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How to Sign Out of Apple ID without Password

How to sign out of Apple ID without password?- Brooks(an Internet user)

My iPad was temporarily used by my son. And my son logged into his Apple ID on my iPad. When I want to switch the Apple ID on the iPad, I realized that I have forgotten the password of his Apple ID. Finally, I find a useful way to sign out of Apple ID without password. In this article, I will show you two different ways about How to sign out of Apple ID without password.

how to sign out of apple id without password
How to Sign out of Apple ID without Password

Without further ado, let me show you how do I sign out of my Apple ID without password step by step.

You may wonder that whether you can sign out of your Apple ID When Find My iPhone/iPad is on.

You may wonder whether you should be prevented from signing in to your Apple ID by the iCloud activation lock.

Both of these situations require you to enter your Apple ID And password to proceed. The answer is yes. You can do that. Stay tuned, you can sign out of your Apple ID without password with this tutorial.

If you can’t access your invaluable Apple ID, the only gateway to all apple services, the iPhone or iPad will almost become useless.

Quick Overview:

Scenarios for method one.
If you can’t remember the current Apple ID for the iPhone or iPad, you can still sign out of the Apple ID by force logging out of it with the third-party software SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker. The software can reset your iPhone and remove your Apple ID without the Apple ID password simultaneously.

There are no worries if you sign out of your Apple ID with Find My on, the app will help you force sign out of the Apple ID without password with Find My iPhone/iPad off or on. Just follow the successfully finished onscreen directions of the app in Method 1, step 5 when Find My iPhone/iPad is on.

Most importantly, you remember the Apple & password you used to sign in to your previous account or the account you backed up your data with. Then, there are no worries to pass the activation screen. You can restore your iPhone to an iCloud backup with your knowing Apple ID password.

For example. I forgot my child’s Apple ID password on the iPad, but I have my Apple ID & password attached to my iPad backup. And Find My iPad is on with logging into my son’s iPad. I want to switch to my Apple ID account, signing out my son’s Apple ID without a password. Later, I restored my iCloud backup. I achieved it successfully with Method 1.
Let’s get started with method 1.

Method 1. Sign out of Apple ID without password via SD iPhone Unlocker software.

Free download and install the SD iPhone Unlocker to your PC or Mac. Install it and Launch it.

Step 1. Head to the Unlock Apple ID section.

Sign out of Children's Apple ID - Start

Step 2. Hit start and then connect your iPad or iPhone to a PC or Mac computer with a USB cable.

unlock apple id start
Step 3. Confirm Yes when you are asked if you have the two-factor authentication on.

ensure two-factor authenciation is on
Step 4. Download the firmware and unlock Apple ID.

The software will detect your iPhone or iPad models automatically. Click download and wait for a few minutes during the firmware downloading process.

Start to download firmware packages-unlock apple id

Step 5. Confirm unlock, and Complete the unlocking process. Follow the onscreen directions of the software to set up your iPhone or iPad.

If you turned Find My iPhone off, it will show you an “unlocked successfully” screen, if you turned on Find My iPhone, it will show you this screen to help you set up your device later.

unlock apple id successfully with find my iphone onIn the above examples, When I set up it and met the screen with activation lock with my Apple ID, I passed it without any hassle with my knowing Apple ID & password.

The next time after resetting this iPad, I met the screen with the activation lock of my son’s Apple ID. I choose as the directions show. Tap Unlock with Passcode, Later tap Use Device Passcode when setting up the iPhone or iPad later. After that, I can use a new Apple ID, and any of my Apple IDs, enjoy all features on the devices.

Congratulations. Signing out of an Apple ID is so easy and smooth on the program. You can switch the Apple ID by using it freely.

You can reset the password of the account with a forgotten Apple ID password provided you need the account for future use. Definitely, I recovered my son’s Apple ID password, which will be still used to switch accounts on that iPad.

Please note that SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker can’t bypass the iCloud activation lock if you buy the phone from others without knowing any of the passwords(including the screen unlocking password and the Apple ID password) when you need to remove the iCloud activation lock, refer to Method 2.

Method 2: Sign out of the Apple ID without password and bypass the activation lock screen.

When you reset an iPhone or restore an iPhone or iPad, during the Setting up process, You will be asked to enter the previous Apple ID and password, here comes a big problem that you have no idea about the Apple ID passcode on iCloud Activation Lock.

Here comes the SD Lockpasser software, which is dedicated to helping people bypass the iCloud activation Lock Screen.

When using this software, your device will be jailbroken.

Sign out of your Apple ID without password and bypass the iCloud activation lock screen with software steps.

Firstly. Free download and install the SD Lockpasser software to your computer. Install and launch the app to your PC or Mac.

Then follow the onscreen directions to sign out Apple ID without password and bypass the iCloud Activation Screen.

Step 1. Head to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen Mode.

Tips: Which section should you choose?

  1. Provided your device is stuck on the screen saying “Activation Lock”, “Unable to Activate” or “Could Not Activate iPhone”, choose “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen Mode”
  2. If your device is disabled and you forgot the passcode, choose theRemove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation mode.
  3. When you know your screen unlocking passcode but don’t have the Apple ID password to sign out of iCloud on your activated device, choose “Turn Off FMI” mode.

sd-lockpasser-start-screenStep 2: Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer with a USB cable and click Start.

can't sign out of icloud-bypass-icloud-activation-lock-start

Step 3: Follow the onscreen directions to jailbreak your iOS device on Mac or PC.

On a PC, you will be navigated to the tutorial page to DIY jailbreak your device on Windows PC.

jailbreak devices on pc-sd-lockpasser

On a Mac, it will prompt you to download the right jailbreak package. And then SD Lockpasser will jailbreak your device in a few clicks.

download firmware to jailbreak on mac sd lockpasser

If you both have a PC or Mac, we advise you to do this on your Mac, which is a little easier.

Step 4. Bypass Activation Lock screen on iPhone or iPad.

Confirm your device information with models, iOS version, etc. Then click “Start Bypass”. Wait for a few seconds, the app will start to bypass the Apple Activation Lock screen. When finished, it shows you a screen saying “Successfully Bypassed!”.

bypass icloud activation lock screen process

bypass icloud activation lock successfully

Bonus tips:

1. Backup, backup, backup.
During the use of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, you will find that the most important action to keep your data safe is backup.
Signing out of an Apple ID or Unlocking Apple ID will cause data loss.

2. Set up. 

During the set-up, you’d better choose “Don’t transfer Apps & Data” or restore the iPhone to a backup with your known Apple ID password.

3. Check whether the iCloud activation lock is removed(off) when buying a new iPhone/iPad.

When you buy a second-hand Apple device, do check whether that device is fully factory reset. You should check further by resetting it with iTunes, Finder, or third-party software and check the setup process. The iCloud activation lock only happens when you change the iCloud account during setup.

4. Apple ID password safety.

Do write down your Apple ID & password and password and put it away in a safe place. Set a safe password.
Turn on two-factor authentication of your Apple ID account. Every time you sign in your Apple ID on a device, a pin code is required to proceed.

5. What happens when you sign out of your Apple ID.

Know what will happen when you sign out of your Apple ID. Refer to the following article. What Happens If I Sign Out of My Apple ID.

We hope this article helped you learn how to sign out of your Apple ID without a password. You may also want to see our guide on How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode, iPhone Won’t Hard Reset, Can’t Sign Out of Apple ID on iPhone, Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions, or iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes.

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