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What Happens If I Reset End-to-End Encrypted Data on iPhone, What Will I Lose.

Some people may run into the problem of entering old passcode on the iPhone during the iPhone setup process. When people forgot the old previous passcode, a prompt screen may ask them to reset Encrypted data. You may wonder what happens if you reset the end-to-end encrypted data. What data will you lose?

To figure out these questions, you should know what is end-to-end encrypted data on iPhone first.

What is end-to-end encrypted data on iPhone?

When the iPhone pops up a screen Showing Reset encrypted data. It’s all about the iCloud data security.

iCloud secures your Information by End to end encryption Security technology. What’s the meaning? Apple stores the data in an encrypted format and secures your encryption keys using Apple software running on secure servers. Only you with your passcode can access your end-to-end encrypted data. End to end. Encrypted data requires two-factor authentication for your Apple ID and a passcode set up on your iPhone.

Data types using end-to-end encryption.

Your apple card transactions, health data, Home data, Keychain, Messages in iCloud, Payment Information, Safari history, Screen time and Siri information, and more privacy security data use End to end encryption. If you want to know all end-to-end encrypted data. Please refer to the Apple page.

What will happen if you Reset end-to-end encrypted data, What will you lose?

After tapping the Reset encrypted data option, You will delete all these iCloud end-to-end encryption existing data associated with your current Apple ID.

What will I lose If I reset the end-to-end encrypted data? You will lose The iCloud end-to-end encrypted data as follows.

You will lose your keychain, which contains all your passwords related to your account. You still have your photos, contacts, messages, and music. And everything is intact. You might as well go ahead and reset the encrypted data. If you store your passwords with a web browser. You won’t lose your personal passwords.

What should I do If I don’t want to lose all the end-to-end encrypted data?

If you don’t want to lose your end-to-end encrypted data, just skip the step to reset encrypted data. After that, restore your iPhone again. During the new setup process, do choose Restore from my iCloud backup on the Apps & Data screen. Thus you can regain all your iCloud end-to-end encrypted data. And it won’t ask you for the old passcode.

Resetting the end-to-end encrypted data won’t affect your future use of the function. It just removes the old end-to-end encrypted data.

If the notification keeps popping up on your iPhone, go ahead to Reset it. The irritating notification will not pop up anymore. According to the experience of many apple users, after resetting the encrypted data, They couldn’t find anything they lose. Some said they only lose the keychains.

How to Recover your iCloud data or iCloud Backup data.

After a new setup on your iPhone, If you want to selectively restore your data from your iCloud or iCloud backup. We picked the smart iPhone recovery software. It can recover your contacts, photos, reminders, calendars, notes, pages, numbers, iCloud drive files and more, as well as the iCloud Backups.

Get ready. Let’s do it.

Download and install the SD smart iPhone recovery software on your computer.

Step 1. Launch the app, and head to Recover from iCloud.

Step 2. Start. And enter your Apple ID & Password.

Step 3. Choose file type to scan and recover.

This software can help your download and recover photos, and lots of other data files, including contacts, notes, reminders, Find iPhone, iCloud drive files, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc. And also iCloud backup files. Choose the data type you want to restore. The software will scan and let you preview the scanning results.

Step 4. Click Recover. When the scanning is complete, choose the files and click Recover. Set a destination path to save them on your computer. Or confirm to save them with the default path.

Step 5. View the recovered files on your computer.

Open folder-download photos from iCloud to computer successfully

Resetting the end-to-end data won’t affect your data so much. After a factory reset, if you encounter the experience with the “Reset end-to-end encrypted data”, you should know what the meaning is. Don’t be fret out as it approaches.

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