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Can’t Download Photos from iCloud How to Fix it?

Can’t download photos from iCloud on my old iPhone before transferring it to my Mom, urgent help. Any way to get all my photos and videos off from iCloud to my iPhone or computer.

If you have ever found yourself questioning what to do if I can’t download photos from iCloud, or showing you downloading from iCloud 0 completed, you can benefit from the following breakdown.  Especially if you plan to download photos or videos from iCloud and are facing the “can’t download photos from iCloud” issue on your iPhone or computer, then you should read this.

Can’t download photos from iCloud how to fix it
Can’t download photos from iCloud how to fix it

 The methods in this article work compatible with all iPhone and iPad models like iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11/11 Pro (Max), and the former iPhone X/XS/XR/8/7/6 models.

Why My photos won’t download from iCloud?

iCloud Photos won’t download to iPhone or other devices happens sometimes when people optimize storage on their phones or reset-up their iPhones from iCloud backups. Sometimes, the downloading is not completed or downloading from iCloud 0 completed because of the low internet connection or tight storage of the iPhone or iPad. These are the likely causes for that your photos won’t download from iCloud.

This is a real case from Otter, one of my friends. He accidentally found his lost old iPhone 6 Plus from his home. How lucky and excited that he found the old iPhone still worked with lots of precious photos of his baby. Before transferring his iPhone to his Mom, he had trouble downloading all the photos from the old iPhone, only to find all the photos and videos thumbnails, and they wouldn’t download from iCloud to his iPhone 6 Plus and sought me for help to download all his precious photos and videos. I tried several ways and successfully helped him to achieve it finally using a third-party software way in Solution 2.

Solution 1: Fix Problem that Photos Won’t Download from iCloud on iPhone or iPad.

 Make sure you have enabled iCloud photos on your device before your download photos and videos to your device.

 Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photos. Make sure the iCloud photos option is on before you download the photos.

  1. Toggle iCloud Photos off and on.

You are going to turn the iCloud photos service off and on, and then check if your problem of the iCloud photos won’t download problem can be fixed. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your photos at this point.

  1. Disable “Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage”.

When you choose Settings>Your Name>iCloud Photos> Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage, if your iPhone/iPad is low on space, the videos and photos will be replaced with smaller-sized versions. Tap “Download and Keep Originals” instead to disable “Optimize iPhone/iPad Storage”.

download iCloud photos-download and keep originals

  1. Make sure your internet connection signal is strong enough.

iCloud photos downloading should be worked properly if you download iCloud photos from a fast and stable internet connection. Poor internet connection will lead to the failure of the downloading process.

  1. Restart your iPhone or iPad and wait.

Restart your iPhone or iPad and wait for the iCloud photos to download. If you have some large-sized photos and videos, it will take a little more time for you to fully download them.

Solution 2. How to Download iCloud Photos to Your Computer When the Photos Won’t Download from iCloud?

For my friend Otter’s problem, I have tried both of the above likely solutions, but there is just the software way that actually fixed “My photos won’t download from iCloud” in a few minutes.

Firstly, free download the third-party SD Smart iPhone Recovery software. And install it on your PC or Mac computer.

Brief Introduction of the SD Smart iPhone Recovery:

SD Smart iPhone Recovery is a great piece of software to recover your iPhone data, such as contacts, photos, iMessage, chat messages, notes, reminders, documents, and more. It is a piece of practical software to recover your iOS data under a variety of conditions. SD Smart iPhone Recovery is capable of recovering data from your iOS devices, recovering from your iTunes or iCloud backup. Besides, it can fix various iOS issues and get your device back to normal. I also like the one-click operation to Enter/Exit Recovery mode. No matter how large your photo size is, the software is able to download them very soon.

Step 1: Launch it and Head to “Recover from iCloud”.

There are four main modules to recover photos on your iOS devices via SD Smart iPhone Recovery, as you can see from the Start screen. Head to Recover from iCloud.

download and recover iCloud photos-Start

Step 2: Click Start and Enter your Apple ID credentials.

When you click start, it prompts a screen to ask you to enter your Apple credentials. Don’t worry, it’s safe to enter your Apple ID here, the software is going to download your photos through your iCloud account and won’t save your private data. When you received the authentication pin code or Trust request on your iPhone or iPad, choose Allow and enter the pin to proceed(for users with two-factor authentication enabled).

Can't download iCloud photos - Sign in iCloud

Step 3: Choose Photos to Scan and Recover.

This software can help your download and recover photos, and lots of other data files, including contacts, notes, reminders, Find iPhone, iCloud drive files, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc. If you only need to download photos from iCloud, select Photos. The software will detect and scan all your photos very soon.

When you select all files to download and recover, depending on the size of the files on iCloud backup, it may take a few minutes to complete the scanning process. Here we only choose photos.

Choose iCloud photos to scan

Step 4: Click Recover to download all photos on your iCloud account to your computer (PC or Mac).

When the scanning is finished, choose all photos or several photos and videos to download. Click Recover and then set a destination folder or confirm the default path to save them.

iCloud Photos scan complete

Step 5: Check the photo folder on the computer.

All the photos should be in your folder. Now you have downloaded all the iCloud photos easily and store the files properly.

Open folder-download photos from iCloud to computer successfullyThanks to the software, when Otter finished downloading all the iCloud photos in this way, he was very satisfied to see his older precious photos of his baby and daily life. He then backed up them on his computer, reset his old iPhone and transfer it to her Mom. He appreciated me that my recommendation really saved him a lot of time.

You may Wonder Why You Can’t Download Photos Directly from on the Computer?

It depends. Some people can download photos from the top right corner Download button by opening the website on their computer, some said they can’t download with no response to download photos from directly. If you only download only a few photos from iCloud, you can open the browser and download your photos directly there. In this case, you have a high success rate to download photos from iCloud. If you have larger-sized photos to batch download from the iCloud webpage, from our test results, the success rate is lower. When you failed to download from the webpage, do try Solution 2, which is stable, easy, and fast.

download several photos from iCloud

Refer to how to factory reset your iPhone if you are finding an easy way to reset your iPhone or iPad after downloading photos from iCloud.

How to Reset your iPad without Passcode or Computer?

Wrap it up:

When you are going to back up iCloud photos by downloading them from iCloud and your photos won’t download from iCloud, don’t worry. You can first try solution 1 to download iCloud photos on your devices. If you can’t download iCloud Photos from your devices, download them from iCloud on your Mac or PC via this SD iPhone Smart Recovery software. Then you can back up your photos and videos before switching, trading in, or transferring your iPhones, or back up photos regularly on your iPhone with this smart tool.

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