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How to Turn Off Passcode on Your iPhone or iPad – Effective Solutions

“How to turn off passcode on your iPhone/iPad? I want to turn the passcode off, but don’t know why, tell me how to do it.”

Feeling tired of entering passcode on your iPhone 6/7/8/X/XR/11/12/13 or iPad Air, iPad Mini iPad Pro, or iPad other models?  Or if you’re working from home, you feel that it is not necessary to lock your iPhone or iPad. How to turn off passcode on your iPhone or iPad(with or without passcode)? It is simple to turn off your passcode on the Settings app in a normal way(in part 1). However, if your iPhone is disabled, we provide a safe way to turn off your passcode (in part 2).

Before turning off the passcode, you have to know the following fact.

Your apple pay cards will be removed. And your saved passwords, credit cards, and important data can be accessible by anyone who has physical access to your iPhone or iPad.

Without a passcode, your information will be exposed without protection. So it’s not recommended to remove your passcode on your iPhone or iPad but for the special needs you have, like working from home, or the devices are used as a public tool in an office or library, or there isn’t any personal data on that device.

On the other hand, If your iPhone or iPad is safe at your home or your individual room, or you feel it’s safe to remove that passcode, then go ahead and remove the iPhone iPad passcode to save yourself some time. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at how to turn off password on your iPhone iPad.

Part 1. How to turn off passcode on your iPhone or iPad from the Setting App?

Part 2. How to turn off passcode if your iPhone or iPad is disabled.

Part 1. Turn off Passcode on your iPhone or iPad from the Setting App(with passcode).

  • 1. Tap Settings on the home screen of the iPhone, or iPad.

ios settings app

  • 2. Navigate to Touch ID & Passcode or Face ID & Passcode.
  • 3. Put in your passcode to enter this sensitive page. Then tap Turn passcode off.
  • 4. Enter your passcode again to confirm.
  • 5. Exit the setting app when you finish it.

turn off passcodeWhen your passcode on iPhone or iPad is turned off, Your face ID or touch ID is also disabled.  When the passcode is removed, you are only required to press home to enter.  For iPhone or iPad without a home button, you can take anywhere on the screen to rouse it out of sleep mode.

If you want to change your passcode without disabling it, the process is similar.  Tap Change passcode button which is near the turn passcode off button.

If you don’t know what will happen after several failed passcode attempts on your iPhone, or iPad, move to this article How many failed passcode attempts on iPhone or iPad. Actually, your iDevice will be disabled after several failed attempts and locked eventually after 10 failed attempts.

If you forgot your passcode or your iPhone is disabled, it’s not the right way to fix that by removing the passcode.  We pick this third-party software to turn off passcode and unlock your iPhone or iPad, read on.

Part 2. Turn off Passcode if your iPhone or iPad is disabled(without passcode).

This SD iPhone unlocker is a smart tool to turn off your passcode when your iPhone/iPad is disabled. When your iPhone is disabled, you can reset your iPhone or iPad with this software to re-enable it.

Free download this tool and install it on your computer.

Video guide on how to unlock iPhone or iPad with this SD iOS passcode unlocker.

Step 1: Install and launch it on your computer. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer.

Turn off your iPhone and put it in recovery mode. Check the Apple support for iPhone for recovery mode. or the Apple support for iPad recovery mode.

Step 2: Head to Unlock Screen Passcode. Confirm your iPhone or iPad information. Click Start to download firmware.

Download firmware to unlock iPadStep 3: When finished, Click unlock to wipe the passcode and enter ‘”000000″ to confirm.

Extraction-completeNote that your iPhone or iPad will be erased when you wipe your passcode. And your iPhone or iPad will be updated to the latest iOS version.

Wait for a while when your passcode is being wiped. When the process is completed, you can restore your iPhone or iPad from the most recent backup. If you don’t have one backup of your iPhone or iPad, you will lose all data on your iPhone. Move to this guide about how to backup your iPhone or iPad.

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