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 How to Retrieve Old Deleted Text messages on iPhone X

Text messages are used a lot on our mobile phones like iPhone X for communications. However, they also bring the most troublesome thing – junk messages. Most of us clear junk messages on a regular basis to free up spaces on iPhones. While we clean the fast piling up junk text messages the iPhone X,we are likely to accidentally delete the normal text messages among SMS, MMS,Messages(iMessages) and text messaging apps. How to retrieve deleted messages on iPhone X?  We will walk you through the various ways to recover text messages on the iPhone X.

How to Retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone X
How to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone X

Part 1: Retrieve Deleted Text Messages using SD iPhone Data Recovery.

SD iPhone data recovery is a flexible app to recover deleted text messages, contact, Voice memos, reminders, calendars, photos, and documents of iOS devices Etc.  Even you can recover your files without any backup from your devices. Remember, this method will not lose the data on your iPhone X.

To retrieve text messages on iPhone X, Free download SD iPhone Data Recovery and install it on your PC or Mac computer.

Step 1:  Launch the app and connect your iPhone X to your computer with the paired USB cable.

launch connectStep 2: Start scanning your iPhone X with this app.  Hit the Start Scan button.

The app can scan and classify your files into categories. To receive text messages, first, check the category of message.

retrieve text messages

Step 3: Preview and Select the old deleted text messages that you want to recover. Click recover.

Step 4: Confirm the received text messages folder on your computer.

When the recovery process complete, check the folder and get back the text messages.

If you have backed up your iPhone X regularly on iCloud or iTunes (Finder) on your computer, you can retrieve your old, deleted or lost text messages for free by restoring your iPhone. Check Part 2 and 3.

Part 2.  Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from your iCloud backup.

If you have backed up your iPhone on iCloud automatically or on schedule, Then your deleted or lost text messages should be available for free.

Note this method will overwrite all the data on your iPhone.  Do the following.

  • Head for Settings > General>Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

Consequently, your iPhone X will start to erase all data and restart.

  • Waiting for a while. Then your iPhone X will burst into life again. Later, select Restore from iCloud backup during the usual setup.

This is the apple official recommended way to retrieve deleted or lost Messages.  The drawback of this method is that you have to replace all the current data on your iPhone with the backup data.  You may lose the data after that particular date.

Part 3. Restore Your old Deleted Text messages from iTunes or Finder.

To use this method, first, you should turn off Find My on your iPhone X first. Head for Settings > [your name] > Find My. Toggle the switch off if it is on.

Open iTunes or Finder (Mac Catalina 10.5)on your Mac,or open iTunes on a PC.

restore from Finder or iTunes

  1. Connect your iPhone X to your computer with a USB cable.  If asked,tap trust this computer and enter the associated passcode. And follow the on-screen steps.
  2. Locate at your iPhone x in finder or iTunes.
  3. Select restore backup in the pop-up window. And pick the most relevant backup.
  4. Click restore and wait for a few minutes. When asked, enter the passcode for your encrypted backup. Stay connected until the iPhone X restarts and sync with your computer.

Part 4: Contact your ISP.

As a last resort, you can contact your service provider to find your deleted text messages.  Call the support phone of your ISP such as Verizon, AT&T, Xfinity, etc. Maybe you can get back the deleted text messages or download them from your ISP’s official website.


Accidently delete text messages on iPhone X and find a way to bring them back? Choose proper way from the above three methods for you. The first methods is to use a third-party app, the other two are free ways to recover your old lost SMS,MMS, messages(iMessages). Remember to back up your iPhone meticulously from time to time, so that you can find your data on iPhone with preparations. Read this about how to back up your iPhone 2020.

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