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8 Pokémon Go Spoofing Apps for iOS and Android Free

Do you want to easily find a Pokémon Go spoofing app for quickly catching wild Pokémons? Normally if you’re in a restricted country or area, you need to spoof your GPS location to play the game. And if you’d like to play it without moving, these Pokémon Go spoofing apps also help a lot.

In this article, we will show you how to choose from the best 8 Pokémon spoofing apps for iOS or Android, and also free tools. Then it won’t be quite time-consuming for you to look for the proper Pokémon spoofers.

Pokémons Go Spoofing Apps for iOS and Android Free

1. SD Location Changer for iPhone. (iOS Spoofing)

SD iPhone Location Changer is a piece of Pokémon Go spoofing software for iOS.

It comes with a very straightforward and easy-to-use layout.

The app is our pick to spoof GPS location on iPhones. It can let you mock your GPS location with several clicks.

Download and install it. If you’d like a free trial to change your location, it offers you several chances.

Change the actual GPS location of your iPhone on your PC or Mac computer by connecting your iPhone to the computer.

Spoof the location to anywhere in the world within 1 minute.

Simulate the customizing routes or move freely on the app. Or use the joystick mode to change the directions freely.

Play Geo-blocked AR games without moving. Works with all location-based social media apps.


Launch SD Location Changer for iPhone.

Click the Register option to purchase a subscription plan.  Or close the screen to have a free trial. 

Click Start. Prepare your USB cable. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with the USB cable. 

Unlock your iPhone screen and Click Trust if it prompts.  

Navigate to “Modify Location”. Follow the prompted screen to enable the developer Mode if needed. 

When the developer mode is enabled, a restart is needed on the device. Confirm to restart. After a while. Click one-stop Mode. Search your destination in the top left search bar to change your GPS location on the device. Then confirm the location on the map by hitting “Confirm Modify”.

Later, you can also use the multi-stop mode. Set up your spots on the maps to customize your routes and set the moving speed from the left pane. Then the software should automatically simulate your GPS location moving on the map.

Tap the Pokémon GO game on your iPhone, and play it immediately. 


A Windows or Mac computer. A USB cable.


No jailbreak on your iPhone is needed.

Simple and easy to spoof the location with a USB cable.

You can also simulate the moving between two spots, and multiple spots and set a moving speed.

Fully supported to Import/Export GPX files to create your route.


Not support Pokémon GO spoofing on Android now.

Video Guide by SoftwareDive.

2. SD iSpoofer for Android and iOS.

If you are using both iOS and Android mobile phones, we’ve tested the SD iSpoofer as a GPS spoofer for Pokémon Go. It performs well on our testing devices. It’s also one of our picks for our readers.

It’s capable of changing the GPS location for Pokémon Go on a PC or Mac computer both for Android handsets or iOS devices.

Whether your device is Samsung, LG, Huawei, Google or iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet, you can use the app as the ideal Pokémon Go spoofer software.

Search for specific locations on the map and customize your routes to get to your destination.

Mock your GPS location without jailbreaking.

Use Joystick to change the direction in Pokémon Go.

Works great with location-based apps, such as Pokémon Go, Fitness app, WhatsApp, etc.


Spoof the GPS location for games like Pokémon without any hassle.

Set specific spots to create customized routes.

Flexible modes to move with Pokémon in the app and adjust the speed.

Share virtual locations on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and other social media platforms.


Android users need extra steps for a successful Pokémon Go GPS spoofing process.

Banned if used too frequently.

3. NordVPN

You can also change the Pokémon GPS location on your device with a VPN, such as NordVPN. NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Pokémon. It won’t track, collect share your data. Hiding your IP address and using a GPS location mocking app, lets you spoof the location on Pokémon and similar AR games. Here we choose the Mock Locations(fake GPS path) app in the Google Play store. You should feel you are actually at the destination without moving.

Get NordVPN from the below links.

After downloading and installing NordVPN, you also need to install a GPS spoofing app. You may also need to jailbreak/root your devices.

Take an Android mobile phone for example.

Change Pokémon Go Spoofing on Android phones with NordVPN. Steps.
  1. Pick NordVPN and install it on your Android devices. Get a subscription on its website.
  2. Go to Google Play Store and download one of the Fake GPS Location apps. For example, the Fake GPS Location Spoof app. Install it on your Android devices.
  3. Go to Settings> More Options > Developer Mode. Turn on developer mode. Some Android users need to use another method. Go to Settings > About phone> Build number. Tap the number seven times. When it prompts, enter your passcode to turn on developer mode.
  4. Tap Select Mock location app.
  5. Turn on NordVPN on your device.
  6. Select the GPS Location App, Fake GPS Location Spoof. Simultaneously, You should run NordVPN and select an active server on NordVPN.
  7. Enable the location service on your device and check your GPS location on the Map.
  8. Install and Start Pokémon. Play the game freely.

If you failed to spoof your GPS location using the above steps, you might need to root your device.


Fake your GPS and hide your IP address.

Works great with location-based apps or services, like Spoof Pokémon Go.

No computer is needed to spoof Pokémon Go.


It takes you more steps when you may need to root your devices.

4. Fake GPS Location (app for Android).

This is a famous app to spoof Pokémon Go on Android devices. The Google Play App Page.

Teleport your phone to any place in the world.

Set up fake locations on your phone and let the Pokémon Go app and other apps on the phone believe you are there.


A very useful tool to fake your GPS location to play Pokémon Go.


Lack of the design to search a location on the map. Difficult for people to move to a specific place.

5. iPogo (iOS and Android)

iPogo is also used by some Pokémon users.  The iPogo site:

To use iPogo, you should jailbreak your device, either iOS or Android phone. It won’t let you directly download the package on your iPhone, you should go to download it with a paid certificate service called Signulous Installation. You should pay $20 per year for Signulous which allows installation without a computer.

Play Pokémon Go anywhere by spoofing. Teleport anywhere in the world.

Auto catch or spin.

Raid with thousands of other spoofers.

Hang out with iPogo users in a community and ask for support.


Auto catch and other convenient functions in playing Pokémon Go.

You can choose the free features or VIP features.


Jailbreak needed.

6. iTools by ThinkSky (for iOS)

iTools offers the feature to spoof Pokémon Go on iPhone or iPad. FYI: iTools ThinkSky.

It lets you easily change the GPS location on your iOS system. You feel like traveling all over the world without moving. You still need a Windows PC or Mac computer to download and install it.

The price starts from $34.95 for 5 pcs.


You no longer need to jailbreak your iOS device.


It only runs on iOS 12 and the past versions, it does not run iOS 13 or higher.

7. PGSharp ( for Android devices only)

PGSharp is a popular Pokémon Go spoofing app among Android users. It lets you fake your GPS location without going out.

Effectively spoof your GPS and let you play Pokémon easily.

Set the customized speed and catch Pokémon easily.

The built-in GPS Joystick helps you change your directions freely.

Support the latest Android versions.

Offer a Free version and the Standard Edition costs $5 monthly.


Easy to install and use. No root is required.


No iOS version.

8. SpooferPro( for iOS)

SpooferPro is a well-designed app for easily playing Pokémon Go and catching Pokémon. However, you should download it and install it on your computer via Siteloadly. It’s may be the same reason as the iPogo, which can’t meet the certificate requirements to get into the App Store. Or Apple has banned the kind of apps there.

With the SpooferPro app, you can teleport anywhere in the World. See how powerful the Pokémon is before catching it. In-build huge Map to let you teleport anywhere. Control your joystick and the moving speed. Auto walk and more.


Well-designed features to play Pokémon Go and built-in GPS spoofer.

It offers a free version.

No jailbreak is needed.


Installation needs a few steps.

Choose the most convenient.

Lists of not working Pokémon spoofers.

  • iSpoofer. The iSpoofer app no longer works, which was very famous in earlier years. 
  • Pokémon Go++. The Pokémon Go++ app is not available now. And you should always use the Pokémon Go official app to play the game. 

Always Remember:

Using fake GPS in Pokémon Go is against the game’s terms of service and can result in a permanent ban from the game. Additionally, it is considered cheating and takes away from the experience of playing the game as intended. If you use a Pokémon Go spoofing app, you are responsible for your account. Niantic has been implementing many measures to stop cheating in the game. To avoid soft bans, you should also know more information about the cooldown time. So that you should know how long you have to wait after teleporting. 

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