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How to Check My Attendance with a GPS tracking App on iPhone

Are you tired of checking your attendance in a hurry when you go to work every day? Where you go to work in a hurry, there is limited time for you to check your attendance even someone can always miss checking the attendance and the cause troubles.

There is a easier way for you to check your attendance without going to the location of your office. Even you can check your attendance when you are on the bed or when you are brushing your teeth.

In order to achieve this goal, you can use a piece of software to spoof your GPS location on your iPhone.

The principle is simple. When you change the GPS location on your iPhone with the software, SD iPhone Location Changer, you change the precise GPS location on all your iOS system to your target location. Later, when you check your attendance on your GPS tracking app, It will detect your faked precise location on the Map with iOS location service is on. Your location is the spot you want, just like you are in that place.

Free download the software on your windows or Mac computer.

After installing it on your computer, check the following steps to fake your GPS location on iPhone.

Step 1. Launch the App and connect your iPhone to your computer.

After connecting your iPhone to the computer, when it pops up “Trust your computer or not” on the mobile phone screen,choose Trust. Then confirm with entering the passcode. Click Start.

Step 2. Modify Location.

Hit Modify Location.

Enter the precise location on the search bar and search it.

when the map shows the place, click confirm modify on the map.

later, when you want to move to another place nearby, just hit the spot on the map and click confirm modify again.

check the map app on iPhone, now you can say you are precisely in the location spoofed place.

Step 3. check your attendance on the GPS tracking app or the browsers App.

Open your attendance checking app. Or you can open the website with a browser, like a Chrome app, or Safari app. Find the attendance check section. And check your attendance.

Step 4. Change back to your real GPS location.

You won’t always need using the faked GPS location. If you want to get back to your real GPS location after spoofing it with the program, just to reboot your iPhone.

After a reboot, the GPS location on your iPhone should get back to normal.

next time when you want to spoof your GPS location to check your attendance, just to repeat the above steps.

If you have a multiple mobile phone devices, it’s convenience for you to let one device in the spoofed GPS location, and another device with the real GPS location.

A reboot takes about one minute or so to get to the real GPS location.

There is also a video guide for you.

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