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How to Bypass Screen Time on iOS 15/16

You may want to find out how to bypass screen time on iOS 15/16. Having seen so many hacks about bypassing screen time passcode on iOS 15/16, you may finally realize that there are seldom any tricks that really help you? In this article, we are focusing on the solutions that are extremely helpful and really work to bypass screen time on iOS 15/16.

How to Bypass Screen Time on iOS 15/16. Don’ts and Dos.

Through our latest tests, the third-party software method is the one of the most reliable ways to bypass screen time, and the advantage is that the app can help you bypass screen time on iOS 15/16 without any data loss.

Before starting to describe the specific process to bypass screen time by the proven useful app, we’ll show you the old tricks that won’t work anymore. Apple has a great developing team and they may not let these tricks work by updating the iOS 15 software. So, it’s difficult for you to hack screen time on iOS 15/16 now from the Apple settings.

So, we advise you don’t waste your time testing the following tricks on iOS 15/16 to bypass screen time.

Bypass Screen Time on iOS 15/16 Don’ts.

1. Delete and reinstall the apps that are restricted. The newly downloaded apps that are deleted will still stay limited on iOS 15/16.

2, Change time and date won’t work. If you are restricted by screen time or screen time passcode, you can’t change time and data on the iPhone on iOS 15/16.

3. View YouTube or TikTok via iMessages app won’t work. The apps that reached the time limit will show as the app icon with a circle on iOS 15/16, and you won’t send any content via iMessage by tapping it there.

4. Open the website via the Password page on iPhone. For example. If you open Facebook from the Password screen, the website opened will still stay limited on iOS 15/16.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the real fix of how to bypass screen time on iOS 15/16.

Bypass Screen Time on iOS 15/16 Dos.


You need a computer to install the app on it. And a USB cable to connect your iPhone running iOS 15 or later to your PC or Mac.

Before deleting and bypassing screen time on your iPhone, free download and install the program from the below button.

SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker is our pick to finish the task to bypass screen time on iOS 15/16. We’ve proved it many times, and it works great. It can not only bypass the screen time by deleting the screen time passcode and disabling screen time without data loss but can also help you unlock your screen unlock passcode, and unlock your Apple ID.

1. Start the app. And Hit “Unlock Screen Time Passcode”.

Choose Unlock Screen Time Passcode Section

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

connect device to the computer

3. Turn off Find My if it’s on. If it’s off, your can click start directly to proceed.

Steps to disable find my iPhone

4. Click Unlock and wait for one minute or so.

screen time passcode removed sccessfully

5. Set up your iPhone carefully on iOS 15 or later without data loss and follow the below steps. (Most important steps to keep all your data)

When you come to the screen “Make This Your New iPhone”, tap Customize Settings. Then choose Don’t Transfer Apps & Data.

Later your iPhone will ask you to enter the Apple ID password to log in to your iCloud account. Do it.

set up - Apps & Data iOS 15

Then you will see the screen “Make This Your New iPhone” shows you Apps & Data with “Don’t transfer Apps & Data”. Click Continue and proceed.

Don't transfer apps and data continue

Later, when you see Screen Time, choose Set Up Later in Settings.

You will see your iPhone reopens without any screen time, and all your data is not touched. Tap Settings > Screen Time, you will find the Turn on Screen Time option there.

Video Tutorial:

We hope you learned how to bypass screen time on iOS 15 or 16. You may also want to read our tutorial on How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 without PasswordHow to Put iPad in Recovery Mode without Home Button.

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