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How to Get Rid of Failed Passcode Attempts on Screen Time

How to get rid of failed passcode attempts on screen time? It’s annoying when you get to change the screen time on your iPhone and realize you forgot your screen time passcode.

How to Get Rid of Failed Passcode Attempts on Screen TimeWhen you entered 6 failed screen time passcode attempts, the screen says the message “6 Failed Passcode Attempts” in red and “Try again in 1 minute”. 7 failures for try again in 5 minutes, 8 for 15 minutes,9 for 1 hour,10 and more failed passcode attempts for 1 hour.

Don’t worry, we’ll show you the methods to get rid of the failed passcode attempts on screen time, even without data loss.

After getting rid of the failed passcode attempts, you can use a new passcode here or turn off the screen time. Your iPhone won’t show you the red message when you monitor the screen time any longer.

Option 1.  Use SD iPhone Unlocker to get rid of failed passcode attempts. (100% works).

When you’re in trouble and can’t get rid of the failed passcode on screen time, the app can really save you.

The SD iPhone Unlocker can do it in less than 5 minutes. The advantage of using it is that you won’t worry about your data. It keeps all your data intact. Everything should get back to normal except for the disappearance of the failed passcode attempts.

SD iPhone Unlocker is our pick as any passcode unlocker for users. It’s also capable of unlocking the screen passcode, unlocking the Apple ID.

It’s intuitive, lightweight, and reliable. It’s not freeware, and the subscription plan is very flexible including a monthly plan, yearly plan, lifetime plan, or business plan.

Let’s take a closer look at the app to get a better understanding of the whole process.


Free Download and install it on your computer, either choose the PC version or the Mac version.

Step 1. Disable Find My iPhone on your Phone.

Get to Settings > [Your Name], Tap Find My>Find My iPhone. Toggle the switch to off and enter your Apple ID password.

Step 2. Launch SD iPhone Unlocker. Head to Unlock Screen Time Passcode.

Unlock Screen Time Passcode Section

Step 3. Choose Set Directly on Device and Click Start.

start to unlock screen time passcode

When your screen time passcode is monitored on the device itself, make sure to choose “Set directly on device”.

If you want to get rid of the failed passcode attempts on your child’s iPhone, we also composed a guide on How to remove screen time with family sharing.

The steps are different.

Step 4. Confirm Two-Factor-Authentication is on. If it’s off, enable the Two-Factor Authentication.

Step 4. Unlock the Screen Time Passcode to get rid of the failed passcode attempts.

When you click the Unlock option on the trial version, you should be redirected to the page for the subscription plans.

When you click the Unlock option on the purchased version, you should get rid of the failed passcode attempts in 1 minute.

screen time passcode unlocked sccessfully

Step 5. Step up your iPhone without any data loss.

During the setup.

On iOS 15 or later.

You should choose Customize option on the “Make This your New iPhone” page. Be sure that you choose the Don’t transfer apps and data option.  Take it seriously and slowly when you get to the step.  It matters a lot in keeping your data intact.

set up - Apps & Data iOS 15Apple’s new design has hidden the Apps and Data page behind the Customize option. Many people go to the next and next without being aware of the minor step that should cause data disappearing disaster. Important. Important. Important. Tap Customize> Don’t transfer Apps and Data.

On iOS 15 or before.

Be sure to choose Don’t transfer apps and data.

We’ve assembled a video tutorial here.

Video Tutorial:

Option 2.  Use Apple’s Screen Time Passcode Recovery.

If you want to get rid of the screen time passcode failed attempts, Apple iPhone gives you a “Forgot Passcode Option” for the screen time passcode. The Forgot Passcode option is hidden behind the Change Screen Time Passcode option. Let’s guide you to remove the failed passcode attempts using the method.

To use this method, you should remember your Apple ID and password.

Steps to remove the red errored failed passcode attempts via Screen Time Passcode Recovery.

screen time passcode recoveryGo to Settings.

Tap Screen Time.

Tap Change Screen Time Passcode.

Tap Turn off Screen Time Passcode.

Tap Forgot Passcode.

Enter your Apple ID and the Apple ID password.

Your screen time should be taken off and the failed passcode attempts should disappear.

If Screen Time Passcode Recovery is not working for you, you can use the third-party software method.

Wrap It Up.

We mainly solve the problem that how to get rid of the failed passcode attempts on screen time. You can learn both methods to avoid being in a dilemma. If you have no computer, you can opt for the “Forgot Passcode” option with your Apple ID on the device; if you have no Apple ID or passcode, you can use the third-party software method to get rid of the failed passcode attempts on screen time.

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