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How to Fix iPad Unavailable No Erase Option

Have you ever got the iPad Unavailable message and there was no Erase iPad option to reset it?

iPad Unavailable No Erase option
iPad Unavailable No Erase option, How to Fix it.

And when you got to fix it with the Apple official “Forgot Passcode on iPad” guide to fix it, you still get the result that iPad is Unavailable without Erase option.

There are two situations when you see the iPad Unavailable Message with no Erase option.

  1. It’s hopeful that you can have the Erase iPad option. However, you still do not get the Erase iPad button now. Also, it means you have some chances to fix the unavailable iPad successfully with the Erase iPad option.
  2. You don’t have all prerequisites to stimulate its appearance for Erase iPad option. It’s hopeless for you to fix the unavailable iPad with the Erase button. You should turn to other ways to reset it.

Why iPad Unavailable No Erase option?

You must both meet the below four prerequisites to have the Erase option and make sure the method works.

1. Your iPadOS is iPadOS 15.2 or later.

When your iPad is running on iPadOS 15.2 or earlier versions, the Erase option won’t appear. Using Erase option to erase iPad is a new feature released on iPadOS 15.2.

2. Your iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

You can only erase your iPad with the Erase iPad button only if your iPad is online. Or else, even if the Erase option is there, it won’t work for disconnection.

3. Your iPad has the Find My iPad disabled before the security lockout.

It proves that the Erase option won’t show up if the Find My iPad is turned off before the security lockout.  It seems that the method is like the iCloud Erase feature when mentioning the Find My feature.

4. You know your Apple ID and password.

When you use the Erase iPad option, you should use the Apple ID credentials that signed in to the device to reset it.

How to Fix iPad Unavailable when there is No Erase option?

Solution 1. Enter 7 or more wrong passcode attempts to trigger the Erase iPad option.

Check if you’ve met the above 4 prerequisites to reset your iPad with the Erase option. If yes, you can read on to let the Erase iPad button appear.

If no, turn to Solution 2 for help.

Apple won’t show the Erase iPad button until you enter 7 failed passcode attempts. After entering 7 or more failed passcode attempts on your iPad, you should always see the Erase iPad option. If the Erase iPad option should appear, no matter you enter 7, 8,9, or 10 failed passcode attempts. In fact, the limit is 10.

The steps are simple with the Erase iPad button.

Tap Erase iPad.

Tap Erase iPad on the Erase All Content & Settings screen.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Wait for a while when your iPad is erasing itself. When the erasing process is finished, the iPad should install the latest iPadOS software. Set it up later when you see the iPad screen burst into life.

Solution 2. Use the SD iPhone Unlocker app to Unlock the iPad Security lockout No Erase button.

The softwareDive team always picks smart and proven apps for our audiences. SD iPhone Unlocker is an app to unlock your disabled iPad when there is no Erase button. It’s capable of unlocking the unavailable iPhone or iPad.

The app supplies both the PC version and the Mac version. Free download the software from the below buttons and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Launch the app and head to the section “Wipe Passcode”.

Step 2. Connect your unavailable iPad to your computer with the USB cable.

If you see the screen showing you the “iPhone connected but not recognized” option, click it to see the app tips to help you put your iPad in recovery mode. If you see the app screen like the next step, step 3, you won’t need to put your iPad in recovery mode and you can still unlock it.

Or you can check our guide on how to put your unavailable iPad in recovery mode.

How to Put an Unavailable/Disabled iPad into Recovery Mode

Step 3. Download the firmware.

Confirm your iPhone information on the page and click Start to dowload the firmware.

Step 4. Confirm and Unlock the Unavailable iPad.

Enter 0000 and click Unlock to start the unlocking process.

Solution 3. Reset it with iTunes or Finder in Recovery Mode.

Never forget you can use the Apple software to unlock the unavailable iPad if it’s available to you.

Make sure you’ve installed the latest iTunes or Finder on your computer. If not, you should update the app iTunes or the macOS first. Finder should be updated with the macOS system.

If you won’t have the latest iTunes or Finder, the probability of unlocking failure is high. Because the old iTunes versions probably can’t Erase the unavailable iOS devices for security reasons. Many people have given feedback that iTunes won’t recognize disabled iPhones for various reasons.  It’s one of the common reasons.

Step 1. Turn off your iPad.

Step 2. Enter your iPad in recovery mode.

Step 3. Restore iPad.

Click the Restore option on iTunes and then confirm Restore. If you are on the Finder app, choose Restore and Update and then hit Restore.

Step 4. Wait for the software download.

In a nutshell, if your iPad is unavailable with no erase option, you’ll need a computer to fix it. Using third-party software is easy and quick.

Restore Unavailable iPad on Finder. Choose Restore and Update, then Restore.

Later, when your iPad is open, set it up from scratch or restore it from the previous backups.

Video Tutorial for Unlocking Unavailable iPad with No Erase option.

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