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How to Fix iPhone Unavailable If No Erase Option

“I don’t have an Erase option on my iPhone when it says iPhone Unavailable. How am I gonna fix it?”

iPhone Unavailable No Erase

We have received some people’s feedback that they have no Erase option when they get an unavailable iPhone. What should you do then?

The Erase option on the iPhone should be the Erase iPhone option, on the iPad, it’s the Erase iPad option instead, either of them should be on the bottom of the black locked-out screen if there is any button.

If you have the Erase option after 7 or more failed passcode attempts on your iPhone, you can erase it easily with the Erase iPhone option.  Tap the Erase iPhone option and enter your Apple ID password, and your iPhone should erase itself. If there is no Erase option, you can’t use this method to erase your security lockout iPhone.

In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the iPhone Unavailable if there is no Erase option for you.

Solution 1. Erase iPhone Unavailable No Erase option Wirelessly on iCloud.

When your iPhone says iPhone available security lockout with no erase option, no computer or no cable, If you have another smartphone or tablet, It may also help you out.

To use the iCloud Erase option to get your iPhone out of security lockout status, There are several requirements that you need to check. Before the iPhone got disabled, It should meet the following requirements.

  1. Find My iPhone is turned on.
  2. The iPhone is connected to the internet.
  3. You need to know your Apple ID and password.

If the two-factor authentication is on, You have the proper way to pass it when signing in to your Apple ID account on a trusted browser.

The steps are easy as follows.

  • Bring out your smartphone or Tablet, Then open
  • Sign in with your Apple ID credentials.
  • Hit Find My iPhone.
  • Click all devices. Locate your iPhone on the map. And tap Erase iPhone.
  • Enter your Apple ID password and Confirm Erase.

Sign in

erase iPhone ipad via find my iPhoneIf you meet the requirements to use this option, You can reset your iPhone when you have no computer, no cable, and no Erase option on the security lockout screen.

If unfortunately, you can’t fix the disabled iPhone with iPhone unavailable screen by using this method, please read on to check the next solution.

Solution 2. Fix the Security lockout No Erase Option issue with – the SD iOS Passcode Unlocker.

If you have a computer, you will have great confidence to fix the iPhone unavailable by yourself. If there is no Erase option on the screen.

Step 1. Free download and install it on your computer PC or Mac. Install it and launch it.

Step 2. Click Wipe Passcode section. Click start. Then connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable.

Step 3. Put your iPhone into recovery mode.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and Hit the iPhone connected but not recognized option.

Why Put Your iPhone into Recovery Mode?

When you put your iPhone into recovery mode, the software can detect your iPhone models and recommend the proper repair packages for you to download.

If you don’t know how to put your iPhone in recovery mode, we Illustrate it meticulously here.

Step 4. After entering your iPhone in recovery mode, the software Intelligently shows you the firmware package to download. Hit download.

If the download takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone exits recovery mode. Don’t worry. Let the download finish. After the firmware package downloading Is finished and extracted. Put your iPhone in recovery mode again.

Step 5. Then click Unlock. When you click unlock, The app prompts a screen with the subscription plans. Yep. After buying a registration license, you can register the app and continue to proceed to unlock it.

Usually, the unlocking process takes less than 10 minutes. Wait for a moment.

When you see the screen showing you that unlock is complete, unplug your iPhone from the computer. Wait for the hello screen appearance and set it up later.

Video Tutorial:

Solution 3. Fix the No Erase button when the iPhone is Unavailable with Finder/iTunes.

Refer to this Apple support official guide to unlock the iPhone unavailable screen with iTunes.

Please note two things.

  • When you restore your iPhone’s available no erase option with iTunes or Finder, you still need to put it in recovery mode.
  • When the iPhone exits recovery mode during the iTunes or Finder downloading the latest iOS software, you still need to enter your iPhone in recovery mode again.

If your iTunes or Finder won’t connect your iPhone in recovery mode, you can turn to the 3rd party software method.

If you are really not a tech-savvy guy, You can go to the Apple store or seek help from your family or friends. Even if no Erase option on your iPhone security lockout, these methods can help you to get out of the security lockout mode on your iPhone.

Any other questions? You can leave a comment below or contact our support.

Why Do You Have No Erase Option on Your iPhone with an Unavailable Message?

It depends on your iOS software version and your iPhone settings. For different iPhone models or iPad models, Apple pushes different versions to the users. Don’t worry if you have no erase option now. After resetting it and installing the new iOS software, it’s possible for you to get the Erase Option in the future if there’s another lockout.

In the below parts, when we mention the Erase option, we mean it should be either Erase iPhone or Erase iPad option on the iPhone/iPad unavailable lockout screen on iOS 15.2 or iPadOS 15.2 or later, according to the devices.

Moreover, there are some general prerequisites to erasing an unavailable iPhone using the Erase option. When the lockout iPhone won’t meet the requirements, you may not see the Erase option on the device screen. Or you can’t proceed to use the Erase iPhone option method.

  1. Your iPhone must be running on iOS 15.2 or later.
  2. Your iPhone should be connected to Wi-Fi or Cellular data before it’s unavailable.
  3. You must know your Apple ID or password to Erase your iPhone, that is to say, the iCloud account signed in to your device before it’s unavailable.
  4. Your Find My iPhone in iCloud settings should be on before the security lockout.

For example, if your Find My setting is disabled before the lockout, you shouldn’t see the Erase iPhone option there.  If your iPhone is offline, the erase process won’t proceed.

Besides, even some people have no erase option because of the wrong actions on a disabled iPhone without a SIM card, like an iPad, or iPhone without a SIM card. It caused the iPhone offline.

If you restart your unavailable device on the circumstance, it will lose the Wi-Fi internet connection after it’s restarted. Then you won’t use the Erase option to wipe it.  If it has a SIM card in it, the cellular connection won’t be lost. And you may still have a chance to use the Erase option on it.

If you are among the former users who have an unavailable iPhone without any internet connection, do turn to the solutions with a computer.

Wait for a longer time if you have the chance to trigger the Erase iPhone option. It’s very easy to Erase the iPhone using the option if everything works normally. We did many tests to use the Erase iPhone option. If you’d be happy to watch the video, we’ve already provided it.

Video Tutorial on How to Erase iPhone with the Erase option.

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