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How Do I Force My Apple ID to Sign Out on iPhone

Are you looking for how to force sign out of your apple id on your iPhone? We’re here to help you out.

Many reasons cause you can’t sign out of your Apple ID on your iOS device. Some Situations are caused by restrictions, and some Scenarios are caused by Internet connections. Others are caused by failed iOS iCloud account identity verification attempts. For example, you can’t sign Out of your Apple ID When you forgot the Apple ID password. No matter what the reason is, You need to sign out of your Apple ID immediately.

The most effective solution is to force your Apple ID to sign out. Then you can use a new Apple ID or switch to another Apple ID to sign in and use your iPhone.

In this article, We’ll help you to force sign out of your Apple ID, even if the account is restricted so that you cannot sign out, or if you have no Apple ID password.

How to force sign out of your Apple ID
How to force sign out of your Apple ID on iPhone.

If you want to keep your data on your iPhone, make sure to back up your iPhone before signing out of your previous Apple ID. Please refer to this article if you want to know what happens when you sign out of your Apple ID.

You can also go to the process directly to back up your iPhone first before force signing out to your Apple ID. Follow the steps to back up and save all your data.

Solution 1. Force sign out your Apple ID with third-party software. An app to force sign out of your Apple ID.

This iPhone Unlocker is our pick to force sign out of your Apple ID. It proves to remove the Apple ID you can’t sign out.

To use this solution, you need to have a computer to install this app. And you also need to have two-factor authentication on the iCloud account.

Free download and install this app on your computer. According to your computer system, you can opt for the PC or Mac versions.

Open the spp. Go to the Unlock Apple ID section.

Sign out of Apple ID - Start

Click Unlock Apple ID. Later, confirm your Two-factor authentication is on by hitting the Yes and Next option on the Pop-up screen.

unlock apple id start

ensure two-factor authenciation is on

Enter 000000 and click Unlock.

confirm unlock apple id

When unlock is complete, Set up your device.

remove apple id sucessfully

When you hit unlock, the process will be finished in a few seconds. When you see your device restarts, Unplug your iPhone or iPad from the computer, and set it up with your new Apple ID.

By using this way, you are able to sign out of Apple ID with or without parental controls even if you have any restrictions on your iPhone.

Make sure not to use the previous Apple ID again after force unlocking it/signing out of the account with restrictions. After unlocking the Apple ID, if you still use the previous Apple ID to sign in, the screen time restrictions will still occur with that iCloud account. If you use a new Apple ID, there will be no screen time restrictions there. The drawback is that you can’t use the family-sharing content attached to the old Apple ID. It’s like the old saying “A coin has two sides”.

Solution 2. Erase your device to force sign Out of your Apple ID via Erase All Content and Settings Option.

To use this method to Let it sign out of your previous Apple ID, You should know your passcode. And If you also set the screen time passcode on your iPhone, you should also know this password.

Everything will be easy. If you know the required passcode to Authorize you to reset your iPhone to factory settings.

On iOS versions, before iOS 15.

Open Settings, Tap General,Reset, and tap Erase All Content and Settings.

On iOS 15 or later.

Open Settings, Tap General. Transfer or reset iPhone. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

After resetting your device to factory default settings, You should force sign out of your previous apple ID Successfully. You can Set your device from scratch Meticulously.. Or you can restore your previous backups.

If you want to learn more about how to factory reset your iPhone with buttons, please refer to our tutorial: How to Factory Reset iPhone with Buttons.

Wrap up.

If you have multiple Apple IDs, you always switch between the iCloud accounts. It’s significant for you to know how to force sign out of your Apple ID. Using effective software will save much of your time, like the app in Solution 1. The app can unlock the Apple ID Even if you have screen time restrictions on your device either as a family-sharing member or as an organizer. If your children share your iPad or iPhone With their accounts, and you want to switch to your accounts to force sign out of their Apple ID, Solution 1 is useful.

Many people also ask how to sign out of a child’s Apple ID. We’ve composed a comprehensive article to help you out. You can use also use the method in this article to force sign out of a child’s Apple ID, How to Sign Out of A Child’s Apple ID.

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