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How to Clear Safari/Chrome/Firefox Cookies, Cache, and History on iPhone iPad

Summary: Wondering How to clear Safari/Chrome/Firefox Cookies, Cache, and History on iPhone/iPad iOS 13/14? Here we dive into steps for guides. Read on.

What are Cookies and Cache on your iPhone or iPad?

Cookies are pieces of data stored on your iPhone/iPad by the websites you visit to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies may include information like your browser, IP, preference, login credentials and more. The cache remembers parts of pages, like images, to help them open faster during your next visit. History is the website visiting history records on your iOS devices. With the use of an iPhone or iPad, these storage files will be larger and larger, which will degrade the performance of your whole iPhone/iPad. Removing cookies, caches, and history on a regular basis can free up precious storage space on your iOS devices. How to delete cookies, cache and browsing history on iPhone/iPad? In this article, we will show you the detailed guides.

You can either clean your iPhone Safari/Chrome/Firefox cookies, cache and history from their respective app settings or clean all of them by several clicks via third-party software. With this kind of iPhone cleaning software, you could make removing cookies and cache, history a breeze.

Part 1. How to clean Safari cookies, cache, and history on your iPhone/iPad?

Step 1:Open Settings app.

Step 2:scroll to Safari.

Step 3:Scroll down to Clear History and Website Data. Click the blue font Clear History and Website Data option.

Step 4: When prompted, Tap” Clear History and Data”.

Here it shows that cleaning will remove history, cookies and other browsing data. At the same time, the history will be removed from your other devices that signed into your iCloud account and synced with iCloud. And Tap Done.

Clear Safari cookies caches and history
Steps to Clear Safari cookies caches and history

Bonus Tip:

How to view and selectively delete Safari history on your iPhone/iPad?

  1. Open the Safari app on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Tap the book-like button.
  3. Tap the third clock-like history button on the page.
  4. Scroll down to select a browsing history, Swipe to the left on it and bring up the red delete button.
  5. Tap Delete. Or you can Tap clear in the bottom-right corner of the page.

How to block all cookies on the Safari browser?

Move the toggle of Block All Cookies to on/green as the above picture shows(above the “Clear History and Website Data”).

How to view history on Safari browsers and selectively delete safari history?

Tap the book-like button at the bottom. Then Tap the clock-like button to bring up the history page. You can  Tap Clear to delete your safari history or select one item to swipe left and delete it.

View and delete Safari history on app
View and delete Safari history on app

Part 2. Clearing Chrome Cookies, Cache, and History on iPhone/iPad.

 Open the Chrome app on your iOS device. Tap the three-dot button to bring up a pop-up page.

  1. Tap History to bring up the history page
  2. Tap red “Clear Browsing Data”. If you want to select one history item to delete, Tap Edit, then select some items and Tap delete in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Tap Done on the top-right corner.
  3. Tick Browsing History, and Cookies, Site Data and Cached Images and Files (These are default ticked, you can check other or reduce some options). You can also check to clear saved passwords here.
  4. Tap the Clear Browsing Data at the bottom. And Done.
remove Chrome browsing history, cookies and caches
How to Clear Chrome browsing history, cookies and caches

You’re done! Clearing your Chrome Cookies, caches and history is easy in one place. By doing this, you have freed up some space on your iPhone/iPad quickly. Noted that if you login into your Google account and turn on sync function, the data on the other devices with the same account will also be also cleared.

Part 3. Clearing Firefox cookies, cache, and history on your iPhone/iPad.

  1. Open Safari and tap on the three-line button.
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll down and Tap Data Management.
  4. Toggle the Top three switch Browsing history, Cache, Cookies to on. (By default, they are on and you can adjust the options here). Remember that you can also Choose Offline Website data, Tracking Protection and Downloaded Files here to delete.
  5. Tap Clear Private Data in red font. And Tap Done.
How to Clear browsing history cache and cookies on Firefox iPhone
How to Clear browsing history cache and cookies on Firefox iPhone

In general, most people allow cookies when surfing the website. If you disallow cookies on websites, some of them would not perform properly. And also, lots of people use browsers to remember login in credentials of websites. If you delete cookies, you have to sign in to the websites again with your account. Things will become terrible if someone forgets his password or account. Take precautions to write down or record your personal data before clearing your data. Clearing cookies, caches and history will not cause other damage to the apps. Delete your Safari history by mistake? Luckily, if you want to find accidentally deleted Safari history, we still pick great software for you to recover-This SD iPhone Data Recovery.

Part 4. Recover Deleted Safari History on iPhone/iPad.

Only several steps to recover your deleted Safari history. Besides Safari history, the tools can recover Safari bookmarks, contacts, messages, photos, notes, reminders, calendar,s and more.

Free Download and install it on your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 1: Launch the app and connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

connect iphone to your computer

Step 2: Click Recover from iOS Device, and Scan. (This will take several moments depending on the data size of your iPhone/iPad)

scan files including safari history on iPhoneStep 3: Check the box next to Safari History on the left pane of the screen.

Step 4: Click Recover and export safari history to your computer.

Clearing the browser history is only the tip of the iceberg in freeing the storage of your iPhone/iPad.

There are other numerous junk files, temp files, fragment files or deleted files, app data, etc.

Here we pick a brilliant iPhone cleaner that can thoroughly clean your iPhone without harm your normal data – SD iPhone cleaner.

Part 5. How to free up more of your iPhone space by deeper cleaning software with SD iPhone Data Cleaner.

Free Download and install it on your PC or Mac.

This iPhone cleaner has the following outstanding features.

  1. One-click to free up your iPhone/iPad space.
  2. Erase deleted files on your devices.
  3. Erase your private fragment data such as Facebook, Chrome, YouTube and WhatsApp and other app data.
  4. Erase all data.

How to free up more iPhone storage space with this tool?

Free Download this SD iPhone Data Cleaner and install it on your computer.

Step 1. Launch this app and connect your iPhone/iPad with your desktop or laptop computer.

Step 2. Select 1-click free up space and click Quick Scan. 

clean junk files by one-click free up space

Step 3. Click clean from the list of  Junk files, Temporary files, Photos, Large Files, and Apps. Follow the on-screen instructions to clean the parts you select. Even you can Export or Back up your files before Delete.

clean iPhone junk data

clean large files junk files and fragments dataStep 4. Done.

This software is a very convenient tool to release your iPhone memory space, straight, easy and considerate. If your iPhone is really tight on space, it is a good choice to use this application.  Before clearing any data, think about whether you need to backup or export them is essential.

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