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How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID & Password

Looking for how to factory reset iPad without Apple ID & password? We’ve dived into the problems and found some easy solutions for you.

If you are going to factory reset your iPad, but you forgot your Apple ID & password, what should you do to reset your iPad to factory default settings? If you find out the proper ways, it will save you lots of time. In this article, we’ll show you the detailed steps of solutions.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID & Password.

Things you need to know before factory resetting iPad without Apple ID & password.

  1. You need to back up your iPad if you want to save your data. A factory reset will erase all content and settings on the iPad.
  2. The quickest way to factory reset an iPad without Apple ID & password is to use a computer along with a third-party app. If you have a computer in hand, it’s simple.
  3. If you don’t own a computer, you’ll need the screen unlocking passcode to reset the iPad on the device.
  4. Check if your Find My iPad is on or off. If your Find My iPad is on, you can’t restore your iPad on iTunes without turning off Find My iPad, if you have no Apple ID or password to disable it.

You also can’t reset your iPad with the iCloud website if you have no Apple ID or password, even if Find My iPad is on.

Without any further ado, let’s show you how to factory reset iPad without Apple ID or password.

As we’ve said, the easiest and fastest way to reset the iPad without Apple ID and Password is to use a third-party app. SD iPhone Unlocker is our pick to accomplish our goal.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID & password


A computer, PC or Mac. either desktop or laptop.

The lightning to USB cable.

Download the iPhone Unlocker from the below buttons. (Free Download)

Install and launch the iPhone Unlocker app on your computer. Click the module Unlock Apple ID.

Unlock Apple ID - Start2. Plug your iPad to the computer with the lightning to USB cable. And keep the iPad plugged in it. Click Start to Unlock.

unlock apple id start

On the prompted Screen Is the Two-Factor Authentication enabled on your device? Choose Yes to proceed if you have the Two-Factor Authentication on.

ensure two-factor authenciation is on

Check if you turned on the two-factor authentication. Tap Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security. Check if it shows on beside the Two-Factor Authentication option.

3. Confirm your iPad information and download the firmware.

The app will detect your iPad model automatically and show you the firmware version to reset your iPad without Apple ID. Click download.

Start to download firmware packages-unlock apple id

4. Unlock the Apple ID to reset the iPad.

When the firmware download is finished, the extraction process will automatically process. When the extraction is completed, the screen will show up a Start Unlock button.

5. Click Unlock. On the prompted screen, type 000000 to confirm it.

Hooray! When you see the Successfully Unlocked Screen, you’ve unlocked the Apple ID. You just need a few more steps to set up to factory reset your iPad without Apple ID or password.

unlock apple id successfully with find my iphone on

6. Set up approach attention: Pass the Activation Lock screen with Unlock with passcode on the screen.

Later, on the prompted screen, choose Use Device Passcode.

Note: The passcode here stands for the screen unlocking passcode on your iPad.

7. Use a new Apple ID to sign in to the iCloud account and finish the setup process.

Forgot your iPad passcode? Check our tutorial on How to Remove iPad Forgotten Password.

If you also have no screen unlocking passcode, no Apple ID and password, you may have problems in bypassing the Activation Lock if you don’t know the previous owner.

Please refer to our tutorial on Sign out of the Apple ID without password.

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