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iPhone Unavailable No Timer, How to Fix It.

Are you looking for what to do if your iPhone got unavailable and had no timer on the screen?

iphone unavailable no timerWhen your iPhone is unavailable with no timer, you may have reached the limit of 10 incorrect passcode attempts in a group and have been locked out.

What you should do is unlock your iPhone, so that you can access the handset and use it.

When there’s no timer or any time showing on the screen, you should definitely factory reset the iPhone to enable it.

If you leave it as it is, the iPhone should stay locked out for many years if it’s powered on. This, you should feel like you’re getting a brick instead of your mobile phone.

Don’t worry. We’re going to show you 3 solutions to solve it.

How to Fix iPhone Unavailable No Timer?

Solution 1. Fix it with SD iPhone Unavailable Unlocker software.

The app can smartly unlock your unavailable iPhone with no timer using the latest fixing algorithm. Besides, it can wipe the passcode, and remove the screen time passcode and the MDM.

Many people also use this app to force sign out of Apple ID or revive the forgotten screen time passcode.

Let’s show you the whole steps to unlock the unavailable iPhone with no timer.

Firstly, download the App. Install it. Not that it’s a paid app to unlock the unavailable iPhone no timer. You can get an overview of the whole steps below.

Step 1. Launch the app. Head to the Wipe Passcode section.

On the home page, choose Wipe Passcode.

Step 2. Turn off your iPhone.

Following the latest Apple updated methods, you should turn off your iPhone first to enter the recovery mode. And also make sure the iPhone is disconnected from your computer.

  • iPhone with Face ID: Simultaneously press and hold the side button and either volume button until the sliders appear, then drag the Power Off slider.
  • iPhone with the Home button: Press and hold the side button, then drag the slider.
Step 3. Put iPhone in recovery mode while connecting to a computer.

Many people are worried about failure in enabling the recovery mode. If you follow the right steps, that’s easy.

You should prepare your lightning to USB cable. when your iPhone is turned off completely.

Take iPhone 8 or later for example. Quickly press the Volume Up button and Immediately press the Volume Down button. Then press the side button while immediately connecting your iPhone to the computer until you see the recovery mode screen. Release it.

Step 4. Click Download on the app to download firmware packages.

The software should show you your iPhone information automatically. Confirm your iPhone or iPad model. Then click Start to download the firmware. 

Let the download finish first when your iPhone exits recovery mode after 15 minutes.

When the download is complete, make sure to enter it in recovery mode again.  It should happen when your internet speed is slow and the download takes longer than 15 minutes.

Step 5. Start to Unlock.

To start to unlock the iPhone unavailable no timer, purchase a subscription and enter the registration code to the SD iPhone unavailable Unlocker software app.

Click Unlock.

Confirm it and wait.

When your iPhone burst into life, disconnect it from your computer and set it up.

Solution 2. Erase iPhone unavailable no timer with Erase iPhone option if there is.

Apple has developed the Erase iPhone option for iOS users to erase the locked iPhone on devices since iOS 15.2. However, many people have no ideas why they can’t get the Erase option.

There’re four prerequisites for Erase iPhone method.

  • You should enable Find My before the lockout.
  • iPhone is connected to the Wi-Fi network or the Cellular network.
  • iOS or iPadOS version is 15.2 or later.
  • You have your Apple ID password that is used on the unavailable iPhone.

The erasing steps are simple.

Erase iPhone optionTap Erase iPhone.

Tap Erase iPhone again on the next screen.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Solution 3. Restore the iPhone unavailable showing no time with iTunes or Finder.

when your iPhone is unavailable with no timer, you can also reset it with iTunes or Finder. Then if you have the previous backups, restore the backups.

when you plan to use the method, you’ll also need the recovery mode. Check your iPhone model, and follow the above recovery mode instructions in Solution 1. Or you can refer to our guide: How to Put Unavailable iPhone in Recovery Mode.

Step 1.  Update your iTunes or Finder to the latest version. Launch it.

If you are using a Mac, just update your MacOS to the latest version. And Finder should be updated automatically.

Step 2. Enter your iPhone into Recovery Mode.

The computer can only detect the no timer locked iPhone in recovery mode.

After putting it in recovery mode, your iPhone should show the graph of a cable connecting to the computer, connecting to the computer with USB.

Keep it connected.

Step 3. Restore iPhone to factory default settings.

When iTunes or Finder detects it, a window with the Restore option should prompt. Choose Restore. Confirm Restore.

Later, when your iPhone is awake, you can set it up from scratch or restore it from the backups.

People Also Ask.
1. Why there is no timer?

Because you’ve run out of your 10 chances to enter the passcodes. Your iPhone is permanently locked for Apple’s security guard.

2. How long does the no-timer screen last?

If your iPhone has enough power, it should stay iPhone unavailable no time showing forever. someone claimed even for several years if it’s not repaired.

3. Can I reset the iPhone without losing all data on it?

Nope. no one is special to break Apple’s security system. Once the iPhone gets permanently disabled, it won’t let you access the device unless a reset is performed.

To those who have a good habit of backing up data regularly, they can still salvage the data by restoring backups.

3. Why there is no option to erase iPhone

You probably won’t meet any of the above four requirements in solution 2. Check the prerequisites carefully.

Wrap it Up.

When your iPhone gets iPhone unavailable with no timer, you should immediately reset it to enable it. There are many ways to reset the locked iPhone, while, we find that the methods with a computer have a higher success rate to solve the problems. If you have no computers, try the Erase iPhone option way or iCloud way if Find My is on.

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