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Two Effective Ways to Backup iPhone 7/7 Plus to Computer

Mobile Phone plays an important part in our digital life nowadays. Data Security is so significant for every smartphone user. When you intend to back up your iPhone 7/7 plus data to your computer, iTunes is the bursting to get out the official Apple app to help you out, but it is not the only solution for you. if you prefer to back up your iPhone 7/7 Plus without iTunes, you can still get it done with this powerful Third-party tool IOS data backup and Restore.

Part 1. How to backup iPhone 7/7 plus to a computer easily with iOS dada backup and Restore?

Having these questions in mind: Is there any quick way to backup iPhone 7/ 7 Plus without iTunes? How to view back up files and selectively back up my iPhone files? How to preview the former iTunes backup files from my computer? Lucky for you, this iOS data backup and restore tool can smoothly resolve all these questions and serve all of the following needs.

As one of the industry-leading third-party iPhone backup and transfer tools, iOS data backup and restore can make iPhone/iPad backup task a breeze. It lets you not only backup messages, contacts, photos, call history, voice mail, calendars, etc. but also let you back up WhatsApp messages, media, and other App media and files.

We will show you how to back up your iPhone/iPad using the iOS data backup and restore tool.

The requirements are rather minimal – you need your iPhone 7/7plus or your iPad, a computer or laptop (either Windows or Mac), as well as an iPhone data cable.

Step 1. Install and launch the application on your computer (Windows or Mac), and plug in your iPhone to it. Go to the “iOS data Backup and restore” section on the bottom right. Tap “Trust” on your iPhone screen if it prompts.

Step 2. On the next screen, choose “iOS data backup”, and then come with the two-mode backup window. You can choose Encrypted backup to protect your files with passwords or just select the simple standard backup. Click “start”.

Step 3. This screen lets you select which file type you need to backup. By default, all of the scanned file types are ticked. Click next and all these files will be backed up. To selectively back up some files, you only need to keep the box next to it ticked.

Select scanned file types to back up

Step 4. Waiting for the backing up process to be finished. The backup time depends on the selected file size in your iPhone 7/7 plus. When finished, Congratulations!

Part 2. How to restore iPhone 7/7 plus from backups using this third-party tool?

1. Launch the app and from the above Step 2, select “iOS Data Restore”. You will discover all your backup files with the backup dates and file size listed. Click to view one or delete older backup files on the screen via the red delete icon.view backup files Afterward, the app starts scanning files to present the outline files of your backup. Once the backup files are not on the list, you can manually select the file destination from the lower blue select button.
2. On the next screen, select “Restore to Device” to restore your backup files on your iPhone 7/ 7 plus. Or select”Restore to PC” to restore these files to your computer.

restore backup files

Part 3. How to back up your iPhone 7/7 plus to your computer with iTunes.

  • 1. Connect your iPhone 7/7 plus to your computer (Windows or Mac), Tap trust on your iPhone if it prompts.
  • 2. Launch iTunes on the computer.
  • 3. Right-click on your iPhone or iPad from the sidebar menu and click Back up Now.
  • 4. Click your iPhone icon from the top, and go to Summary > Back Up Now.

Note: The encrypt iPhone backup will save Health and Activity data from your device by ticking the “Encrypt iPhone backup” box. There’s no way to recover your iTunes backups without this password, be sure to create a memorable password or save it. Just click Back up Now if you don’t need your Health and Activity data to be backed up.

Summary: Backing up your iPhone 7/7plus with iOS data backup and restore is safe and reliable. If your iTunes has gone Mia or having problems, you can still rely on this third-party app to fully or partially back your devices and have a visual preview of the backup files. If your PC is running on Windows 10, find more alternative ways to back up iPhone to Windows 10 PC.

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