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How to Sign out of Apple ID on iPhone?

Do you need to sign out of Apple ID on your iPhone?

Your Apple ID is the account your use to access all Apple services, like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. It plays an important role in the Apple ecosystem. An Apple ID, also called your iCloud account, has two main components, an email address and the associated password. After you log in, you can access the content of your unique Apple ID, or purchase content or apps.

In this article, we’ll show you how to sign out of your Apple ID on iPhone, for an easier iCloud account switch, step by step.

How to Sign out of Apple ID on iPhone
How to Sign out of Apple ID on iPhone

Why Sign out of the Apple ID on iPhone?

  1. People need to sign out of the Apple ID to switch to different Apple IDs on the same devices.

Everyone can create an Apple ID for free on Apple’s official website. And many people have multiple Apple IDs with personal needs. Also, they need to switch (log out and log in) the Apple IDs on the same devices, provided they have multiple iCloud accounts.

  1. Different people use multiple Apple IDs to manage the contents on multiple devices, and they may need to change the devices or sign out of the iCloud account to play a different role in life or work.

For me, why sign out of Apple ID on iPhone or iPad? I share the same iPad with my child. When I use it, I should sign out the child’s Apple ID and log in to my iCloud account. When he uses it, I will sign out of my Apple ID and log in to his iCloud account (family sharing). Frequently, I need to sign out of the Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad. As a school student, his Apple ID includes many applications for kids or for educational use. My contents associated with the Apple ID are totally different as a parent. Different Apple IDs for different using.

Before signing out of your Apple ID, you should know what happens when you sign out of your Apple ID, please read our article on

What Happens When You Sign Out of Your Apple ID.

How to Sign Out of Apple ID on iPhone or iPad.

If you’ve known that signing out of your Apple ID will lose your data, you should back up your iPhone seriously to save the data.

You can back up your iPhone or iPad on iCloud, iTunes, or Finder. And you can also back up your iPhone with third-party software. Explore more on the article about how to back up your data: How to Back Up Your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud

Part 1. Back up your iPhone with iCloud or iTunes.

Back up iPhone on iCloud:

Tap Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Toggle the switch to on/green. Then click Back Up Now option.

To have a successful backup on iCloud, make sure you have enough space on your iCloud account. And make sure your iPhone has good cellular or Wi-Fi connection. The iCloud backup will take a while. The time it consumes depends on the data size of your backups.

Back up iPhone on iTunes/Finder:

On iTunes.

Plug your iPhone into your computer. Trust the computer if prompted on your iPhone. Unlock your iPhone to let it be detected on iTunes.

Click the iPhone icon to go to the summary page, and then choose This computer on iTunes. Click the Back Up Now option.

On a Mac with Finder:

On a Mac with macOS Catalina or later, open a Finder window.

Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. If prompted to Trust This Computer. Follow the onscreen steps. Locate your iPhone and Click Back Up Now.

Part 2. Sign out of your Apple ID on the iPhone – via the Sign Out option.

Tap Settings.

Tap Your Name of the Apple ID.

(Your Apple ID name is greyed out? Refer to Apple ID Sign Out is Greyed Out)

Scroll down and Tap Sign Out.

Sign out is not available due to restrictions? Looking for how and why this happens? Refer to this article: Apple ID Sign Out is Not Available Due to Restrictions. To get a quick solution, you can use the Part 3 tool to sign out of your Apple ID directly.

If you find that your name of the Apple ID is grayed out, you are restricted not to change the iCloud account on screen time settings, you can exactly use the Part 3 software tool to force remove the Apple ID to sign out. Stay tuned.

Part 3. Sign out of the Apple ID using third-party software.

To sign out of the Apple ID, we’ve tested and picked the SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker, a smart tool. SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker is a great app to sign out of the Apple ID by directly removing the iCloud account. It can sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone, including troubleshooting almost all those Apple ID won’t sign out issues.

The app supports signing out of your Apple ID either when your Find My iPhone is on or off.

Before getting started, free download and install the app on your computer. Launch it.

Note that when you remove Apple ID with the program to sign out of your iCloud account, you will lose data on your iPhone and reset your iPhone to factory settings. We’ve directed you to back up your devices in the first place in Part 1.

Step 1. Run the program. Click Unlock Apple ID.

Sign out of Children's Apple ID - Start

Step 2. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer PC or Mac. Click Start to Unlock.

unlock apple id start

Step 3. Confirm Yes when you are asked if you have the two-factor authentication on.

If you haven’t turned on the two-factor authentication, please turn it on to proceed. Follow the path to enable it.

Check if you turned on the two-factor authentication.

Tap Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security. Check if it shows on beside the Two-Factor Authentication option.

If you select no, the app will exit. Because it only supports you to force sign out of the Apple ID when the two-factor authentication is on.

ensure two-factor authenciation is on

Step 4. Download the firmware.

The software will automatically detect the firmware package versions for your iPhone models.

Start to download firmware packages-unlock apple id Step 5. Unlock your Apple ID to sign out of the iCloud account by entering “000000” to confirm.

confirm unlock apple idStep 6. When the unlocking Apple ID is completed, the screen will show you unlock successfully.

When you unlock the Apple ID with Find My off, you can see this successful screen, you can set up your iPhone and sign in with a new Apple ID directly. You’ve done here.

remove apple id sucessfully

When you sign out of your Apple ID with the app when your Find My is on, Follow step 7 to set up your device as the app shows you.

Step 7.  Set up your iPhone if you removed the Apple ID with Find My on. Follow the onscreen steps to set up your iPhone to completely remove the Apple ID from your device and sign in to another one.

unlock apple id successfully with find my iphone on

When you see the page with Activation Lock, Choose Unlock with Passcode, Choose Use Device Passcode. And input your screen lock passcode. After that, you can sign in to a new Apple ID and enjoy all your Apple iCloud services.

We hope this article helped you find how to sign out of Apple ID on iPhone. You may also want to see our tutorial on Can’t Sign Out of iCloud, How to Sign Out of A Child’s Apple ID on iPhoneWhy Can’t I Sign Out of My Apple ID, Reset iPad Mini without Password, or How to Factory Reset iPhone 11.

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