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Forgot Screen Time Passcode on iPhone or iPad? Fix It Even on iOS 16/17

Forgot your screen time passcode on your iPhone or iPad, and are you looking for how to fix it?

Forgot Screen Time Passcode How to Fix it

The screen time passcode is a very important password in using screen time. It empowers every specific restriction on screen time. Without setting up a screen time password, people can turn off screen time freely and skip any restrictions.

Therefore, most people take it seriously to use a screen time passcode.

The screen time passcode authorizes the organizer of the iPhone or iPad users to set up, modify and remove or turn off the restrictions. With a forgotten screen time passcode, you’re likely to be locked out of some apps, and functionalities, or even can’t use your iPhone because of the restrictions.

Apple has updated the screen time functionality with more rich restrictions and controls on iOS 15 and iOS 16. It reflects that lots of people have specific needs in this area for regulating screen time with a password.

In this article, we’ll show you two solutions to fix it when you forget your screen time password, even on iOS 16.

If you still have no idea about the screen time passcode, read our instructions on what is a screen time passcode.

If you forgot your child’s screen time passcode, refer to Forgot Child’s Screen Time Passcode How to Fix It.

Solution 1. Use your Apple ID and Apple ID password to reset it if you have forgotten. Apple Forgot Passcode Way.

No worries. Apple gives you a Forgot passcode option to save you from the forgotten screen time passcode.

To use this method, you should access your iPhone. If you get locked out of your iPhone or iPad, you can’t even reach the Settings app. Your iPhone should be online. In that case, you can interact with the Apple server to verify your Apple ID and password.

  • Go to settings. Then skip Screen Time.
  • Tap Change screen time passcode.
  • Tap Change Screen Time passcode.
  • Tap Forgot passcode.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password. Tap Done on the top right corner.
  • After it’s verified okay when it requires you to enter a new screen time passcode, type it and enter the same passcode again for confirmation.

Voila. It’s like a piece of cake when you have the forgot passcode option to reset it like this. The whole process is easy. While lots of people also find no forgot passcode options for screen time.

Read our comprehensive solutions and check the video guide in this article: No Option for “Forgot Screen Time Passcode” What to Do.

Solution 2. Use the Screen Time Remover app to remove the forgotten screen time passcode. No Data Loss.

We are diving into various screen time passcode issues for more than three years. During the experiments and testing processes, our experts find good reliable tools to get rid of the screen time passcode when you forgot it.

SD screen time remover is our pick. Even on iOS 16, it performs great in getting rid of the forgotten screen time passcode. You won’t lose any data during the procedures.

Besides, the unlocking screen time passcode process is fast in the program.

Download and install the software on your computer.

After installing it, open the app on your PC or Mac. You should pay to get a registration license to use the app to deal with the forgotten screen time passcode. 

Plug your iPhone into the computer with the lightning to USB cable. Trust if it is required. And unlock the iPhone screen to let it be detected by the app.

Hit the Section Screen Time.

Screen Time

Click start.

remove Screen Time Passcode

Turn off your Find My iPhone if it’s enabled.

iPhone Unlocker-Turn off Find MyYour screen time passcode should be unlocked successfully in one minute or so.

When the screen shows you unlocking is successful, disconnect the iPhone from the computer.

Screen Time Passcode unlocked successfully

Pay attention to the screen directions on the last screen. Only should you follow the right steps in the snapshots guide to set it up, you won’t lose your data.

The last step is significant for keeping your data intact. The setup process.

When your iPhone restarts, you set it and get to the Make This Your New iPhone page. Slow down here.

Tap Customize, and Choose Don’t transfer Apps and Data. Confirm and continue to set it up.

On iOS 15 or iOS 16 or later, do as the picture shows you. Keep in mind to do this.

Don't transfer apps and data continue
Don’t transfer apps and data continue

On iOS 14 or earlier, on the Apps and Data Page, choose Don’t Transfer Apps and Data.

apps & dataLater you’ll get your iPhone with everything there, and the screen time is disabled, the screen time passcode being taken off status.

On the Screen Time page, you’ll see the Turn on screen time option. Meanwhile, all restrictions are gone. It’s like you haven’t used Screen Time before.

Video Tutorial:

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What happens after 10 failed screen time passcode on iPhone or iPad?

You should try again in 1 hour after 10 failed screen time passcode in a row.

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