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iPhone Locked After Update How to Unlock It [iOS 16/17 Update]

Are you want to fix the problem of “iPhone locked after update”? Even on iOS 17, iOS 16, or iOS 15.

It’s always appealing to enjoy the newly updated software on iPhone to catch the new features. Apple’s iOS 15.5 brings some new features to your iPhone. And the next big iPhone iOS 17 update will be coming soon. We tend to update software to get improved performances and new changes.

But It’s annoying for you to find the issue that iPhone is locked after an update with iOS 15, iOS 16/17 or later. What on earth did it happen, you just updated the iOS, and even if you enter the correct passcode, it won’t accept it. How to Unlock it?

In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock your iPhone when iPhone is locked after an update.

iPhone locked after update How to Unlock

Here’s a quick overview of the topics we’ll cover in this guide. Feel free to use the links below to jump to specific sections.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Why is My iPhone Locked After an Update?

It may be caused by the iOS software is not properly installed on your iPhone, or there are some glitches happening that trigger the security measures.

Hope you backed up your iPhone before the new update. If not, your data will be gone when it’s locked.

For a lockout iPhone, if the screen gives you chances to enter the correct passcode, you’re lucky that you can unlock and bypass the lockout status by inputting the correct passcode.

For a disabled screen or iPhone Unavailable lockout, you should reset your iPhone, and all data will be wiped with the below three options. You can salvage your data if you have backups after resetting it. Usually, you can choose to restore from a computer or iCloud backup during the later setting up process.

Unlock the iPhone Lockout after an Update Issue with Recovery Mode. Apple Way.

Step 1. Put your locked iPhone in Recovery mode.

put iPhone or iPad into recovery mode

On a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, open Finder. On a Mac with macOS Mojave or earlier, or on a PC, open iTunes.  Make sure your iTunes app is the latest version.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and keep it connected.

  • For iPhone 8 or later. Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Then, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery mode screen.
  • For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus. Press and hold the top (or side) and volume down buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen.
  • For iPhone 6s or earlier. Press and hold both the Home and the top (or side) buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen.

Step 2. Restore your locked iPhone on your computer.

When you get your iPhone into recovery mode successfully, a pop-up window with Restore or Update option comes up. Choose Restore. Your computer will wipe the data and reinstall the iOS software. If the download takes more than 15 minutes and your iPhone exits recovery mode. Finish the download first, then repeat step 1 to enter your iPhone in recovery mode.

Step 3. When the restore completes, set up your device.

When the hello screen shows up, swipe up the screen to start setting it up.

Fix iPhone Locked after Update with third-party software – SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker.

When you are in a bind with the lockout iPhone screen after an update, resolving it with the SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a great choice.  The app can unlock the lockout iPhone with its algorithm and give you a clean reinstall of iOS software.

SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker

If you want to unlock your lockout iPhone with the app, download and install it on your computer.

Note: If you unlock your iPhone with the app, it will wipe your iPhone and install the latest iOS software for you. After the reset, you can restore your backups from iTunes/Finder or iCloud.  For a disabled or locked iPhone, Apple won’t let you enable it unless you reset it.

Step 1. Open the app, and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2. Keep your lockout iPhone connected and click Wipe Passcode.

Step 3. Confirm the iPhone information.

Generally, the app should start to download the firmware automatically if you click Start.

If the app asks you to enter your lockout iPhone to Recovery Mode, Follow the part 1 Apple method to put your iPhone in recovery mode. Or you can follow the software onscreen directions to put your locked iPhone in DFU or recovery mode.

Step 4. Enter “0000” to confirm unlocking the locked iPhone. And Click Unlock.

After downloading the firmware packages. The software can fix the iPhone locked after update issues smartly.

Hit the Unlock option. confirm by inputting “0000”. When the downloading is complete, the software extracts the firmware packages automatically and then shows you the screen with the Start to Unlock option.

When the unlock is complete, the app shows you a screen “Wiped passcode successfully”. You can unplug it from the computer. Wait for a moment, when your iPhone shows you a Hello screen with multilanguage, swipe up to set it up meticulously.

Video Tutorial:

Erase the Lockout iPhone After Update with iCloud.

There are two options to wipe the locked-out iPhone with iCloud. The first option is to open the browser and the page “” to wipe the iPhone. The second option is to open the Find My app on another iOS device to wipe the iPhone.  Both the options have the same principle of Apple’s Find My iPhone wiping iPhone feature with different interfaces.

Requirements to use iCloud Find My iPhone to Erase the locked iPhone.

Enable Find My iPhone. The device is online. Remember your Apple ID and password.

  • Open on your browser. You can either use a computer browser or the browser on your smartphone or tablet to do it. This method also works if you need a remote erase and didn’t have your iPhone or iPad at hand.
  • Locate your iPhone on the map. Tap the device, and tap Erase iPhone.
  • Enter your Apple ID password to confirm. Wait for a few minutes, your iPhone will be erased and you can set it up when it restarts.

Besides the above methods, when your iPhone got locked after an update, you can also restore it on iTunes, refer to the Apple support article, Apple Support.

If the iPhone still got locked after the update, you can try the iTunes restore again and again. Or you can try third-party solutions to unlock it.

Everyone won’t want the thing that happens to iPhone lockout after an update. At least, you can try to fix it after learning the above methods on how to unlock your iPhone that is locked after an update. You may also want to see our guide on iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunesHow to Bypass Screen Time PasscodeHow to Reset iPhone without Password or ComputeriPad Unavailable, iPhone disabled bypassHow to Hard Reset iPhone 11, iPhone Went from Disabled to Unavailable or How to Factory Reset iPhone 13.

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