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How to Turn Off Screen Time with Family Sharing for iPhone

Do you want to turn off the screen time with family sharing? 

Screen Time is used a lot in family sharing for parental control, which helps the parents to regulate children’s screen time on iPhones or iPads. If the screen time is set via family sharing, there is no option to turn off screen time on the child’s iOS devices.

In this article, we’ll show you how to turn off screen time with family sharing on the iPhone or iPad, if your device is in parental control screen time.

turn off screen time with family sharing

Why Turn Off the Screen Time with Family Sharing?

When the screen time restrictions are set up on your device, once the limits are reached, some of the apps, settings, contents, and more will be unavailable to you. To regain access to these restricted functions, you’ll need to turn off the screen time or turn off several restrictions, or you’ll need to know the screen time passcode to bypass the limits there. Actually, many people want to remove Screen Time with family sharing completely. They found all screen time restrictions annoying. They stop them from using their iOS devices freely. However, from the parents’ standpoint, the screen time is doing well. The feature reduces the serious dangers of surfing online, being addicted to games, unappropriated content, network violence, and more. 

If you are a child, when you want to remove the screen time with family sharing, you should be aware that without screen time restrictions, you should improve your ability to distinguish good from bad and protect yourself. 

Without any further ado, we’ll show the solutions on how to turn off screen time with family sharing.

Solution 1. Turn off the screen time with family sharing on the organizer’s device.

Solution 2. Turn off the screen time family sharing via third-party software.

The differences between the two solutions:

To use solution 1, you’ll need to ask permission to turn off the screen time with family sharing(parental control). Furthermore, you’ll require your parents or family organizer to turn it off on their iPhone/iPad. If your parents or family organizer allow you to do so, it’s very easy and fast. And you won’t lose your data and content with this method. You can still use your current Apple ID in the future.

If your parents or family organizer won’t allow you to turn off screen time family sharing parental controls, you can’t use solution 1.

Solution 1 is the Apple way to turn off the entire screen time for a family-sharing member. And it’s free.

To use solution 2, you can turn off your screen time parental controls with a piece of third-party software and a computer by yourself. The app will remove all screen time restrictions, including force signing out of the Apple ID immediately.  But before turning off the screen time family sharing, you’ll need to back up your iPhone or iPad. Or else, your data will be gone. And later, you should use a new Apple ID to sign in to your iOS devices. You won’t need any permissions to turn off the screen time family sharing controls. Note that you need a purchased registration license to use the app to delete screen time family sharing.

Solution 1. Turn off screen time family sharing via the organizer’s iPhone or iPad. – Apple suggested way.

On the organizers’ iPhone, 

Tap Screen Time.

Tap the name under family. Here you’ll choose the name of the device which you want to turn off screen time with family sharing.

Scroll down. Tap Turn off Screen Time.

Enter the screen time passcode for the family member’s device. Done. 

If you forgot the screen time for children, referred to our guide Forgot Screen Time Passcode For Child. 

turn off screen time for a child

Solution 2. Turn off the screen time with family sharing via third-party software. 

Before turning off the screen time with family sharing with the app, you should be aware of the following things.

1. After removing the screen time with family sharing with the app, you can’t use your previous Apple ID anymore. You should sign in with a new Apple ID that is not a family member account. If you do sign in with your previous Apple ID, the screen time restrictions will still be there once the organizer didn’t turn them off. 

2. After using a new Apple ID, you should accept the result that you can’t use the family sharing contents of your previous Apple ID. You should need to pay for your music, movies, books, and apps or more downloaded on your new Apple ID by yourself. You should undertake any specific expenditure commitment by yourself when using the independent Apple ID. 

We pick the is the SD iPhone Unlocker to finish the task. SD iPhone passcode Unlocker is a great app to unlock the screen time passcode, including family sharing screen time passcode. The app will remove the screen time passcode and turn off the screen time on family sharing. It’s worth mentioning that you should back up your data before doing it. 

The algorithm of the app to turn off the screen time restrictions with family sharing.

The app will turn off the screen time with family sharing and force signing out of your Apple ID. After using the app, you will lose all your data on the iPhone or iPad. All your data will be erased by the app, and you can back up your data before using the app, and later salvage your data from restoring backups.

Later, you will need to use a new Apple ID to sign in. In that case, when you set up your iPhone with the new Apple ID, you’ll take off the screen time and family sharing completely.


Back up your iPhone/iPad.  Refer to How to Back Up Your iPhone/iPad.

Free download and install SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker to your computer. 

Install and launch the program on your computer.

Hit the “Unlock Screen Time Passcode”.

Unlock Screen Time Passcode Section

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. Enter your passcode to unlock your device when it’s connected.

If your iPhone or iPad can’t be recognized, do the following.

Check the USB connection if it’s not detected. Or you can unplug and re-plug your device. Restart the program and connect your device again.

connect devices

On the How Is the Screen Time Set Up page, choose Set Through Family Sharing.

You’ll see the next screen showing you the notes that we’ve explained before starting. Read the notes carefully again to confirm it. Click Start.

unlock screen time passcode family sharing

On the next screen, the program will ask you to check and confirm your device status about two things.

Please make sure you’ve turned on the Screen Passcode and the Two-Factor Authentication on your iOS devices, or your device will be locked by activation lock.

1. If the screen passcode is turned off, you should set it up first.

2. Check Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security. If Two-Factor Authentication is not turned on, turn on it before moving to the next step.

Here there are two situations. If your Find My iPhone/iPad is disabled. You can remove the screen time passcode and the entire screen time directly. And during the setup later, you won’t meet with the iCloud activation screen.

Click Next and enter “000000” to confirm turning off screen time with family sharing. By removing the screen time passcode, it will also remove the old Apple ID account.

When the Unlocked Successfully screen appears, unplug your iPhone/iPad and set it up when the Hello screen appears.

If your Find My iPhone or iPad is on, turn it off. If you can’t turn it off, it also doesn’t matter. Ensure you have the screen passcode set up and turn on the two-factor authentication.  After unlocking your screen time with family sharing, unplug it from your computer, and set up your iPhone according to the guide on the last screen of the app.

When you see the Activation Lock page on your device, click “Unlock with Passcode” to continue. Select “Use Device Passcode” and input your screen unlocking passcode. After that, you can use a new Apple ID and enjoy all features on your iPhone or iPad.

Remember that you shouldn’t use your original Apple ID during the setup, otherwise, your screen time and all the restrictions will appears again later.

Video Tutorial

We hope this article helped you learn how to turn off screen time with family sharing. You may also be interested in our guide on iPhone Disabled Bypass, How to Take Off Screen Time without Password for FreeHow to Reset Screen Time PasscodeiPhone Unavailable Bypass, Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions, How to Turn off Screen Time without Passcode, iPhone 13 is Disabled Connect to iTunes.

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