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How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode?[2021 iOS 15/14/13]

How to bypass screen time passcode? I forgot my screen time passcode and I’m locked out from using frequently-used apps. Anyone can help.  

Looking to bypass screen time passcode? When you can’t stop watching the screen of the digital products, like your iPhone or iPad, Mac, or other devices, and regulate yourself or children using Apple’s screen time on iOS 15/14/13/12. Forgetting screen time passcode also becomes a problem with enabling screen time.

However, using screen time passcode is a necessity for many families nowadays. It’s not healthy to using long hours of phones. Maybe you have heard that “For an extreme case, people could experience a retinal detachment as a result of excessive phone use. And there were real examples reported by some hospitals. Really scary. Nonetheless, once the screen time limits reach, you are interrupted and stopped from using your devices by the annoying entering password screen. Anyone will be grouchy when there are lots of important routines to deal with on the iPhone. The question, then, is how to bypass screen time passcode if you have forgotten it?

Note: This guide has worked for bypassing the screen time passcode for iOS 15/14/13/12.

how to bypass screen time passcode
How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode (iOS 15 supported!)

The report shows a majority of users recently require a password reset due to forgetting their password. As overloaded password users, we suffered a lot from forgetting and resetting passwords every day, including screen time passwords. It’s an urgent task for many people to cracking the forgotten screen time password, which prevents our normal using iPhones or iPads.

Then it’s really important to know how to bypass screen time passcode. Here we will walk you around how to bypass screen time passcode.

Part 1: Bypass screen time passcode with Resetting with Apple ID and Password(Free).

Part 2: Bypass screen time password with third-party software (no data loss).

Part 3: Unlock screen time passcode via removing your Apple ID and using a new one(Family Sharing Scenario).

Part 1: Free Way to Bypass Screen Time Passcode.

Apple official has provided a way to reset screen time passcode. However, you should prepare your recovery settings in advance when you are setting up the screen time password.

Steps to Set up Screen Time & Screen Time Passcode Recovery.

  1. Head to Settings > Screen Time > Turn on Screen Time.

When you turn on screen time, the iPhone or iPad will ask you to choose “This is My iPhone/iPad” or “This is My Child’s iPhone/iPad”. Set it.

  1. On the Screen Time Page: Tap Use Screen Time Passcode.
  2. On the Set Passcode Page: enter your screen time passcode, then re-enter it.
  3. On the prompted Screen Time passcode Recovery Page: Enter your Apple ID and Password. Later, when you forget your screen time passcode, you can use your Apple ID to reset it.
set up screen time password with screen time passcode recovery
Set up screen time password with Apple ID & Passcode

Steps to bypass and reset your screen time without passcode via Apple’s Screen Time Passcode Recovery.

  1. Tap Settings > Screen Time.
  2. On the Screen time Page, Tap Change Screen Time Passcode > Change Screen Time Passcode.
  3. Tap “Forgot Passcode” under the “Enter Old Screen Time Passcode”.
  4. On the prompted Screen Time Passcode Recovery Page, enter your Apple ID and Password to reset your screen time passcode.
  5. Enter your new screen time passcode.
bypass screen time passcode-p2-1
Bypass screen time passcode-p2-1
bypass screen time passcode-p2-2
Bypass screen time passcode-p2-2

 Then you can remember your new screen time passcode or write it down to avoid forgetting it once more. Do restart your iPhone or iPad if the new screen time passcode is not working.

If you skipped providing the Apple ID and password, read Part 2, we’ll bring you the proven screen time remover.

 Part 2: Bypass screen time password with the third-party software (no data loss).

Our SD iPhone Unlocker has helped thousands of people to bypass their screen time password including supporting iOS 15. Exactly, it will disable your screen time without a screen time passcode. It can completely remove your failed screen time passcode attempts and let you delete your screen time passcode without the old password. We’ve found it’s our best pick through many tests to remove a forgotten screen time passcode tool with no data loss.

Firstly, free download the SD iPhone Unlocker and install it on your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch the software on your computer. Go to the “Unlock Screen Time Passcode” section.

The software can bypass the screen time passcode, as well as the screen(lock) passcode. Do head to the right place to remove your forgotten screen time passcode. Hit Unlock Screen Time Passcode. (Don’t confuse that with Unlock Screen passcode Section, which lets you unlock your screen lock pin).

Unlock Screen Time Passcode Module-start

Step 2: Plug your iPhone into the computer with the USB cable.

Do enter your passcode to unlock your device when it’s connected. If there is no response, pull the USB cable out and plug it in again. Do check the connection of the cable. You’d better use the original stable USB cable.

connect device to the computerStep 3: Start to Unlock.

On the Unlock Screen Time Passcode Screen, you will see the notice that the software will bypass your screen time passcode quickly without data loss.

Note: To remove the screen time, you should disable “Find My” First. You’ll need to re-setup your iPhone/iPad after removing the screen time passcode. Don’t worry. You won’t lose any data.

If Find My iPhone/iPad is on, the software will prompt a page to guide you to disable it. Follow the steps on the screen.

Steps to disable find my iPhone

Step 4: Download Firmware.

Hit download to download the firmware and wait for the process to be completed.

Step 5: Unlock.

The software will then bypass your screen time passcode with the firmware package. It’s fast in less than one minute. Then you will see your iPhone re-opened.

screen time passcode removed sccessfully

Step 6: Re-set up your iPhone/iPad without data loss.

Note these two things to make sure you won’t lose your data:

When on the Screen Time page, choose Set it up Later.

When on the Apps & data, choose “Don’t transfer Apps & Data“.

Hooray. You should remove your forgotten screen time passcode successfully by keeping all your data.

Then in several minutes, you should get your iPhone/iPad as the original data on it, but with the disabling screen time status. Later, if you need to use the screen time and set a new screen time passcode, just enable it as before. The failed time passcode attempts notice will also be gone.

We have uploaded our test videos to the YouTube Channel. It’s also a video tutorial. TL; DR, do check our videos.

Video Tutorial: 

Part 3. Unlock screen time passcode via removing your Apple ID and using a new one (family sharing scenario).

Maybe you are in family sharing and can’t remove your screen time passcode. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

People leave comments on our website about how to remove the screen time passcode completely when they are still in family sharing. In Family sharing, the organizers are still able to turn on the screen time and set up a new one for the family members again even if you remove your screen time passcode. Setting up the screen time on your iPhone won’t prevent your family organizer to set screen time back for you again.

However, in fact, you can’t sign out of your Apple ID manually when there are screen time restrictions. You’ll find the greyed-out Sign Out options.

Only family members aged 13 or older can leave Family sharing by stop using Family sharing (Apple has designed this feature).

The SD iPhone Unlocker is a great piece of software to help you sign out of Apple ID with restrictions at this point.

Note that removing Apple ID will lose your data. Note that you should also lose your purchased content with family sharing when you sign out the Apple ID in family sharing. Do back up your iPhone/iPad before removing your Apple ID.

Read the following method to bypass your screen time passcode with restrictions by signing out of your previous Apple ID. Free Download the SD iOS passcode Unlocker and install it on your computer to get rid of your previous Apple ID.

Step 1: Launch the app. Head to the “Unlock Apple ID” Section.

Can't sign out of Apple ID fix - Unlock Apple ID - Start

Step 2: Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer with a USB cable.

When it’s connecting, “Trust” the computer if it prompts. Unlock your iPhone or iPad to let the software detect it.

Step 3: Hit “Start to Unlock”.

Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions fix - start to remove Apple ID

Whether your Find My iPhone/iPad is on or off, the software can Unlock the Apple ID for you. Once Two-Factor Authentication is Enabled (iOS 11.4 and above are supported), confirm it by clicking the “Yes” option when you see the screen like the following screenshot shows:
ensure two-factor authenciation is on

Step 4: Download Firmware.

When the firmware is downloaded completely, the software will automatically detect it and extract it in a few seconds.

Step 5: Unlock Apple ID.

Hit the “Unlock Apple ID” button on the software screen and then it will remove your Apple ID immediately. When you see the “Hello” screen with multiple languages, it indicates the unlocking Apple ID process is successful, and the screen time passcode is removed. Later you can set up your device with your new Apple ID or another Apple ID.

Thus you’ve removed the screen time without a password. Enjoy your device without Screen Time or with a new screen time passcode.

Sign Out Apple ID - Unlock Apple ID successfully

Q&As about Bypassing Screen Time without password.

How to hack Screen Time Passcode 2021?

It’s easy to hack the screen time passcode using guessing the passwords way. Screen time passcode is a four-digit password. You can try to hack it by entering the numbers of a birthday month and date, or year, or a wedding anniversary. And more digits of the date or numbers about various occasions such as holidays, weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversary, graduations, kids and other special occasions.

It’s reported that even some people use the screen recording function to hack the screen time passcode. Just turn on the screen recording when your organizer setting the screen time passcode.

Some people can also change the Time Zone or districts in settings on their iPhones or iPads to ask for more time. Screen time passcode hacking takes a bit of your time. And it may expire when the screen time settings change.

Is it necessary to use Screen Time?

It depends. If you are feeling safe and too tired to remember one more passcode like the screen time passcode on your iPhone/iPad, it’s okay not to use it.

People use screen time more often to stop their bad digital habits or use it in parental controls.

I always use screen time and screen time passcode when I find myself indulged in the iPhone/iPad. And I always disabled screen time when I become self-disciplined.

Is there any free way to delete the screen time passcode?

You can try to restore your iPhone or iPad to a previously encrypted backup without enabling screen time with iTunes. That’s free.

How to find out your screen time password? – Figure it out with password patterns.

With the help of the software, you won’t require your old screen time passcode, it will disable your screen time without a password, and then you can set a new password.

If you want to find out your screen time passcode, try the following ways:

  1. Check with your birthday numbers. Maybe one of your family’s birthday numbers.
  2. Check with your anniversaries numbers, such as the anniversaries of your first date, your wedding day, a special day, etc.
  3. Find them on your online notebooks or your pocketbooks. Find on any paper or books you may write the password down on it.

How do you manage it and avoid forgetting your screen time passcode?

  1. Write the passwords down and keep them safe.
  2. Set the passcode with your pattern. We have known that it’s dangerous to use the same password many times. You’d better set your screen time passcode with your common patterns with constant numbers(characters) plus variable numbers(characters). I have been practicing this method to keep my password easy to be remembered and safe for several years.

How to remove app limits, downtime, and time limits/restrictions without a password?

By using this third-party software, you will disable your screen time without a password. That means you will bypass all the limits altogether in Screen Time, including downtime limits, app limits, content restrictions, and more.

Does a factory resetting bypass the screen time passcode?

Yes, absolutely, a factory reset of iPhone/iPad or Mac will wipe all data on it including the screen time passcode. However, you need your passcode and your screen time passcode to Reset All Settings or Erase All content and Settings. Refer to this tutorial:

How to Reset an iPhone or iPad without Screen Time Passcode.

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