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What If Nothing Shows Up When You Forget the Passcode and Connect iPhone With a Windows Computer

Suppose a scenario:

You’ve forgotten your iPhone passcode and decided to unlock it with a Windows computer. What should you do if nothing shows up when you connect your iPhone to your Windows computer? It only charges instead of connecting, and the iPhone won’t connect to iTunes. Nothing pops up. What happens on earth? In this post, we’ll help you solve the problem. Don’t be frustrated; it’s a common issue for many people.

Through our tests, we’ve identified several possible reasons for failure in unlocking an iPhone passcode on a Windows PC.

The key reasons for the connection failure are related to iTunes.

Here’s what could be happening:

  • iTunes has some issues.
  • iTunes is out of date.
  • iTunes can’t be updated.
  • iTunes is not the latest version from the Apple official.
  • The iPhone is running on the latest iOS versions, which may be beyond the capacity of your current iTunes on PC.
  • iTunes has errors in updating to the latest versions on Windows.
  • Other unknown reasons.

If you have any one or any combination of the above issues or any unknown reasons not listed, you can try fixing the issue first, and then connect your iPhone. However, if you fail or spend too much time on it, we advise you to abandon connecting the iPhone to iTunes.

Use the iPhone Passcode Unlocker Software to Unlock iPhones.

Instead, use the iPhone Passcode Unlocker software to enable it. You can turn to help from a piece of third-party software, SD iPhone Passcode Unlocker, which we’ve tested and found useful in unlocking disabled iPhones from a batch of software developers.

We pick the software that we tested useful in unlocking the disabled iPhones from a batch of software developers.

Firstly. Download and install it on your computer. Choose the PC version if your computer is on Windows.

Step 1. Launch the program and go to Wipe Passcode section.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 3. Confirm your iPhone information and Click Start.

On the next screen, the app should automatically show you the iPhone information and the firmware version information. Confirm it and Hit Start button.

You should wait for a few moments when the app is downloading the firmware packages.

Step 4. Hit Unlock.

When the firmware download is complete, it should get to the next page. Entering the 0000 and Hit Unlock.

Warm Prompt: Note that if you do this, the app will unlock your iPhone and wipe all data. If you think you can remember your passcode later, please don’t use this method.

Video Tutorial:

Hope it helps. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. You can also find many other useful tips regarding iPhone passcodes and iOS Tips. Subscribe to our channel on TikTok and YouTube for more video solutions.

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