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6 Ways to Backup iPhone/iPad Photos to Windows 10 Computer

iPhone or iPad storage is too tight for so many photos and videos in your camera roll? Worrying about the cloud service safety problems and you finally decide to back up your iPhone/iPad Photos to your Windows PC computer? In this article, we pick several smart apps to transfer iPhone photos for backup on Windows 10 computer and give step by step guide.

back up ipad photos to Windows PC
How to backup iPhone/iPad photos to Windows 10 computer

Part 1:Back up iPhone/iPad photos to Windows 10 computer via SD iPhone Data Recovery.

SD iPhone Data Recovery software is a flexible, safe, and reliable app to back up or recover iPhone and iPad photos. With this app, you can not only back up your photos on your iOS devices but also recover your deleted or lost photos to PC. It lets you selectively back up contents in your iPhone/iPad, such as photos, contacts, messages, etc.

To use SD iPhone data recovery to back up iPhone or iPad photos to your computer, first, download and install it on your computer.

Step 1:Launch the app and connect your iPhone/iPad to your PC with the matched USB cable.

Step 2:On the start screen, click More Tools > iOS Data Backup and Restore.

backup iPhone photo to Windows 10

Step 3:Choose iOS data backup.

iOS Data backup - backup iPhone photosStep 4:Click Start.

If you need to encrypt your back up on the windows computer, don’t forget to select encrypted backup before hitting Start.

Step 5:Select photos and click the Next button.

Select iPhone photos to back up to Windows PCAs you can see from the snapshot, the software can detect all types of files and allow you to pick what types you would like to back up. To merely back up photos and videos on your iPhone/iPad, just select Photos (with a camera icon).

Wait until the backup process finished. You’re done if the screen shows you a congratulation page.

Congratulations-backup finishedNext time when you need to restore the backup photo file, use this app to restore the backup photos to your computer hard disk. Move to this article for a detailed guide about how to restore backup files via SD iPhone Data Recovery. During the restoring photo process, you can view the photos when the app scanning your backup files.

Part 2:Use SD iTransfer app to import and back up photos to Windows 10 PC.

SD iTransfer is a piece of easy-to-use iPhone data management software, which can be an iTunes alternative. With this tool, you can manage your photos, contacts, messages, music, and apps with several clicks on your computer by hooking your devices on it.

Free Download and install it on your computer.

Step 1:Install SD iTransfer to your computer and launch it.

 Backup iPhone/iPad Photos to Windows PC SD itransfer-Start

Step 2:Connect your iPhone/iPad to this app with a USB cable.

Step 3:Head to Photos on the left blue menu. and Select photos on your iPhone or iPad.

Key “CTRL+A” to Select all photos or choose photos folder from the left pane or click to choose single photos from the right part of the screen.

4 ways to choose photos:

  • Choose photos and videos by the date from the top right date or options.
  • Choose them by navigating to folders on the left.
  • Check All above the pictures. Also,
  • Press “CTRL” and “A” on your keyboard to select all items.

 Backup iPhone/iPad Photos to Windows PC-choose photos

Step 4:Click Export to PC.

 Backup iPhone/iPad Photos to PC-Export

Step 5: Open folders to view photos on your Windows PC.

Open folderThat’s it. In this way. You have copied your iPhone photos successfully with this stable and reliable software. And you can view and edit your photos directly on the PC.

Video Tutorial on How to Backup iPhone/iPad Photos to Windows 10 Computer via SD iTransfer software.

Part 3:Use the Windows Photos app to transfer iPhone/iPad photos.

There is a Windows 10’s built-in app called Photos that enables you to gather view and manage your photos from your PC and mobile phones.

Photos app on Windows 10If you plug your iPhone/iPad to the Windows 10 computer and Trust the computer, the photos app will open automatically and ask you to import your iOS device photos. Unfortunately, if you can’t use the Windows photos app to import all your iPhone photos smoothly or there are errors during the process, Turn to Part 1 and part 2 to seek the better third-party software solutions.

Video Tutorial:

Part 4: Use Windows file explorer to copy iPhone/iPad photos to PC.

Connect your iPhone/iPad successfully to your computer first with a USB cable.

Take the iPhone for example, and you will see the Apple iPhone comes out as one of the devices in “This PC” path.

Open “This PC\Apple iPhone\Internal Storage\DCIM” from the file explorer.

Use Windows file explorer to Copy iPhone photosThen you will see several folders filled with your iPhone. Open the folders to view these photos on your iPhone.

Drag to Copy the photos folders to your new folder on the PC. Or copy and paste the photos to your computer.

If this method is not viable to you, go to part 1 and 2.

Part 5:Use iTunes to back up iPhone/iPad Photos.

iTunes is still a good choice for Windows users to back up their iOS devices. Make a regular iTunes backup on your computer and the full backup files include all photos on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 1:Go to Microsoft store and Search iTunes. Download and install the latest iTunes version on your Windows PC.

Download and install the latest iTunes via Microsoft StoreStep 2:Launch iTunes and Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

Step 3:Locate your iPhone or iPad from the small mobile phone symbol on the top left screen of iTunes. Go to the Summary page.

Step 4:Click This computer and Then click Back up Now.

backup iPhone photos via iTunes on PC

Part 6:Use iCloud app for Windows to access and back up iPhone/iPad photos.

To use this method to back up iPhone/iPad photos to Windows PC, you should turn on the iCloud backup first on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 1: Enable iPhone/iPad photos to be backed up on iCloud.

Turn on iCloud Backup on iPhone

  1. Tap settings > [your name] > iCloud.
  2. Tap iCloud backup. 

You iPad will then automatically back up your data to iCloud when it is plugged in, has access to Wi-Fi and screen locked. Tap Back Up Now to manually back up your iPad data to iCloud.

If you don’t have enough space on your iCloud, the iPhone/iPad will point out with text information that you can’t back up this iPhone or iPad to iCloud.

If you have enough space but failed to back up via iCloud or your iCloud backup taking for a long time and you can’t figure out why. Head to the third-Party software on part 1 or part 2 to save your time.

Step 2:Install iCloud App from Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

download and install iCloud appStep 3:Open iCloud app and launch it. Enter your Apple ID to access and download your iPhone photos on it. You can also view your iPhone/iPad photos on

Enter your iCloud account

Step 4: Open iCloud Settings and Find iCloud Photo folder path by clicking Options next to Photos.Set the options and click Apply.

Then it will download new photos and videos automatically from iCloud photos to your PC and keep your photo library up to date across your computer and iOS devices.

Photos Options in iCloud SettingsStep 5: Click Download Photos from the Taskbar. Then Select the iCloud photos that you want to save on your computer. Wait for a few minutes. Finally check the photo path on your Windows 10 computer.

Open iCloud Settings Download Photos and Videos from iCloud

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