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iCloud Backup Failed? – Four Steps of Fixes to Try

You probably have been there: You are going to back up your iPhone or iPad with iCloud backup. Nevertheless, the device finally shows you iCloud Backup failed notification. Thankfully, we have been working to troubleshoot this issue for a period of time.  And we conclude the resolution methods in this article.

The reasons why your iCloud backup failed.

We have analyzed a bunch of failed iCloud backup scenarios to help people and save their time.

  1.   Your iCloud storage is tight.

Generally, Your iPhone or iPad will tell you that iCloud backup failed because You Do not have enough space on your iPhone or iPad.

A message will be sent to you on the iCloud backup Screen.

  1.  Your Wi-Fi network is slow and poor.

A high-speed Internet network is demanded to interact with Cloud service. Slower Wi-Fi network could Discontinue the data transmission process and break off your Backup.

iCloud backup failed for poor network conditions
iCloud backup failed for poor network conditions.
  1.  Too many apps on your iPhone or iPad selected to back up.

With the usage of a phone or iPad, we are tending to install lots of apps on our devices, most often we forget to unload them When we do not use them even for a long time. A variety of apps have taken too much space in your iPhone and also in the backup files. We have come out the following resolutions for the above issues.

Step 1:  Manage iCloud Storage.

When you set up iCloud on your iPhone or iPad, you automatically get 5 GB of storage.

Go to Settings> iCloud> Manage storage.

manage storage

You can see the file types and How they are using Your iCloud storage. Typically, you can use the space for your backups, photos and videos, and documents in your iCloud drive.

If you want to buy more space, just tap the Change Storage plan. You can choose to upgrade to 50GB, 200GB, or 2TB respectively.

We advise you to organized space first and then evaluate whether you need to buy more space. iCloud Should back up too many things automatically.  For example, there may be some duplicate data on your iCloud storage, such as backups of two iOS devices with the same Apple ID which is meaningless and a waste of your precious space.  Delete the unwanted data to enlarge your space.

Step 2:  Back up Your Device in a Place with a Strong Wi-Fi Signal.

Don’t waste time on a weak Wi-Fi signal for an iCloud backup.  Go to a strong signal place as possible as you can.  We have tested many failed backups for weak internet connections.  This is really important.

Step 3:   Choose the Next Backup Size by Yourself.

Even though You only have 5GB Free space, you can make a successful iCloud backup with a thoughtful plan.

Go to Settings> iCloud> Manage storage>Backups. Tap your iPhone or iPad backup, where you can see data and backup size of your last backup, and next backup size.

You can also choose data to back up with a preview with the backup size of the app below.

Scroll down to delete a useless backup by tapping the button with the red text Delete backup.

iCloud backup failed How to fixWe conclude this guide on how to fix iCloud backup failure Because we have also encountered so many times of iCloud backups.

There may be some other unknown reasons for a failed backup, If you still can’t fix a failed iCloud backup after trying the above ways, You can consider to try to back up with a piece of 3rd party software.

Step 4: Backup with 3rd-Party Software.

SD iOS data backup is a tool to back up your contacts, photos, messages, voice memos, calendars, reminders, messages of the instant chat apps, music, documents, and more of your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It supports backing up your iPhone, iPad, iPod on your PC or Mac.

Firstly, download and install it on your PC or Mac.

Launch the app on your computer, and connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer with a USB cable.

launch connectClick more on the start screen. Go to iOS Data backup and restore > iOS Data Backup. Follow the onscreen directions and Click start(choose Encrypted backup if yor need it.).  This software will perform a quick scan of file types on your device, choose among these types, and click back up.  Depending on the size of the backup, the process bar might need a few moments to complete.

ios data backup

Select scanned file types to back upNext time when you want to view or restore the backup data.  Start this app to accomplish it. See this quick tutorial.

Thank you for your reading. Hope it helps.  Welcome to share your comments.

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