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Three Ways to Reset iPad without iTunes

Do you want to reset your iPad without iTunes? Maybe you meet errors when resetting your iPad with iTunes, or the computer is not available to you.

iTunes is one of the most important pieces of software to resolve daily problems of Apple iOS devices, however, people are not satisfied with only resetting iPad with iTunes for many reasons. Some people find resetting iPad with iTunes and nothing happens, the others can’t reset iPad with iTunes or the others have no iTunes or a computer.

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily reset iPad without iTunes, step by step.

reset ipad without itunes

Why Reset iPad without iTunes?

If you want to reset your iPad with iTunes, you need to turn off Find my iPhone to restore. However, some people can’t turn off Find My. Some people simply have no computer to do that. Some people may reset iTunes but the results are not satisfying for iPhone getting into issued or iTunes shows error code such as iTunes unknown error 0xe8000015 when connecting iPad.

Even if you can’t reset your iPad with iTunes, you have more choices to do that.

How to Reset iPad without iTunes.

Usually, people would like to use third-party software, if they can’t reset with iTunes. With the development of software technology and the excellent apps booming, and it’s difficult to choose one app from first sight. Softwaredive has an expert team to test the software and give our readers reliable solutions.

Method 1. Reset iPad with SD iPad Passcode Unlocker tool.

The most effective way to reset an iPad is to reset with a computer if you have one. Our best pick is SD iPad Passcode Unlocker, easy and quick.

SD iPad Passcode Unlocker is a tool that can reset your iPhone without passcode or screen time passcode, unlock your Apple ID, remove MDM. The most highlighted feature of this app is to remove and resetting the iPhone without a passcode.

You can either reset a locked iPad or an activated iPad with the tool or even reset an iPad when you forget the passcode.

To use this app, free download and install this third-party app on your computer, either Mac or PC.

Step 1. Start the app, go to Unlock Screen Passcode.

startStep 2. Connect your iPad to the computer with lighting to a USB cable. Click Start and Next.

Step 3. Click download. The software algorithm can automatically detect your device and show the proper versions of firmware packages for you to download.

Wait for a few moments, later it will finish downloading and verifying.

Step 4. Click Unlock.

By clicking unlock the software will pop up a window for your confirmation with “000000”.

Enter it to proceed.

Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes successfully

Later, the screen of the program shows successfully unlocked. And you’ll see your iPhone restart with a “Hello” screen and you need to set up your iPhone. When you set up your iPhone you can choose to set up a new passcode or don’t use it.

Method 2. Reset iPad without iTunes with iCloud.

You need either a computer or smartphone with browsers to open The device can be your either handsets or your laptops, desktops.

Be sure you have your Apple ID and password of the iCloud account that signed in your iPhone.

Step 1. Open with your browser.

Step 2. Sign in with your Apple credentials and enter the pin code for two-factor authentication if you enable it. Trust this Browser when asked.

Step 3. On the top button of All Devices, click All Devices and find your iPhone. Click it.

Step 4. On the pop-up window, tap Erase iPhone option. Enter your Apple ID password again if it’s required. Click Erase Now. Next to enter your phone number and Next. In the end, click Done.

reset ipad via iCloudHooray. You’ll see your iPhone restart later. Note that Erasing with your iPhone will wiping all contents and data on your iPhone device.

Method 3. Reset iPad with Settings.

If you know your passcode and your screen time passcode if you turned it on, you can easily reset your iPad without iTunes directly from the settings app. If you only use screen unlocking passcode on your iPad, you’ll be required to enter it only, if you also use screen time passcode, you need to remember both passwords one by one to reset the iPad.

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.  Tap Erase Now. Enter the required passcode to proceed. If you can’t reset it for forgetting your screen time passcode, please refer to How to Reset an iPhone or iPad without Screen Time Passcode.

Now you can move on to the setup of your iPhone. When the iPhone restart, set it up according to your liking.

 We hope this article helps you easily reset the iPad without iTunes. You may also want to see our guide on How to Bypass Screen Time Passcode, or iPhone 12 Won’t Hard Reset, Can’t Sign Out of Apple ID.

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