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iPhone 7 Unavailable How to Fix It

Have you accidentally found that your iPhone 7 is unavailable with a black lock screen saying iPhone Unavailable? How to Fix it?

iPhone 7 Unavailable FixIf you want to fix the iPhone 7 unavailable problem, you’d better know the cause and effect when iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus got unavailable.

Maybe you’re familiar with the iPhone disabled screen on iPhone 7/7 Plus. However, the iPhone Unavailable screen on iPhone 7 is a recent version of the “iPhone is disabled” similar issue.

Apple has developed the security lockout screen since iOS 15. When you entered the wrong passcode for many times in a group, the iPhone 7 screen shows iPhone Unavailable instead of the old disabled saying on iOS 15 or later.

The iPhone is locked for security reasons causing you can’t access your iPhone 7. And the screen reminds you to try again in X minutes sometimes.

Every iPhone 7 user has a total of 10 times to try the passcode in a consecutive period. When a user reaches the limit, iPhone 7 should get totally locked.

The more wrong passcode attempts you enter, the longer you should wait for another try.

When you entered the correct passcode once you can input it on the screen, your iPhone 7 should escape from a locked state. This problem was naturally and effortlessly resolved in that case.

However, if you failed to remember your passcode, your iPhone should walk further and further down a locked path.

In the article, we’re going to show you how to fix the unavailable iPhone 7. Don’t be distraught if your iPhone gets closer and closer to the complete lockout status. There are the following proven ways to save it.

We have the confidence to show you the problem because we’ve dived the iPhone Unavailable problem for over one year. And we have accumulated a wealth of experience in this area. Even some phone repair shop follows our methods to repair their customers’ mobile phones.

Without any further ado, let’s introduce the most effective and proven method first.

Option 1. Use SD iPhone Unlocker software.

SD iPhone Unlocker is designed to unlock the unavailable disabled iPhone or unlock it when people forgot the passcode on their iPhone 7s. If you want to unlock the unavailable iPhone 7, you should purchase a license before unlocking it. You can check our video tutorial first to preview the whole process.

If your iPhone 7 Plus is unavailable, the solution steps are the same as follows.

To fix the iPhone 7 unavailable problem, free download the app on your PC or Mac.

Then install it on your computer.

Step 1. Launch the app. Navigate to the Wipe Passcode section.

Step 2. Turn off your iPhone 7.

Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider to turn off your iPhone 7. Wait a minute to make sure it turns off completely.

Step 3. Put your unavailable iPhone 7 in recovery mode.

Press and hold the volume down button while immediately connecting your iPhone 7 to your computer. Keep holding the button until you see the recovery mode. Then let go.

Step 4. Confirm your iPhone information and Download Firmware.

When you enter the iPhone 7 in recovery mode successfully.  The software should detect your iPhone 7 and show you a download option on the next screen. Hit the download option.

The app will start the download process. Note that if your download lasts more than 15 minutes, the iPhone 7 should exit the recovery mode. Let the download finish and then put it in recovery mode again following the above directions.

When the download is complete, the app automatically extracts the packages and shows you a Start to Unlock option on the screen.

Step 5. Unlock and confirm it.

Hit the Start to Unlock option. Then enter “0000” to confirm unlocking the iPhone 7.  When the program finish unlocking the unavailable iPhone, it should display an “Unlock is complete” screen. Thus, you can unplug it from your computer.

When your iPhone is awake with showing the Hello screen in multiple languages, set it up. If you have any previous backups, don’t forget to salvage your data from the backups.

Option 2. Fix it with the Erase option.

To use this method to fix your iPhone 7 unavailable problem, your iPhone 7 should be on iOS 15.2 or later. Apply has supplied this new Erase iPhone option to help people erase their devices on devices.

To activate the Erase iPhone option, you should enter 7 or more failed passcode attempts. If the Erase option can’t show up no matter how hard you try, you can give up this method.

If your Find My iPhone is turned off, the Erase option won’t appear. Although Apple official has developed the new Erase option, your iPhone should meet the hidden prerequisites. If the iPhone 7 is offline, you also won’t use the Erase option.

If your Erase iPhone option shows up, the steps are simple.

Tap Erase iPhone. Tap Erase iPhone again. Enter your Apple ID passcode.

Erase iPhone optionYour iPhone 7 should start to erase itself. Wait for a while.

Later, when iPhone 7 shows the Hello screen, hold it, and set it up.

Option 3. Unlock the Unavailable iPhone 7 in iTunes or Finder.

It’s important to prepare the latest versions of iTunes or Finder on your PC or Mac when you use the method.

You also need to put your unavailable iPhone 7 in recovery mode.

Step 1. Update your iTunes or your MacOS. Launch iTunes or Finder.

Step 2. Enter your iPhone 7 in recovery mode.

Turn off your iPhone 7 first. Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears, and drag it to power off it. Keep holding the volume button while immediately connecting it to your computer until the recovery mode screen appears.

Step 3. Hit Restore when the iTunes or Finder pops up a Restore option.

When your iPhone 7 is in recovery mode, iTunes or Finder should detect it and remind you to restore it. Hit the Restore option. Confirm if it’s required.

Wait during the software download process. Similarly, if your iPhone 7 exits recovery mode, let the download finish, and then put it in recovery mode again.

The iTunes or Finder should pop up a screen to let you start to restore your iPhone. Follow the instructions. Later, your iPhone should be erased.

Video Tutorial:

When your iPhone 7 is unavailable with a forgotten passcode, it’s important to know the above methods. If you don’t want to lose any data in future, make sure to write down your passcode and save it in a safe place. If your iPhone 7 is accidentally locked by inadvertently entering the wrong passcodes, you can put it in a safe place to avoid the screen rubbing. If you have multiple iOS devices signed into the same iCloud account, you can also erase the locked one on

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