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Three Proven Methods to Backup iPhone Contacts to Computer

There are several ways to backup iPhone contacts, the easiest way is to use a third-party app SD iPhone Data Recovery. In this article, we will show you how to back up iPhone contacts in several simple methods.

Firstly, Why Back up iPhone contacts?

iPhone allows you to save phone numbers and contact information for the people you know. So that you can use contacts quickly to give a phone call, send an email, and more. We store contacts of our family, friends, business customers and more on it. Backing up iPhone contacts becomes so vital to avoid data loss caused by phone loss, water damage, stolen phone, phone stuck, broken phone, etc.

Although we do not want these tragedies to happen, for most of us, it’s happened more than once. It’s inevitable in life. Losing iPhone contacts is a significant inconvenience in and of itself.

Luckily, we pick this software to ensure data security even if you lose your iPhone, you can’t lose all of your contacts with it. Check the following four ways.

Option 1: Backup iPhone contacts with SD iPhone Data Recovery

 Know more features about SD iPhone Data Recovery.

  1. Visually preview iPhone contacts before backup.
  2. Selectively backup your contacts.
  3. Easy restore contacts with it.
  4. More functions to recover lost data from iTunes backup & iCloud backup and recover from iPhone itself.

Step 1: Install the App & prepare your iPhone.

After installation, plug your iPhone into your PC or Mac via a USB cable. If the iPhone prompts, tap “trust” on your iPhone. connect iphone to your computer

Step 2: Go to the backup function.

From the first screen, navigate to More tools ->iOS Data Backup and Restore -> iOS Data Backup.

ios system recoveryStep 3: Start backup Process.

Select from “standard backup” and “encrypted backup”. If you would like to encrypt the backup with one password, opt for the latter. Or leave it by default as “standard backup”. Click the “Start” button.

In the next screen, you will preview all the data types on your iPhone. All types include Messages, contacts, voicemail, Messages of WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Messengers, WeChat, photos, app documents, safari bookmarks, notes, etc. Only tick on Contacts. And click “Next”. Wait for a few moments. The elapsed time depends on the size of the data.

Select scanned file types to back up

Step 4: View backup files.

After finished, it will show you a congratulation screen. Click the button”restore iOS Data” to view the backups.

Congratulations-backup finishedRestore backup contacts via SD iPhone Data Recovery

Conversely, what should you do if you’d like to restore the contact backups? This App offers you a straightforward method at the same time. 1. Open the App and go to More Tools ->iOS Data Backup and Restore -> iOS Data Restore.

2. Plug the iPhone into your computer. Make sure your iPhone is on and awake, and the screen is unlocked. Select the contact backup.

select contacts backup
3. Preview and select several contacts that you prefer to restore or tick all from the left pane.

choose contacts4. Then it will pop up a window with file destination by default, click OK. The folder will open automatically when it is finished.

Option 2: Backup iPhone contacts via iCloud.

iCloud is a good way to build cloud backup via Apple’s official service, if only you have enough storage space. Initially, everyone has 5 GB free storage space. It will remind you to upgrade your iCloud storage plan once you do not have enough space to continue backing up.

  1. Backing up contacts with iCloud is not so complex.
  2. Open the setting app on the iPhone screen.
  3. Tap your Apple ID ->iCloud.
  4. Turn on the Contacts toggle switch and then Merge.

backup contacts via iCloudFinally, check the iCloud contacts backup on Open the and input your Apple ID credential. Hit Contacts from the start screen. You can preview all the contacts there after a successful iCloud backup. Export iCloud contact via the bottom left setting icon.

Option 3: Backup iPhone contacts via iTunes

The approach:
Open iTunes with your iPhone connected to your computer. Head to the little mobile phone icon on the upper-left of the iTunes App screen. Hit it and get to the summary page. In the middle Backup section, tick This computer, and click “Back up Now”. That’s it.

itunes backup screen We should clear some things up that iTunes backup is a complete iPhone backup. When you perform a backup with iTunes, you have to back up all the data. Compared to the following three methods, you can’t preview and separate contacts. Restoring iTunes backup (including contacts and others) means you may lose all of your current data as opposed to merely retrieving contacts data via third-party applications. But it does well regarding buying a new iPhone, you are probably satisfied with a complete backup for reinstallation.

Final thoughts

It is necessary to back up iPhone contacts, losing that information will cause hard establishing tasks if there are no backups. Our pick of the contact backing up software is safe, reliable, proven, great problem solver. One more way is better than one less. There is always a third-party source that offers you alternative solutions if you can’t always settle for the Apple iCloud and iTunes contacts backup.

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