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Screen time passcode not working on child’s iPhone

Published on April 20, 2023, by Amanda.

Screen time passcode not working on a child’s iPhone problem is annoying for those parents that use Apple’s screen time feature to let their children develop good digital screen time habits.

Have you found that when you turn on the screen time passcode for a child in a family sharing on your iPhone, nothing happens on your children’s device?

What a coincidence! When we tested the screen time passcode setting on the devices, the screen time passcode was not working on the child’s device.

We use an iPhone as an organizer’s iPhone to set up the screen time passcode and several restrictions for a child’s iPad. When we check the iPad to see If the screen time passcode is on. Strangely, the child’s iPad still shows the big blue option “Turn on Screen Time” on the screen time page.

If you meet the same scenario, leave your comments below, we’re here working to resolve the issue on iPhone. It’s very important for us and for our readers. Maybe it’s also significant for you.

When we work out the issue, we will share it here. You can bookmark our page.

Or you can also leave your comments below.

If your screen time passcode is not changing or resetting, you can check our tutorial: Screen Time Passcode Won’t Change or Reset.

If there is no option for you to click the Forgot Passcode option for Screen Time, please refer to No Option for “Forgot Screen Time Passcode”.

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