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How Do I Completely Reset All Screen Time Settings?

Are you looking for how do I completely reset all screen time settings on iPhone or iPad? The data or settings probably include the weekly reports, Downtime & App limits, Content & Privacy Restrictions, screen time passcode, etc.

If you are unfamiliar with the screen time passcode, please refer to our tutorial about What is screen time passcode and how to set it up.

In this article, we’ll show you how do I completely reset all screen time settings.

How Do You Completely Reset All Screen Time Settings

What if you forgot where you set up the limits or which limits stop you from using the iPhone or iPads? You even don’t remember where to modify or delete the settings. A complicated feature may make you confused and frustrated if you come up against problems.

You set the screen time limit settings one by one. However, it’s so annoying to delete them one by one. There is no need to delete them one by one. And you can reset all screen time settings with an easier solution completely. That is to disable the screen time including all settings at the same time. Stay tuned.

Before we show you how to completely reset all screen time settings, we will overview the whole screen time settings on an iPhone or iPad.

Part 1. Learn about All Screen Time Settings.

Go to Settings > Screen Time, and tap Turn on Screen Time. Choose This is My iPhone or iPad.

Scroll down to set up the screen time passcode, and tap Use Screen Time Passcode.

Screen Time Settings

How will your iPhone react to setting up a screen time passcode?

When you want to modify any screen time settings, your iPhone/iPad will prompt the enter screen time passcode screen, and you should input the password to go to the next screen.

1. Downtime

During downtime, only apps that you choose to allow and phone calls will be available. If you didn’t set any allowed apps, all apps will be downtime limited. This is very useful to set when you want to have a reset, or on the sleep schedule time, you can enable the downtime.

You must enter the screen time passcode if you set the password. Once you want to change the downtime settings, it requires you to enter the password.


2. App Limits.

If you enable the app limits, you can select any of the apps to set up a time limit for each one. If you want to change the app limits or add more app limits, you will be asked to enter the screen time passcode.

You can select the apps from all the app categories. Any apps can be set with a time limit except the settings app on the iPhone or iPad.

App Limits
App Limits

3. Communication Limits.

Communication limits apply to Phone, FaceTime, Messages, and iCloud contacts. Communication to known emergency numbers identified by your carrier is always allowed.

You can choose Contacts only, Contacts &groups with at least one contact, or Everyone. Even you can edit specific contacts from your contacts or add your new contacts.

Communication Limits
Communication Limits

4. Always Allowed.

The always allowed option lets you choose apps to allow at all times. Even if you choose All Apps & Categories limit in App Limits, always allowed apps are available during the downtime.

Always Allowed
Always Allowed

5. Content & Privacy Restrictions.

This is a sophisticated but critical option in the screen time settings. There are lots of privacy settings you can select Allow changes or Don’t allow changes.

You can set limits for iTunes & App Store Purchases, Allowed Apps, and Content restrictions.

There are tons of thousands of hidden features of limits here. Some of them are important, such as location services, iCloud account changes, passcode changes, and more.

Even the limit monitor can set the app limits with the ages, and the website content with specific website content.

Content & Privacy Restrictions
Content & Privacy Restrictions

Screen Time is one of the most powerful apps among the parental control markets. All that you could imagine can be limited and locked with the screen time password.

Having learned the above screen time settings, you can imagine there could be thousands of combinations of all the screen time settings.

It’s a waste of time to delete the screen time settings one by one.

You had better remove all screen time settings by disabling the whole screen time successfully. Let’s show you the correct way to remove all screen time settings permanently.

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Part 2. Solutions to Completely Remove All Screen Time Settings.

Solution 1. Reset the screen time settings by disabling the screen time correctly. – Free way.

First step. Turn off the screen time passcode.

Tap screen time> Change Screen Time Passcode>Turn off Screen Time Passcode. Enter the password to disable the screen time password.

Second step. Turn off the screen time.

Tap Screen Time> Tap Turn off Screen Time.

This is a safe way to disable screen time.

Thus, you will remove all the screen time settings and disable the screen time.

If you forgot your screen time passcode, refer to Solution 2 or 3.

Solution 2. Reset and get rid of all screen time settings with third-party apps.

Free download and install the third-party software Screen Time Remover, which is good at wiping screen time all settings, and the screen time passcode. The whole process of getting rid of all the screen time settings including the screen time password only takes one minute or two minutes.

Using the app to completely reset and remove all screen time passcode, you can rest assured that your data will stay safe.  Follow each step and you will have no data loss.

To use this iPhone Passcode Remover to finish the task, free download and install the app on your computer, PC, or Mac version.

Step 1. Launch it and head to the Screen Time section.

Reset iPhone forgotten Screen Time Passcode via app- Start

Step 2. Hook your iPhone to your computer with a stable USB cable.

Step 3. Read the on-screen instructions and turn off your Find My iPhone/iPad if it’s enabled. Click Start.

Start to remove Screen Time Passcode

iPhone Unlocker-Turn off Find My

Step 4. Set up your iPhone or iPad without any data loss.

Screen Time Passcode unlocked successfully

When you see the Removed screen time passcode successfully screen, your all screen time settings are removed including the screen time passcode and the reports. When your iPhone is reopened, please follow the software directions to set it up.

On the Apps & Data page, Choose Don’t transfer Apps & Data when you set it up on iOS 14 or prior.

On the Make This Your New iPhone page on iOS 15 iPadOS 15 or later, choose Customize Settings > Don’t Transfer Apps & Data. If your screen asks you to enter the Apple ID or password, enter it to proceed.

Video Tutorial:

Solution 3. Alternative way. Use Apple’s Screen Time Passcode Recovery if you forgot the password.

Find the Forgot passcode option for screen time.

Tap Screen Time > Tap Change Screen time passcode, Tap Change Screen Time passcode or Turn off Screen Time passcode, you will see the screen with entering Screen Time Passcode screen with the blue button Forgot Passcode.

 Forgot passcode

Tap Forgot Passcode.

On the Screen Time Passcode Recovery Page, enter your Apple ID to reset the screen time passcode. Then enter your Apple ID password.

Then it will prompt a page to enter the new screen time passcode, enter it and enter it again to confirm.

Then you can follow the solution in Solution 1 to reset all screen time settings by removing everything in screen time and disabling the whole screen time.

We hope this article helped you learn how to completely reset the screen time settings. Overall, you should remove the screen time and disable the whole screen time feature. And, next time when you turn on the screen time again, all settings are reset in your screen time feature.

If you can’t remember your screen time passcode and want to remove and reset all screen time settings for free. Apple official has designed a forgot passcode option for screen time. No “Forgot Passcode” button or option for screen time password? Refer to our tutorial on No Option for Forgot Screen Time Passcode.

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