data by restoring from backups after an erasing reset.

In this article, we’ll show you the winding ways to deal with the problem of iPhone security lockout without erasing data, when forgot the passcode.

iphone security lockout without erasing

When you can remember the passcode, all your data are kept after entering the correct passcode once the try again time is up.

When you forgot the passcode, as we’ve explained before, you should erase the security lockout iPhone first before retrieving the back data.

Can you cope with the iPhone security lockout without erasing data?

Apple has designed the security measures for the passcode. when you forgot your passcode, your data is doomed. Actually, your data is gone when you can’t remember your passcode and can’t enter the correct one. If you remember your passcode and enter the correct passcode immediately, Apple will let you get all data back instantly.

You can’t cope with the iPhone security lockout without erasing the existing data. However, you have your backup data to recover from.

According to the above thought on iPhone security lockout without erasing data, there are mainly three big steps to cope with the iPhone security lockout without erasing data. Check backups, unlock the iPhone, and restore or transfer the backup.

Get Ready? Let’s do it.

Do the following three steps or four steps.

Step 1. check backups.

Check if there are any backups. If you care about your data. Check if there are any iTunes backups, iCloud backups, computer backups, portable hard disk backups, other Cloud backups, etc. Don’t forget also check if there are some other iOS devices and sign in with the same Apple ID. You can sync your content back from another iOS device after resetting it like without erasing it.

If unfortunately, there are not any backups, Learn from this hard lesson to keep regular backups and remember this important passcode to avoid future data loss risk.

Where are your backups stored? You can refer to Apple’s guide to locate your iPhone backups.

Step 2. Erase and reset the security lockout iPhone.

We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide on four ways to bypass iPhone unavailable security lockout screen. You can easily bypass the security lockout iPhone with the app our picked, SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker.

Head to Wipe Passcode.

Connect your iPhone.

Confirm iPhone information or iPad information.

Unlock your iPhone.

Wait for the process to finish and then set up your iPhone.

If you have a computer, choose the way to unlock the Security lockout iPhone with a PC or a Mac.

If you have no computer, Choose the way to erase your iPhone by Erase option on the device. Or you can erase your lockout iPhone online by iCloud. Find my function.

You should erase the iPhone security lockout, then you can recover your data, feeling like coping with the iPhone security lockout without erasing it.

Video Tutorial.

Step 3. Set up your iPhone after erasing and resetting.

After erasing your iPhone, Later you will see your iPhone get to burst into life with a Hello screen In many languages.

Option 1. Restore your backup from your computer.

When the Apps & Data screen Appears, Choose Restore from Mac or PC.

When you see the Make This Your New iPhone page, choose Customize Settings. And you will also see the Apps & Data screen.

Then connect your iPhone to your computer with a compatible cable. Open Finder, or iTunes to finish restoring from backups.

apps & data

Option 2. Restore your backup from my iCloud.

When you see the Apps & Data screen, choose Restore from iCloud Backup. Then select one of the backups from the list to proceed.

Option 3. Choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. And then use a transfer software to transfer the backup data from your hard drive or disk.

When you choose Don’t transfer apps and data, pay attention to the following thing.

If you have turned two-factor Authentication on, you may meet with the Enter your passcode page after setting a new one, later Enter your old passcode page. Don’t worry here. If you do have not any previous iCloud backup data it won’t affect you.

Tap Don’t know iPhone passcode. On the pop-up screen, Tap Reset Encrypted data. So the iPhone won’t pop up on the screen anymore. Because you don’t have any iCloud in end-to-end encrypted data, It doesn’t matter.

Don’t choose Don’t Transfer Apps and Data If you have any end-to-end iCloud encrypted data. If you don’t know what are iCloud encrypted data, Refer to the Apple iCloud security page to view it. End-to-end encryption.

After you set it up, we recommend you choose a data transfer software if there is any data you want to put in your iPhone. Refer to the app SD iPhone Photo Transfer. By using the app, you can import the files to your iPhone from your hard disk or computer folder.

Step 4. An alternative way to recover iTunes or iCloud backup.

Normally, you use iTunes or Finder to restore Apple backups. But you can also use third-party software to recover your backups. The advantage of using this third-party software is to selectively restore your iTunes or iCloud backups. Moreover, you can preview your backup packages on your computer.

Free Download the software, and choose your computer-compatible PC or Mac software version.

Launch the app,  Click iPhone Data Recovery. 

Connect your iPhone after resetting it to the computer. Choose Recover from the iTunes Backup file. Choose one of the backups from the list to recover from.

If you want to choose Recover from the iCloud Backup File, choose it. follow the screen instructions to preview and recover your iCloud data.

recover from itunes backup file

recover from itunes backup -select

After you select the backup file, the software will scan the packages automatically and give you a whole overview on the screen. Tick and choose the data you want to select from the left pane. Click Recover.

scan results to recover

After clicking recover, you will recover the iTunes backups to your computer. If you want to import it to your iPhone, use our proven tool SD iPhone Photo Transfer.

You should know something about the iPhone Security Lockout without erasing solutions after reading our tutorial. Although you can’t directly cope with iPhone security lockout without erasing, you can use the winding way to recover your data from backups if there are any existing ones.

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