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How to Fix iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours

What Happened? I want to use my iPhone. However, it locked me and said iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours? It’s frustrating.

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After waiting until the timer is up, you tried another passcode to unlock your iPhone screen, unfortunately, the passcode is still wrong. You get the message iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours after waiting for the 1-hour timer. You’re feeling panicked because you’re uncertain about what will happen next.

Compared to the ‘iPhone is disabled’ message, the iPhone locked for 3 hours message is relatively new. The message appears on iOS 16 or later.

What does “iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours” mean?

When you encounter the message “iPhone Unavailable, try Again in 3 Hours”, it typically indicates that your iPhone has been temporarily disabled due to the eighth incorrect passcode entry.

When you see the Security lockout try again in 3 hours, it’s also the same problem with an alternative saying.

What happens after iPhone is locked for 3 hours? And why.

iPhone will lock for 8 hours for the ninth failed passcode entry. iPhone should be locked completely for the tenth incorrect passcode entry. When iPhone is locked for 3 hours, you hold the last two chances to enter a passcode before it eventually locks you out.

The reason why it appears:

Apple has the security measures to prevent the iPhone brute-force attacks. The more wrong passcode entered, the longer the screen time showing for the Try Again message. The limit is 10 times for incorrect passcode entries in a group.

The iPhone security lockout 3 hours message can happen with the following situations, discussed by people. Someone else tries to access your iPhone without permission. iPhone is lost. Children play with an iPhone. Carrying an iPhone in a pocket and getting it unavailable for 3 hours unintentionally. After an update, no reasons, and more.

Wait for the Timeout to safely access your iPhone.

The most straightforward and safe solution is to patiently wait for the 3-hour timeout period to pass the blacked disabled screen, with a correct passcode try.

The problem is If you forget your passcode, you need to reset it.

Don’t worry, you can access your iPhone, but your data is doomed. There are also lots of people who may choose to erase the iPhone locked for 3 hours immediately without hesitation. They know the fact that without any backups, they can’t get the data back. Even if users feel sad and angry about data loss, it’s all about security.

It prevents unauthorized access attempts or hacks. This mechanism also has two sides. It can lock the user if the individual forgets the passcode.

In the past, Apple has a 1-hour timer before the final lockout. On iOS 16 or later, you should see the newer iPhone locked for 3 hours, 8 hours message before the 10th lockout. Security upgrade has been implemented on iPhone with iOS upgrade.

After gaining a clear understanding of this issue, you can choose the proper method to unlock it.

Solutions to Unlock Your iPhone.

Option 1. Use Erase iPhone option on Device.

If you can see the Erase iPhone option on the screen, you can use the way to unlock your iPhone disabled for 3 hours.

Erase iPhone 13 with Erase iPhone option

Tap Erase iPhone.

Tap Erase iPhone.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Your iPhone will be unlocked after a while if it proceeds successfully.

Make sure the internet connection is good.

Option 2. Use third-party software iPhone Unlocker.

If the Erase iPhone option is not appearing when iPhone says iPhone Unavailable for 3 hours, you can use the quick and smart way.

Download and install it on your computer if you have a PC or Mac.

Navigate to Wipe Passcode.

Put your iPhone in recovery mode while connecting to your computer.

Confirm your iPhone information and download the firmware.

For example, if your iPhone is iPhone 13, make sure the app automatically shows information as iPhone 13.

During the download, If it exits the recovery mode, let the download finish, and later enter the iPhone in recovery mode again.

Recovery Mode instructions.

For iPhone 8 to iPhone 14: Turn off your iPhone. Connect it to the computer. Press and quickly release the volume up button. Immediately press and quickly release the volume down button. Then, press and hold the side button until you see the recovery mode screen.

For iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus: Turn off your iPhone. Connect it to the computer. Press and hold the top and volume down buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen.

iPhone 6s or earlier: Turn off your iPhone. Connect it to the computer. Press and hold both the Home and the top buttons at the same time. Keep holding them until you see the recovery mode screen.

Unlock your device.

When the firmware package download task is over, make sure that your iPhone is in recovery mode, if it returns to the iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours screen, just put it in recovery mode again.

If everything is ready, the app pops up on the screen with the Unlock option. Enter 0000, then click Unlock. Wait for a few minutes, your iPhone should be unlocked successfully.

Option 3. Unlock your iPhone in Finder.

Check if your macOS needs an update. Update it first and Finder should be updates and it’s capable of unlocking the newer 3-hour lockout iPhone.

  1. Update your macOS to the latest version.
  2. launch Finder.
  3. Put your iPhone Unavailable for 3 hours in recovery mode.
  4. Restore.

Wrap It Up.

When people ask you iPhone Unavailable try again in 3 hours or Security lockout try again in 3 hours, you should know the solution is the same, and you can forward our article to them.  It’s important to put away your important iPhone and remember your passcode.

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