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How to Backup Your iPad to Windows 10 Computer?

Backing up your iPad is the best way to make sure you won’t lose your data on it. Backing up your iPad means copying certain files and settings from your iPad to the computer or cloud service. Although it is easy to back the iPad to Mac, there are also lots of people like Windows 10 and iPad. The safest way to save your data is to have at least two backups. Knowing more methods to back up your iPad to Windows 10 computer and making a regular backup is better.

The following methods support backing up all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad, iPad 2/3/4/5/6/7, and more.

how to backup iPad to Windows 10

Part 1. Back up iPad to Windows 10 with SD iPhone Data Recovery.

SD iPhone Data Recovery is widely used third-party software by iOS users to back up iPad and iPhone. This tool can back up your iPad contacts, messages, call history, notes, photos, calendar, reminder, Safari bookmarks and app messages, and documents, etc.

Download and install this app on your Windows 10 computer.

Step 1: Start the software and connect your iPad to the Windows 10 computer using the matched USB cable. Head to iOS Data Backup and Restore.

Step 2: On the next screen, Click iOS Data Backup.

iPad data backup to windows-select backupStep 3:Choose from Standard Backup or Encrypted backup. A password is required to set before you proceed when choosing “encrypted backup”. Click Start to continue.

Step 4: Pick the types of data you want to back up. And click “Next”.

Select scanned file types to back upStep 5:Confirm the backup file destination and Backup.

Wait until the backing up process is finished.

It will take a few moments depending on the size of data you picked to backup. When the iPad is completely backed up to your computer. It will show you a congratulation screen.

Congratulations-backup finishedStep 6: View backup files.

On the finished congratulation page, click Restore iOS Data to view the list of backups.

Restore iPad Backup via SD iPhone Data Recovery.

The restore process is simple and straight via SD iPhone Data Recovery. You can rely on it for a third-party flexible backup.

  • On the first screen, Go to More Tools > iOS Data Backup and Restore > iOS Data Restore.
  • Choose one of the backups to restore. Click Next.
  • Click Restore After the app finishes scanning your selected backup file.
  • View your back up file destination on your computer.

Part 2. Back up iPad to Windows 10 computer via iTunes.

Be sure to download and install the latest iTunes for Windows version on your Windows 10.

Step 1: Launch iTunes and connect your iPad to the computer with the suited USB cable. Head to the iPad button to locate your iPad on the iTunes app. Go to Summary Page.

click icon to go to summaryStep 2: Go to the Backup section. Click This computer. To encrypt your backups, select “Encrypt iPad Backup”, then set your password. Click Back up Now. (below Backups)

To view your iPad backups stored on your computer via iTunes, go to Edit > Preference > Devices.

Part 3. Back up iPad via iCloud backup.

Turn on iCloud backup on your iPad is super simple and you can access several of your data on iCloud service directly via or the iCloud app for Windows.

The first you need to do is to turn on iCloud Backup.

How to turn on iCloud backup on your iPad?

Go to Settings app, Tap [your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Your iPad will start automatically backup when your iPad is plugged in, has access to Wi-Fi, and the screen is locked. That is to say, your iPad will be backed up to iCloud automatically when it’s charged and not being used, probably happened at night. Also, you can tap Back Up Now to manually back up your iPad Content.

Turn on iCloud backup

Get your iCloud backup for iPad on Windows PC via or the iCloud app.

Option 1: Open on any one of your browsers. Sign in with your iCloud credentials. Trust your computer and authenticate your computer to access your iCloud data by entering the two-factor authentication numeric code that popped up on your iPad screen. voilà! You can view several types of your iPad content directly on such as photos, contacts, Notes, etc. if you have toggled the iCloud backup of these files on the iPad.
Option 2: For your convenience, you can install the iCloud app and access files easily on your computer. During the process, always click Trust your computer and enter the two-factor authentication code to proceed.

Enter your iCloud accountMore back up options, more safety. Here we recommend you to back up in two arrays. One is to back up your iPad to a computer with a third-party app and the other is to back up in one of the Apple official ways. Thus, you have more options when you would like to restore and retrieve your iPad data. For more comprehensive steps for iOS devices backup please move to How to Back Up Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch with iTunes or iCloud in 2020?. And if you have questions about iPhone backups on windows 10, please check another guide about Backuping iPhone to Windows 10 PC.

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