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How to Sign Out of Apple ID with Family Sharing

It’s annoying and worrying when you are in a bind and you can’t sign out of the Apple ID in family sharing.

You should either find that your Apple ID banner is greyed out or the Sign out page shows you “sign out is not available due to restrictions“.

Why you can’t sign out of Apple ID with family sharing?

It’s quite clear that the account is regulated with major related restrictions in another organizer’s iCloud account, without removing the restrictions, you should not sign out of your Apple ID.

If you still want to sign out of the Apple ID in family sharing, follow the two solutions below.

Solution 1. Ask the Family organizer to turn off Screen Time Restrictions for you.

Turn off The Entire Screen Time.

If you need to quickly turn off specific screen time restrictions, it may be more efficient to disable the entire Screen Time rather than removing the specific restrictions.

Tap Settings > Screen Time. Choose the name under family.

Tap Turn off Screen Time. Enter the screen time passcode to turn off it.

Turn off the restrictions for Apple ID Changing & Screen Time Passcode.

If you don’t want to reset all screen time settings, you can turn off the following two specifications and later turn off the screen time passcode.

If your Apple ID banner in settings is greyed out. Go to the organizer’s account, tap Screen Time, and choose the name under Family.

Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Scroll all the way down. Tap account changes. Tap Allow.

Later, Turn off Screen Time Passcode following the steps.

Go to Settings > Screen Time. Choose the child’s name under family.

Changer Screen Time Passcode > Turn off Screen Time Passcode.

Solution 2. Sign out of Apple ID using software and use another Apple ID.

If you want to force sign out of Apple ID with all restrictions, we’ve tested and picked the Apple ID remover software. You can remove your Apple ID without turning off screen time in family sharing. But the precondition is that you don’t rely on the previous Apple ID in the future. You should use a new Apple ID after removing the old one.

The reason is that your Apple ID is still in the family group if the organizer won’t turn off the restrictions, the next time you sign in to the Apple ID, the restrictions remain there.

Download the app to remove your Apple ID with family sharing regulations first.

Launch the app on your computer. Head to Remove Apple ID.

iPhone Apple ID Remover- Start

Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB cable.

Tap Start to Remove Apple ID.


Keep in mind that you will lose access to any shared purchases and services that were shared with you by the family organizer If you remove the Apple ID in family sharing and sign in to it with a new iCloud account.

We hope you learned the methods, and you can sign out of your Apple ID with family sharing successfully.

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