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How Do I Sign Out of A Child’s Apple ID from My iPad/iPhone?

You may wonder how do I sign out of my child’s Apple ID from my iPad or iPhone. I created this post through my recent personal experience and many tests and find the final perfect resolutions for sharing. In this article, we share comprehensive solutions on how to sign out of a Child's Apple ID, even if Child's iCloud account is greyed out, how to sign it out.

How Do I Sign out A Child’s Apple ID from My iPad/iPhone?
How to Sign out of A Child’s Apple ID from My iPad/iPhone

How to Sign out of a Child’s Apple ID with restrictions on it?

Quick guide:

Method 1: Turn off Screen Time on the device.

Method 2: Sign out Child’s Apple ID by removing Child’s Apple ID via third-party software.

Method 1: Turn off Screen time (require screen time passcode if you set it up).

If you are a newbie to use Screen Time, follow the steps below to turn off the Screen Time of your Child.

If you set up the screen time using the device signed in the Child’s Apple ID.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Turn Off Screen Time, tap Turn off Screen Time, then enter the screen time passcode if it’s required there.

If you set up the screen time using the family organizer’s iPhone or iPad.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Tap the Child’s name under Family > tap Turn Off Screen Time, tap Turn Off Screen Time, then enter the screen time passcode to disable it completely.

turn off screen time for a child
Turn off screen time for a child

If you forgot your child's screen time passcode, you can also turn it off. Forgot Screen Time Passcode for Child How to Reset.

Method 2: Sign out Child’s Apple ID by removing Child’s Apple ID via third-party software (forgot Child’s screen time passcode).

Things become not so complicated even if you forgot the screen time of your child when you want to sign out. We offer you an awesome way to get rid of your Child’s Apple ID directly from your iPhone or iPad.

I use a tool that can sign out a Child’s Apple ID directly on the iPad/iPhone.

Everything becomes easy here with the software.

Maybe you want to know what happens if you sign out Child’s Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad before the procedures.

What happens if you sign out Child’s Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad?

You will lose your data on the iCloud, if you turn on iCloud for photos, others, and more. When you sign out of the Apple ID, the iPhone or iPad will ask you if you’d like to keep a copy of several data on the iPhone or iPad.

You won't lose the installed apps downloaded using the Child's Apple ID, however, you are unable to update them if you sign in your Apple ID instead. Do remove the app and reinstall it on your device with your current Apple ID for further updates. And you may need to re-login in some of the apps after switching the Apple ID.

Do prepare a complete backup if you need all your data.

Firstly, free download the iPhone Apple ID remover software and install it on your PC or Mac computer.

Step 1: Start the App and head to the "Unlock Apple ID" section.

Sign out of Children's Apple ID - Start
Sign out of Children's Apple ID - Start

Step 2:Connect your iPad or iPhone to the computer with the lightning to USB cable.

Step 3:Start.

unlock apple id start

Step 4: Apple ID removed successfully.

remove apple id sucessfully

Video Tutorial on how to sign out of a Child's Apple ID with restrictions.

Method 3. Child Apple ID(iCloud Account) Greyed Out How to Sign Out of A Child's Apple ID.

You may wonder if the child's iCloud account greyed out how to sign out? It's also caused by screen time restrictions. To sign out a greyed-out Apple ID account, you should turn off the restrictions from the "Don't allow Account changes" option to Allow option. Let me show you the steps.

For devices signed in to the Child's iCloud account, restrict the screen time itself.

On the device signed in to your Child's iCloud account. Tap Settings > Screen Time Content & Privacy Restrictions, scroll all the way down. Under Allow Changes, Tap Account ChangesChoose Allow Option.

For devices signed in the Child's iCloud account under parental control, screen time is restricted on the organizer's device.

Or on the organizer's device, tap Settings > Screen Time > Choose Child's name under family, Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. Under Allow Changes, Tap Account ChangesChoose Allow Option.

Then you can see your child's Apple ID is normal, you can sign out the Apple ID by tapping Child's iCloud account, then tap the Sign Out option.

When you choose the Don't Allow option to control your Child's screen time on your organizer iPhone or on the child's device, the child's Apple ID is greyed out there.

It's also very easy to forget where the setting options you've set. When you find your or your child's Apple ID greyed out, follow the above steps to recover it to active status.

A life story:

I can't "Sign Out" an Apple ID of my son on my iPad Pro. I recently created an Apple ID for my child (under 13) to be used on my iPad Pro to finish one of his homework on the app. I can only create my child’s Apple ID using family sharing for his age.

And now I cannot sign out with "Sign out is not available due to restrictions". I want to use my iPad Pro. How do I sign out of my child’s Apple ID and use my own again?

The Sign Out button is greyed out. How should I sign out it? And Apple has set the rule that I can’t remove my Child’s Apple ID account (under 13) from the family sharing.

Later, I tried to turn off the restrictions on Screen Time of my Child’s Apple ID, such as the Content & Privacy restrictions, Downtime restrictions, etc. Nothing happens with still the greyed-out Sign out button.

I did not sign out the restrictions successfully until I turn off screen time (with screen time passcode) and restart my iPad pro the first time. I sign out of Child’s Apple ID using the third-party software the second time when I forgot the screen time passcode.

If you are the person who switches the Apple ID between your and your child’s Apple ID on the iPad frequently. Yes, your iPad won’t let you sign out unless you turn off the screen time completely. It seems there are no restrictions at all, if the screen time is enabled on your Child’s Apple ID account on the iPhone/iPad, you won’t be able to sign out there.

Do take off the whole screen time if you happen to experience similar scenarios. After you disabling screen time, you should sign out a child's Apple ID.

The bottom line

Screen Time is a great parental control app. Do get rid of the Screen time when you need to sign out of the Child’s Apple ID. Of it is the same if you want to sign out of your own Apple ID and switch it to another. “Sign out is not available due to restrictions” is easy to resolve. You can either disable the screen time to sign out of the child’s Apple ID or if you forgot your child’s screen time passcode. Do sign out your Child’s Apple ID with the third-party software, time-saving tool, and easy. It is also capable of removing screen time passcode, removing screen lock passcode, a practical tool to be your iPhone passcode and account companion.

Can't Sign out of Apple ID due to other various reasons on your iPhone or iPad? find the solutions here:
Can’t Sign Out of Apple ID on iPhone.

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