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Can’t Turn Off Find My iPhone to Restore -Here’s the Fix

Can’t turn off Find My iPhone to restore? Anyone can help me. Eason, Aug 20th, 2021

Are you looking for solutions for “Can’t turn off Find My iPhone to restore” like Eason?

Find my iPhone has been designed by Apple to protect your iPhone in case you can’t find it or lose it. Find My iPhone includes your iPhone location services and live location services if you enable it on your devices. In the latest iOS versions, there is also a Find My app to accomplish the Find My iPhone or Find My iPad function.

When you restore your iPhone, Apple requires you to turn off Find My iPhone, if you can’t turn off it, you won’t able to restore it on iTunes or Finder.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the problem that you can’t turn off Find My iPhone to restore.

can't turn off find my iphone to restore fix
Can’t Turn Off Find My iPhone to Restore Fix

Why can’t I turn off Find My iPhone to Restore?

Suppose someone has lost their iPhones, if someone picks them, they can easily wipe the iPhone if they can do that without any limitation. Find My iPhone is here to secure your data and personal information and prevent the reset with the location information and your Apple ID is associated with it.

And many people who want to sell or transfer their iPhone must know that you should sign out of your Apple ID and this will turn off Find My iPhone simultaneously.

How to Resolve “Can’t turn off Find My iPhone to Restore“?

Part 1. Erase your iPhone on iCloud to Restore it.

Step 1. Open on a browser either on a computer or smartphone.

Step 2. Enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 3. Allow the Apple ID sign-in, then enter your two-factor authentication pin code on your authenticated device. On the “Trust this Browser” screen, choose “Trust” to proceed.

Step 4. Click or Tap Find iPhone.

Step 5. Click All Devices and Locate your iPhone. Tap Erase iPhone.

Step 6. On the pop-up window Erase this iPhone? Tap Erase to confirm.

Step 7. Later the Find My will ask for you to leave your iPhone number and message, with the default message showing “This iPhone has been lost. Please call me”. Click Done.

erase iPhone ipad via find my iPhoneYour iPhone will be restored and wiped with all content and settings then. Later you can restore your iPhone with backups or set it up as new.

If you don’t know your Apple ID or forgot the Apple ID password, you can restore it with Part 2.

Part 2. Bypass Turning off Find My iPhone to Restore with Third-party Software.

This SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker software can remove your Apple ID with Find My iPhone on or off. And your iPhone will be reset to factory settings. It lets you restore your iPhone when you can’t turn off Find My iPhone.  When you sign out of your Apple ID, the Find My iPhone attached with that iCloud account will be also turned off.

Note: This completely removes your Apple ID, erases your device, turns off Find My iPhone.

Before getting started, free download and install the SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker software.

Step 1. Launch it and click “Unlock Apple ID”.

Unlock Apple ID - StartStep 2. Connect your iPhone with a matched cable or dock connector to your computer, PC, or Mac.

Step 3. Hit start to Unlock on the app screen. Make sure two-factor authentication is enabled on your iPhone. When it prompts saying “Is two-factor authentication enabled on your iPhone?”  Check Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security to see if two-factor authentication is on there. If it’s on, click Yes on the screen to proceed.

ensure two-factor authenciation is on

Step 4. On the Download Firmware Package Online page, click Download.

Start to download firmware packages-unlock apple id

Step 5. Click Unlock Apple ID, when the downloading is completed.

  • unlock apple id successfully with find my iphone on

Later the screen says “Unlock is successful”. Voila! You’ve fixed the problem of “can’t turn off Find My iPhone to restore” with this app. You’ve signed out of your previous Apple ID and restored your iPhone to factory settings.

Set up your iPhone later following the directions on the screen. When you see the Activation Lock screen on your device, click “Unlock with Passcode”. Later, choose “Use Device Passcode” and enter your screen unlocking the passcode of your iPhone. After the actions, you can use a new Apple ID and enjoy your iPhone with all features.

Can’t turn off find my iPhone to restore? You can easily restore your iPhone by removing the Apple ID with the software.

Part 3. Turn off Find My iPhone Using Smart software. —The Activation Lock won’t appear when restarted.

If you can’t turn off Find My iPhone, you can apply this smart software —SD Lockpasser.

SD Lockpasser is an app to do the following tasks:

  1. Turn off Find My.

When you use this feature of the program, you can turn off the Find My iPhone when you forgot the password, and remove the Apple ID without password.

  1. Bypass iCloud Activation lock screen.

If your device is stuck on the screen showing “Activation Lock”,” Unable to Activate” or “Could Not Activate iPhone”. Choose this section to resolve your issues.

  1. Remove screen lock and bypass iCloud Activation.

If you forgot your screen unlocking password and or if your iPhone is unavailable, disabled or locked, choose the module to bypass it. Even if the iPhone or iPad is in lost mode, the feature can help you out to reuse your iPhone.

First. Free download and install SD Lockpasser on your computer. You can either choose the PC version or the MacOS version.

Without any further ado, let’s show the detailed steps for you. And also, before starting, I’ll show the conditions and points for attention.


If you can unlock your screen lock passcode but you have no Apple ID password to sign out of iCloud on your activated iPhone or iPad, you can opt for the “Turn off FMI” section. If you meet with the other two conditions, choose any of the other two features.

Step 1. Launch SD Lockpasser. Click Turn Off FMI.

sd-lockpasser-start-screenAccordingly, if you are there under the other two conditions, choose “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen” or “Remove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation”. Take “Turn Off FMI” for example.

Step 2. Click Start on the next screen. Then connect your iPhone to your computer.

If it prompts asking” Trusting This Computer” on your iPhone screen.  Unlock your screen and tap “Trust”.

Step 3.  Jailbreak your Device. The app requires you to jailbreak your iPhone to turn off Find My iPhone. Follow the jailbreak tutorials on the screen.

Step 4.  Turn off Find My iPhone.

After completing the jailbreak process, the app will start turning off Find My iPhone. Keep your computer connected to the internet and keep your iPhone disconnected from the network.

Confirm your Find My iPhone status on your device after the program finished turning off FMI. Copy your serial number and FMI status on the given website. Enter “ON” or “OFF” according to the website result and click “Confirm” to continue.

If the Find My iPhone has been turned off successfully, the app will remove the Apple ID on the iPhone.

Once the process is done, the previous Apple ID will be removed. What you should do then is to factory reset your device and use it as a brand new one.

If you want to find a guide to Turn off Find My iPhone and also remove the iCloud Activation Lock Screen, please refer to this page: How to Sign Out of Apple ID without Password 2021

How to turn off Find My iPhone on your device?

Move on to here: Settings > Your Apple ID > Find My > Find My iPhone, toggle the switch off beside it, and enter your Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPhone completely.

We hope this article helped you learn how to fix “can’t turn off Find My iPhone to Restore”. You may also want to see our guide on How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode, or iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes-How to Fix, Why Can’t I Sign Out of iCloud?

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