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How to Hard Reset Your iPhone 14

Got your iPhone 14 stuck or frozen? A hard reset probably fixes that.

In this guide, you will learn how to hard reset your iPhone 14.

There are two different meanings when people mention the hard reset on iPhone 14, the first meaning is the same as a force restart, and the second is the factory reset. We include both guides in the article.

How to Force Restart iPhone 14.

Press and quickly release the volume up button.

Press and quickly release the volume down button.

Press and hold the side button.

When the Apple logo appears on your iPhone 14 screen, release the side button.

This operation won’t lose your iPhone data. In fact, you only force turn off It and turn on it.

How to Hard Reset iPhone 14 to Factory Settings.

The below three options can hard reset your iPhone 14 to factory settings, and erase all data on it.

As the Apple iPhone 14 runs on iOS 16 or later, there are more ways to hard reset the iPhone 14 to factory settings, wiping everything on it.

Option 1. Reset via iPhone Settings.

Go to settings.  tap General.

Tap transfer or Reset iPhone.

Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

Continue and follow the onscreen directions to erase your iPhone 14.

To use Option 1, your iPhone should not be locked out.

Also, you should be allowed to erase the iPhone from the settings. Some people have screen time restrictions on the iPhone, which should stop them from resetting it. If people neither have the screen time passcode nor the passcode/Face ID, they can’t erase it using the option.

Please check our tutorial: How to Reset iPhone without screen time passcode.

Option 2. Reset iPhone 14 via Erase iPhone option.

If you forgot your passcode, when you entered the wrong passcode attempt 7 or more times, you’ll see the Erase iPhone option on the screen.

Tap Erase iPhone.

Tap Erase iPhone again on the next screen.

Enter your Apple ID password to sign out.

The erasing iPhone 14 process will begin and later be finished.

Hard Reset iPhone 14 use Erase iPhone option
Hard Reset iPhone 14 use Erase iPhone option

There are also prerequisites to use the option to erase an iPhone 14 using Erase option.

Refer to the tutorial if you have trouble using the method if you find no erase iPhone 14 on your device.

iPhone Unavailable No Erase Option What to Do.

Option 3. Hard Reset iPhone 14 via third-party software.

The software can reset your iPhone to factory settings even if you forgot the passcode, or even if your iPhone 14 is locked, disabled or unavailable.

In the latest iOS versions, you may see your iPhone become unavailable. What does it mean when iPhone says unavailable? Read the article:

We’ve composed the article to explain it completely and give you detailed solutions.

Let’s get back to hard resetting iPhone 14 using a piece of software.

We pick the SD iOS System Recovery software.

The SD iOS System Recovery software is a piece of software to fix more than 50 issues on iPhone. It offers you the feature to factory reset your iPhone 14.

Download and install the program on your computer. You’ll need a purchased license to hard reset your iPhone 14 to factory settings with the app.

Launch the app. Choose iOS System Recovery on the home screen.

iOS system recovery start

Connect your iPhone 14 to your computer with the USB cable. And click Start.

start repair iphone

Choose Advanced Mode. The feature will hard reset your iPhone by erasing all data on it and installing the latest iOS software on your computer.

advanced mode

Download the firmware and hard reset it by clicking the Fix button.

downloading firmware

There are several people mentioned the force restart as the hard reset, in this way, you won’t lose your data. However, if you consider the hard reset as a factory reset, you may want to erase your iPhone, wiping everything.

Video Tutorial:

If you’re still asking Can I factory reset my iPhone only with buttons? Move to the article:  How to Factory Reset an iPhone with Buttons.

We suggest that if you have minor issues, you can do a forced hard restart of iPhone 14 with buttons.

If you can’t fix it by pressing the buttons, you can consider backing up the data and then hard factory resetting it with any of the above options.

Even for the simplest issues, you can soft reset your iPhone 14. You just turn off it and then turn it on, and the software program should be refreshed.

Supplement Guide if you only need to power it off and power on it.

Turn off your iPhone 14.

Simultaneously press and hold the side button and either volume button until the slider appears, then drag the Power Off slider.

Turn off iPhone 14.

Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

If you have any questions on how to hard reset your iPhone 14, you can leave your comment below.

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