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How to Backup iPhone 11/ 11 Pro(Max) to Computer [2021]

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have received favorable reviews for Night Mode, Three Cameras Systems, etc. since their release in fall 2019. If you just bought a new iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Mac, the most important thing is to keep your data safe and regularly back up your iPhone data. It is a fact that there are many cases of data loss happening daily. So, we should take preventive measures to back up iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/11 Pro Mac to computers. In this article, we will give a tutorial about how to back up iPhone 11/ 11 Pro (Max) fast with a third-party iOS Data Recovery software, and make a backup with iTunes.

iPhone 11 Pro - how to backupMethod 1. Backup iPhone 11/11 pro (Max) using iOS Data Recovery Software

This iOS Data Recovery app lets you backup your iPhone’s important files visually. It enables you to pick from those types of data: messages, contacts, call history, voice memos, notes, music and videos, messages on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber, Safari bookmarks, documents, and more to back up to your computer in a matter of several minutes. Download it Now.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Step 1:  Install and Run the iOS Data Recovery software. Head to iOS Data Backup and Restore.

Install the APP and connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable. Type “trust” when it prompts on your iPhone screen.

Step 2: Choose iOS data backup.

And you will see two backup modes on the screen:  Standard Backup and Encrypted Backup. Switch to Encrypt Backup If you want to protect your private information with one password before the start.

Step 3:  Set the data types and start to Back up

Pick the type of data that you want to backup, Such as messages, contacts, call history, voicemail, Photos. WhatsApp, Line, Viber,Messenger and Wechat messages,  Voice memos,  Safari bookmarks, documents and more.  Or you can pick select all on the bottom left of the screen. Click next.

Select scanned file types to back upThus, the backup process begins. Keep your iPhone hooked up to your computer during the process.  Remember that the time it consumes is determined by the total size of data.

Step 4, View Backup Files.

Wait until the congratulations screen pops up. Hit Restore iOS data to view backup files.

How to Restore Local Backup Files from this iOS Data Recovery App

Launch the APP  And still keep your iPhone connected to your computer. Trust this computer. If it prompts.

Step 1.  Run the APP Get to iOS data restore.

Next time when you need to restore your backup files. Go to iOS Data Backup and Restore -> iOS Data Restore.

Step 2.  Opt for one of the backups. And select files to restore.

view backup filesPick one of the backups to start. Click View now. Later The file tree will be outlined on the screen after scanning. Opt for a group of files, one single file, Or the whole iPhone backup to restore to your liking.  Click “Restore to device” or “Restore to PC” on the bottom right of the window. The former one will result in restoring a backup to your iPhone 11/11 pro(Max), and the latter to your computer. Start to restore.

restore backup filesStep 3: View the restore folder.

The app will prompt a file destination set window.  Leave it default, or change the folder address. Once the restoring is finished, the folder will be opened automatically.

Method 2. Back up iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max)via iTunes.

Backing up via iTunes is easy to do. First off, Plug the iPhone into your PC or Mac. Lunch iTunes. Hit the little icon of a phone on the top left corner. And go to the summary page. In the middle section, “Backups“, click “This computer”.Each time you connect your iPhone to the PC, it will immediately create a new locally stored backup.

Another option. Click the “Back up Now” button on the righthand side of the box and you will create a backup manually. And then iTunes will give you a complete backup in several moments.

itunes backup

How to restore Back up of iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max) via iTunes.

Go to iTunes Settings->Summary. (with your iPhone 11 connected to your PC or Mac)

Click “Restore Backup” in iTunes (next to the “Back Up Now”button in the middle section of the pane).  Then select a backup to restore.

An important reminder:  It is a complete backup of your iPhone at that moment via iTunes. If you restore the backup with iTunes, You will reinstall everything after replacing your iPhone.In other words, your current iPhone data will be fully covered by the last backup and this may cause data loss.

This iOS data recovery software finds a good way to the best of both worlds.

Restore iTunes backup via the iOS Data Recovery

The approach is very simple:

Open the APP. Select the second title “Recover from iTunes Backup Files” from the left column.

Pick one backup that you want to recover. Click start to scan the backup files.

Opt for The files that you want to retrieve on the scanning result  Page. By clicking recover, you will retrieve the iTunes backup data to your  PC or Mac.recover from iTunes backup files


Using the 3rd party software like This iOS data backup and restore is convenient and flexible, Comparing To iTunes, which is fiddly and slow.  You can choose them to use on different occasions.  Anyway, make sure that you build a good habit of making regular backups of your iPhone 11/11 Pro(Max) to ensure data safety.

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