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How Do I Fix iOS Update iPhone No Connection to Wi-Fi and No Cellular Data

Q:How do I fix iOS 14 iPhone no connection to Wi-Fi and no cellular data?

A: I’ve updated my iPhone to the iOS latest version iOS 14. Everything is normal but suddenly the iPhone was no Wi-Fi signal and no cellular data. Having seeking the solutions for several hours, I successfully fixed my iPhone iOS no connection problem. Sharing for you.

When the problem occurred on my iPhone, I tried to find the answers to fix my iPhone with no connection to Wi-Fi and no cellular data. Fortunately, I could troubleshoot the problem by myself.

how to fix iOS 14 iPhone no connection to Wi-Fi and no cellular data
How to fix iOS 14 iPhone no connection to Wi-Fi and no cellular data

When seeking answers, I found the problem that iOS 14 no connection to Wi-Fi, and no cellular data is common for some iOS 14 users. And many solutions were provided by many people who have experienced it. To troubleshoot the problem with the least effort, time money and data sacrifice. I suggest you resolve it following the below steps.

The scenario on My iPhone iOS 14 won’t connect to Wi-Fi and cellular data:

As the snapshot shows, when I check the Settings > WLAN > My internet name, Tap it. I saw the iPhone shows me Weak Security.

WPA/WPA2(TKIP) is not considered secure. If this is your WLAN network, configure the router to use WPA2(AES) or WPA3 security type.

Having checked my router with no WPA2(AES) or WPA3 security type option, I abandoned the method to change my router which used to work well, the last thing I want to do is to buy a new router.

Having tried many suggestions online and ask experts in person, I conclude the following steps.

Wi-Fi No connection and no cellular data Issues in iOS 14 on Your iPhone Troubleshooting steps.

After each step, check if the problem is resolved.

1. Forgot Wi-Fi Network and Rejoin.

If there is no Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone, try to reconnect your network.

Tap Settings > WLAN > Tap your Network Name, Tap Forgot this Network. Later, on the WLAN Page, tap your Network name and enter the correct password to join it.

2. Make sure your internet connection (including Wi-Fi) is active.

To test whether your internet connection is active, disconnect from any VPN or internet proxy on your iPhone and see if you can access the website. If you are able to access the internet while disconnected from any VPN service or proxy move on to the next step.

3. Restart your Router.

Restart your router and reconnect your iPhone to check if the problem is resolved. Wait for a few minutes after you have turned off your router. Later, turn it on again. This ensures a full restart of your router and settings that may cause this issue.

4. Turn off the Private Address on your iPhone.

To improve privacy, iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 use a different MAC address for each Wi-Fi network. You can turn it off to see if the iPhone can connect to your Wi-Fi.

Go to Settings > WLAN > Your Network Name. Tap it and on the Network Page, toggle the Private Address Option to off. You need to rejoin the network to stop using the private address.

turn off private address to fix the iPhone won't connect to WiFi problem
Turn off private address to fix the iPhone won’t connect to WiFi problem

5. Reset Network Settings on your iPhone.

Tap on Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network.

After resetting the network, you should go to rejoin the Network and see if it works.

6. Restart your iPhone or Force Restart your iPhone.

Some people can only resolve the problem by restarting their iPhones. It is worth a shot for one or two minutes.

A force restart does no harm to your iPhone to troubleshoot any problem.

7. Disable VPN on your iPhone.

VPN is one of the most common reasons to cause no Wi-Fi connection issues. That’s because VPNs have changed the network settings and use their own network servers base on the local network.

You can uninstall your VPN app from your iPhone completely. Or you can Disable the VPN services from the Settings app.

Go to Settings > VPN, toggle the switch to off beside the status option of your VPNs one by one.

8. Reset All Settings.

You are prompted to enter your passcode to reset all settings.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Some people can reconnect to Wi-Fi and cellular data after doing this.

9. Fix your iOS system using SD iOS System Recovery.

This is a piece of software to repair your iPhone for any system errors or a disabled iPhone, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, or any other troublesome problems. This SD iOS system has received a good reputation among users for fixing the iOS system problems on iPhone.

To use this software to fix the “iOS 14 iPhone no connection to Wi-Fi and no cellular data” problem. Firstly, free download and install the software on your computer, PC, or Mac.

Step 1. Open SD iOS System Recovery and click More Tools.

start the SD iOS system recovery app

Step 2. Hit iOS system Recovery on the next Screen. Then hit Start.

ios system recovery

start repair iphone

Step 3. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable.

Step 4. Choose Standard Mode to Fix.

select repair modes

There are two modes here to fix your iPhone system issues. Standard Mode is the no data loss method while the advanced mode is the method that will erase all the data completely on your device.

Step 5. Fixed successfully.

10. Restore your iPhone or Set up as New iPhone.

Go Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Content and Settings. By doing this, you will reset your iPhone to factory settings and wipe all data on it. When it restarts, you can restore it from the previous backup or set it up as New.

The restoring to factory settings process can also be done via iTunes or Finder.

Check if your problem of iPhone iOS 14 no connection to Wi-Fi or no cellular data is resolved.

This method will lose all your data, so I advise you to take it as the last resort.

You should also reset your iPhone to fix the iPhone no connection issues via the above software by choosing Advanced Mode.

Although I didn’t know what causes this issue, however through the feedbacks of Apple fans, there are the issues that the iPhone no Wi-Fi or cellular connection problems also on iOS 12, iOS 13, besides iOS 14.

I have fixed my iPhone’s no connection issues through performing steps 1 to 7. Among all the actions I took, I guess it got fixed among these important actions for my iPhone:

  • Offload the VPN software. (And Reinstall it after the connection problem got fixed.)
  • Disable the Private Address.
  • Reset All settings.

It does not connect to Wi-Fi or cellular network until I reset all settings. So “Reset all settings” is the most important action to resolve the problem of the iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi or Cellular data.

Eventually, it connects as normal on both Wi-Fi and cellular network. But one of my friends directly resolved his issues via this third-party software – SD iOS System Recovery with no data loss. I spent about an hour recovering my iPhone settings finally.

The above methods test effectively to fix the problem of the iPhone iOS 14 won’t connect to Wi-Fi and cellular network. Hope it can help you as well.

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