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How to Remove iPad Forgotten Password

How to remove iPad forgotten passcode? Maybe you haven’t used your iPad for a long time and forgot the passcode on it. Maybe you’ve got a transferred iPad by your family or friends with a forgotten screen time passcode. It’s possible that your muscle memory won’t work suddenly. You should remove the forgotten passcode to get into the iPad.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on the solutions to remove the forgotten iPad passcode. Later you can restore your backups from iTunes, iCloud, or other backup software/services.

  • How to remove iPad forgotten passcode

    On your iPad with iPadOS 15.2 or later, you can tap Erase iPad option when you enter many wrong passcodes with the iPad Unavailable/Security lockout Screen and Erase option on your iPad. But not all iPad has this option with iOS 15. It’s the easiest way to remove the forgotten iPad passcode by resetting it.

  • On the iPad with iPadOS 15.2 without Erase option or prior software versions with iPad is Disabled message, you can use iTunes/Finder or third-party software method to unlock the forgotten iPad passcode.

What about your data on the lockout iPad with forgotten passcode? Generally, if you’ve built a good habit to back up your data regularly, you can restore your backups after removing the iPad’s forgotten passcode. For a locked iPad, people have to reset the iPad to enable it. It depends on whether you have any previous backups to save your data.

Solution 1. Remove the iPad forgotten passcode with iTunes/Finder.

Things You need to know:

When your iPad is locked with the forgotten passcode, your computer may not recognize the iPad, and nothing will happen when you connect your iPad to the computer. Here we’ll use the recovery mode to let it be detected by iTunes or Finder.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC, or open iTunes or Finder on your Mac.
  2. Plug your iPad into your computer with the USB cable.
  3. Put your iPad in recovery mode.

recovery mode is a status on your iPad that the computer can recognize the iPad, then it will pop up the option to update and restore the iPad. For a locked iPad with forgotten passcode, you need to choose the restore option.

Put iPad in recovery mode button operations.

  1. ipad recovery modeClick the Restore option.

iTunes or Finder pops up a screen with a restore option to let you fix the problem by resetting it to factory default. Click Restore.

  1. Wait for a while and set up your iPad again.
iTunes Restore – 1. Click the Restore button
iTunes Restore -2. Click Restore and Update
Finder Restore – Click Restore and Update

Solution 2.  Remove the forgotten passcode on the iPad with the third-party software.

SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker is our best pick to remove the iPad forgotten passcode. It’s a piece of software to unlock the iPad passcode, unlock the iPad Apple ID, and it can also let you remove the screen time passcode. This lightweight app is suitable to be your iPhone companion software.

The program will remove the forgotten passcode by resetting the iPad in a few clicks. If you value your data, do check if you have your previous backups. Unfortunately, you could do nothing to prevent all data erasing from happening.

Preparation: Free download and install the app to your computer, PC or Mac.

Head to Unlock Passcode section. Click the option Wipe Passcode.

Hook your iPad to your computer with the USB cable. Put your iPad in recovery mode.

Confirm your iPad information on the app screen. Click Download to download the firmware to remove the forgotten passcode.

The app will download the firmware to fix the iPad with the forgotten passcode. Wait for the firmware packages to be downloaded completely.

Click the Unlock button. Enter the “0000” to confirm before pressing the Unlock option.

When the unlocking process is finished, the app will show you an Unlocked Successfully screen. Later, your iPad will restart and you can set it up from scratch or restore it from the backups.

Video Tutorial:

Alternative solution: Remove the forgotten iPad passcode via

If your iPad has turned on Find My iPad, it’s connected to the internet, and also you know your Apple ID and password, you can open on any of your browsers on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Log in the iCloud with your Apple ID credentials. Click or Tap Find My, locate your iPad, and Tap Erase. Confirm with your Apple ID password on the iPad to proceed. Then your iPad will erase itself. You can then set it up again and set a new password.

We hoped this article helped you how to remove the forgotten iPad passcode. You may want to check our tutorials on How to Bypass Screen Time. 

Refer to this tutorial about how to restore your data for a locked iPad.

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