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How to Backup iPhone Text Messages (4 Proven Helpful Methods)

Text messages(SMS) and iMessages play an important part in our mobile phones. We will explain how to backup iPhone text messages in four ways.  People can back up iPhone Text messages using easy and secure 3rd-party app SD iPhone data recovery, SD iTransfer, as well as using iTunes and iCloud.

Back up iPhone Text MessagesSometimes we need to separate and export text messages files for printing or other reasons.  Backing up text messages in advance can reduce the labor of moving them to a new device or a new file destination. The SD iPhone data recovery enables you to preview and selectively backup your text messages, contacts, photos, documents and more.

It has the following three outstanding functions:

Backup all content or only text messages. Unlike iTunes, the app offers the file type options before you start a backup.

Back up messages & attachment. People might send SMS, MMS with videos, photos, audios or documents as attachment files. These can all be backed up.

Recover and view text messages from my iTunes & iCloud.

Now, Free download SD iPhone data recovery And Follow our tutorial to backup iPhone text messages to your computer.

 Backup iPhone text messages via SD iPhone data recovery.

Step 1: Launch the APP to your computer.  Connect your iPhone to the computer via a USB cable. Click More tools > iOS backup and restore > iOS Data backup.

Step 2
: Start and select your liking file types including text messages. Make sure that you keep Messages and attachments ticked, as well as other file types You want to back up. Then hit “next”.

Select scanned file types to back upStep 3. Wait for the Backing up results. And View The backup files(via “Restore iOS Data” button). This will take a few minutes.

Congratulations-backup finished

Backup Text messages using SD iTransfer

We pick another software SD iTransfer because it is really an iTunes alternative app. You can manage all your iOS devices files including text messages in one place and transfer among your iOS files easily.

Free download SD iTransfer now and install it on your computer. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac.

Step 1: Launch SD iTransfer with your iPhone connected to your computer.

SD itransfer start pageStep 2: Hit the “information” button from the top Green menu. Then wait for several minutes until it finishes scanning all your text messages.

Step 3: Click “SMS” (under “contacts”) from the left pane, you will get a list of all your text messages on your iPhone. Delete any junk shot messages on your iPhone to save your space before backup.

Once you determined those that you’d like to export and backup, tick them from the small square on the left of messages, or select all.

Step 4: Hit Export to back up your text messages. There are three formats for the exporting messages, HTML, CSV as well as Text. It is up to you to set. Afterward, check the exporting results from the destination folder. You can then either print or back up them as your private folder. Thus, you get your text messages backed up simply to your computer without hassle. By making a copy of your important text messages to your computer from time to time, you can avoid the high risk of data loss on iPhone.

backup and export text messages to computer

Backup Text messages via iTunes

Open iTunes on your PC or Mac and update it to the latest version.  Again, connect your iPhone to the computer.

  1. Click the Upper left icon that resembles a Mobile phone and head to the summary page.
  2. In the second backup section, click this computer under automatically back up. Hit the back up Now button under manual backup and restore. Then iTunes will back up text messages and all the other files as a Complete backup.

itunes backup screenBackup text messages with iCloud

iCloud is an apple official cloud service to back up your files with a Wi-Fi network. And sync data among your iOS devices like Mac, iPhone, and iPad.  You automatically get free 5GB of cloud storage.  You won’t Back up successfully If you run out of free space. Prepare enough iCloud storage and connect the iPhone to a power source.

Step 1: Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and a power source.

Step 2: Turn on iCloud backup in Tap Settings>Your apple ID> iCloud . If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier, Go to Settings>iCloud

Step 3: Turn on messages in iCloud. Toggle the switch on the right of Messages.

Thus, your messages will be synced to iCloud and sync with all your iOS devices.

Turn on Messages in iCloud Summary:

Backing up iPhone text messages is not complicated via these four methods. Choose the most suitable backup method according to your situations as the Old saying “Prepare against a rainy day. Regular Backup habit is the best way to keep your data safe. if you’d like to back up iPhone contacts, calendars, reminders etc. to your computer, the methods are alike. Please read this guide about Backing up iPhone Contacts to Computer. Thank you for your reading.

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