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How to Export Safari Bookmarks from Your iPhone to Chrome/Firefox on PC or Mac

It is the mobile era. Nearly most people couldn’t live without their mobile phones. You surf the internet on the go more often than ever with mobile phones and collect your favorite website addresses as bookmarks. Like most modern browsers, Safari enables users to save bookmarks on iPhone and other iOS devices. You might want to know how to sync the Safari bookmarks on iPhone/iPad to your favorite browser Chrome or Firefox, either PC or Mac. So that you can revisit your favorite websites from time to time conveniently on your computer.
Here we show how to save bookmarks on your iPhone/iPad to your computer or laptop.

Whether your computer is running on Windows or Mac, we will show you the proper methods in straight ways. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you use Safari, Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as your main web browser. You can do that with one of the following methods.

Part 1: Use iCloud to Import Your iPhone safari bookmarks to PC/Mac.
Part 2: Use SD iPhone Data Recovery to Export iPhone Bookmarks to Your PC/Mac.

Part 1: Use iCloud to Import your iPhone safari bookmarks to PC/Mac

How to Use iCloud to Sync Safari bookmarks to Chrome.
First, Enable Safari Sync to iCloud on your iPhone.
01. Tap the Settings app
02. Tap [your name]
03. Tap iCloud
04. Locate Safari, Move the toggle switch to on/green. when prompted, click Merge.

By doing this, you have synced the iPhone safari bookmarks, safari reading list, and safari history to all of your Apple devices (with the above iCloud option on) that are signed into the same account.

Sycn safari bookmarks to iCloud
Sycn safari bookmarks to iCloud on iPhone

On your Mac:

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and click Apple ID. Then click iCloud. If you’re using macOS Mojave or earlier, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and click iCloud.
Click to turn on Safari. Thus, you synced bookmarks on Safari.

Turn on Safari syncing to iCloud on Mac
Turn on Safari syncing to iCloud on Mac

But how do you sync bookmarks between Safari and Chrome on Mac? The answer is to export your Safari bookmarks and copy bookmarks from Safari to Chrome. Vice versa. You can do this through a manual bookmark exporting and importing process between the browsers on Mac now.

On your PC

Download and install the iCloud app on your Windows PC.

01. launch the app, sign in with your Apple ID. Enter the codes on your iPhone to log in if you have turned on two-factor authentication. And click “Trust ” when prompted.
02. Hit Open iCloud Settings button.

Open iCloud Settings
Open iCloud Settings After installation

03. Tick the options including Bookmarks and other items you plan to sync with your PC.
04. Click the Options button on the right side of Bookmarks

bookmarks options in iCloud settings
Check Bookmarks Options in iCloud Settings

05. Check Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Only keep the ones that you’d like to use safari bookmarks with. Click OK.

Sync Safari with Chrome Firefox with iCloud app
Sync Safari with Chrome Firefox with iCloud app on PC

06. Click Apply button on the bottom-right of the screen.
When you choose Chrome, it will prompt you to add the iCloud Bookmarks Chrome extension. Add the iCloud bookmark add-on from Chrome Store, and you will see that all your Safari bookmarks have been added to your Chrome Browser, including the favorite and bookmark list. Thus, you can keep your Chrome bookmarks on Windows up to date with the Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Likewise, when you check your iPhone bookmarks, you will also find that in this way, you have synced chrome bookmarks on your iPhone. Whenever you add or remove bookmarks on one device, they will be synced to your other devices and the synced browsers (only on Windows PC).

add icloud bookmarks Chrome extension to Sync bookmarks
Add iCloud Bookmarks Chrome Extension to Sync bookmarks

Part 2: Use SD iPhone data recovery to export iPhone bookmarks to your PC/Mac.

Free download SD iPhone data recovery and install it on your computer.

01. Launch SD iPhone data recovery on your PC or Mac.
02. Connect your iPhone to your computer or laptop with a USB cable. Tap “Trust” on your iPhone when prompted.

Recover from iOS Device-First Page
03. Click “Recover from iOS device” on the first page of the app. Click “Start Scan” and wait for a few moments. The larger size of your data on your iPhone, the longer time it will take. It is a complete scan of all files on your device (iPhone/iPad compatible). This software enables you to recover Safari bookmarks, contacts, messages, music, photos, reminders, calendar, voicemail, voice memo, documents, etc. to your computer.

04. When the scanning process is finished, navigate to the left pane of the window, and locate Safari bookmarks and Safari history. Check the box next to them. Click Recover.

Recover safari bookmarks without backup
05. Click Recover on the page. It is up to you to set the recovered file destination or leave it as default. The folder will open automatically.

You’re done! Now you have exported Safari bookmarks and Safari history to your computer.
Even when you accidentally deleted your safari bookmarks or history, this tool will show you these lost safari bookmarks and recover them. SD iPhone data recovery is popular among users with excellent recovery efficiency, high speed, and high security.

Q & A about How to Use Safari Bookmarks & History

1. How to add Safari bookmarks on iPhone?
Tap the share button, and scroll down to reveal the “Add to Reading List”, “Add Bookmark” and “Add to Favorite”.

2. How to find and edit Safari bookmarks/history on iPhone?
Open Safari, at the bottom of the page. Tap the book-like button. There are three taps on the top of the next page. The other two tabs are the reading list (glasses-like icon) and safari history (Clock-like icon).

3. How to delete Safari bookmarks?
on the bookmark page, swipe left to delete.

4. How to Find Lost Safari Bookmark & History?
Use SD iPhone Data Recovery to get it back on your computer. Check the methods in the above Part 2.

5. How to Clear all of my private Safari cookies, Cache and History?
Head into Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. This clearing will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data.

More: How to Clear Safari/Chrome/Firefox Cookies, Cache, and History on iPhone iOS 13

6. How to Permanently delete Safari History?
Use this SD iPhone Data Eraser.

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