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Will “Reset All Settings” Remove Screen Time Passcode?

Are you looking for the answer that will “Reset All Settings” or factory reset via”Erase all content and settings” remove the screen time passcode?Let’s dive into both questions and find the answers right now.

Question 1: Will “Reset All Settings” Remove Screen Time Passcode?

The path to tap Reset All Settings on iPhone or iPad.

  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Tap Reset All Settings.
will reset all settings remove screen time passcode
Will reset all settings remove screen time passcode?

Quick Overview and conclusion :

The environment for this test:

iOS System Version: iOS 14.6.

Device: iPhone 12.

The Answer & Result for Q1:

Reset all settings will remove the screen time passcode, however, you need to enter your passcode and screen time passcode to perform “Reset All Settings”. In fact, you can’t reset all settings on devices without a screen time passcode if you enable it.

Question 2: Does Factory Reset Remove Screen Time or Screen Time Passcode.

The Answer & Result for Q2:

A factory reset with Erase All Content & Settings will also remove the screen time passcode, however, you still need to enter your passcode and screen time passcode to perform “Erase All Content & Settings” for a factory reset. In fact, you can’t factory reset your iPhone on settings without a screen time passcode if you enable it.

A factory reset with iTunes, iCloud, or third-party software restore will remove your screen time(screen time passcode) and erase all data.

For other factory ways, if you can perform a successful factory reset, you will remove everything including the screen time.

However if someone means only to force restart your iPhone with buttons, it will only force turn off and turn on your iPhone, which won’t remove everything including screen time.

Video Tutorial for Finding the Answer: Will “Reset All Settings” or Factory Reset(via Device) Remove Screen Time passcode.

When You Can’t Reset All Settings without Screen Time Passcode, What Should You Do?

Here we offer an easy solution for you. Firstly, remove the screen time passcode with SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker. Secondly, reset all settings on your device manually if you need to do it.

You won’t lose your data by removing the screen time passcode from the app. You’ll just remove the screen time passcode on the app that feels like a restart with everything there on your iPhone.

To use the software to remove screen time passcode, free download and install it on your computer, either PC or Mac. Choose your iOS compatible software version from the below download button.

Step 1: Launch it and click the “Unlock Screen Time Passcode” section on the bottom-left of the Start screen.

Unlock Screen Time Passcode Section
Choose Unlock Screen Time Passcode

Step 2: Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable. Click Start to Unlock option.

After you plug in your device to your computer, check and make sure your Find My iPhone/iPad is turned off. If not, Go to Settings > [Your Name]> Find My, toggle the switch to off and enter your Apple ID password to turn off Find My.

connect device to the computer

start to unlock screen time passcode

Step 3: Unlock your screen time passcode without data loss in less than one minute.

screen time passcode unlocked sccessfully

Step 4: Set up your iPhone following the onscreen directions.

When setting up Apps & Data, select Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. When you set up Screen Time, choose Set Up Later in Settings.

Here removing screen time passcode is done on your device.

Step 5: Reset All Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Since you’ve removed the screen time passcode, it won’t ask you for that pin. You can proceed to only enter the passcode.

Viola. Reset All Settings is done on your iPhone or iPad with no screen time passcode now.

Video Tutorial to use the app to remove screen time passcode.

Looking for more ways on how to factory reset iPhone without screen time passcode? You can also read our article: How to Reset an iPhone without Screen Time Passcode.

The Bottom Line:

On iOS 14.6 or later, Reset All Settings will remove the screen time passcode and the passcode, Face ID, and more settings. But you need your passcode and screen time passcode to confirm the “Reset All Settings” action. When you forgot your screen time passcode, you cannot apply the “reset all settings” way to get rid of the screen time passcode. After removing the screen time password, you can “Reset All Settings” without any hassle.

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