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iPad Unavailable try again in 8 hours, Solutions

When you see iPad Unavailable try again in 8 hours, you may wonder what’s happening if you meet it the first time. And how to unlock it?

iPad unavailable try again in 8 hours, how to fix it.

iPad Unavailable Try Again in 8 hours, What does it mean?

The message “iPad Unavailable, try again in 8 hours means you have entered the wrong passcode for nine times in a row. Your iPad is now disabled for 8 hours. After 8 hours, you will be able to try the last time to enter your passcode. When you tried 10 failed passcode attempts in a row, your iPad should be completely locked.

iPad Unavailable Try Again in 8 hours, How to Fix it?

If you have forgotten your passcode, you should choose a proper way for you to reset the iPad to factory settings. To unlock the iPad is disabled for 8 hours, you should erase it and lose all the content and settings. Although many people have complained about the feature of this Apple security measures, you’ve got no other ways to unlock it without data loss. It’s a pity for all your data on the device. However, those who always keep a regular backup of their iPad can restore the backups after a reset.

If you can fix the unavailable iPad showing try again 8 hours message, you can use your iPad again immediately.

It has been in vain if you only restart it, reboot it, or even wait for a longer time to let it be enabled.

People can only exit the security lockout iPad screen after an Unlocking process.

Option 1. Erase the iPad Using Erase iPad option on the device screen. – Without Computer Solution.

If you’ve seen the iPad unavailable try again in 8 hours message, never forget to check the iPad screen. If there is the Erase iPad option there, it’s quite easy to reset the locked iPad using it.

If there’s no Erase iPad option there, skip Option 1 and get to Option 2.

If you are wondering why there’s no Erase iPad button for you, just refer to our article with a detailed explanation.

The steps are simple.

Tap Erase iPad. You should get to the next screen titled Erase All Content and Settings.

Tap Erase iPad again.

Enter your Apple ID password.

Then you should wait for the Apple system to Erase the locked iPad via the internet connection.

The method is very convenient for those iPad users who don’t have a computer. You can erase it on the device only if you have the Erase iPad option.

Option 2. Reset the iPad with the iPhone Unlocker app.

We’ve dived the iPad the security lockout problems in the last two years and we love to share our picks after tests and experiences. SD iPhone Unlocker is a stable and reliable app for unlocking the iPad that has been locked for 8 hours.

First. Prepare your computer, either a PC or Mac to install the app on it.

Then free download the proper app version from the buttons below.

Step 1. Launch the app and Navigate to the Wipe Passcode section.

Step 2. Connect your 8-hour security lockout iPad to your computer with the USB cable.

Check the app screen. If it goes to the next screen in step 3. Just head to step 3. You won’t need to put the iPad in recovery mode.

If the screen shows you “iPhone connected but not recognized”, you should click this option and follow the directions to put your locked iPad in recovery mode.

To put the locked iPad in recovery mode, disconnect it from the computer first and turn off it.

For iPad with home screen.

Press and hold the top button until the power off slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn off your iPad. Wait for a while to make sure it’s turned off completely.

Connect your iPad to the computer and keep it connected. Then press and hold the home button. Keep holding the home button until you see the recovery mode screen. Then let go.

For iPad without home screen.

Press the volume up button and the top button at the same time until the power off slider appears. Then drag the slider to turn off your iPad.

Connect your iPad to the computer and keep it connected. Then press and hold the top button. Keep holding the top button until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPad. Then release the button.

Step 3. Confirm iPad device information and download the firmware.


Step 4. Unlock the iPad that says iPad unavailable try again in 8 hours.

When the firmware package download is finished, the app should pop up a screen to let you unlock it. Enter “0000” and click Unlock.  The locked iPad should be unlocked in 2 minutes.

Later, if your iPad opens, you can set it up as usual.

Video Tutorial:

Option 3. Restore the iPad that is locked for 8 hours with Finder or iTunes.

  1. Launch Finder or iTunes.

Make sure Finder or iTunes is up-to-date. If not, update the software first before unlocking the iPad.

  1. Enter the iPad in recovery mode.

Finder or iTunes should be able to recognize the disabled iPad in recovery mode. Follow the recovery mode steps the same as option 2.

  1. When the iTunes or Finder pops up a screen with the Restore option or the Restore and Update option, choose the option.

Then you should wait for the software download to be finished. You can check the progress bar from iTunes or Finder.

Warm tips:

When your iPad exits the recovery mode, let the download finish, then put the iPad in recovery mode again after the download is complete.

Wrap it Up.

When your iPad says iPad Unavailable try again in 8 hours, your iPad is running iPadOS 16 or later, which means the security lockout mode has the escalated security level by Apple. If you can use the Erase iPad option to erase it, you can use it. If you can’t fix it without a computer, either the Option 2 or the Option 3 method is the better way. If you have any troubles with iTunes, then the third-party way should be an ideal choice. If you insist on restoring the locked iPad with Finder or iTunes, do update the software to the latest versions.

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